Wednesday, December 17, 2014

'Deck" the tree with bells and oranges

The birds at the property are taken care of for another few days.
I added a few extra tid-bits and some oranges for the orioles, cardinals & wood-peckers  seeing it is the holidays.
 They deserve a little Christmas decor added to their eating area for the holidays. A little jingle bell wreath should catch their interest. And look who made an appearance just to check things out.

The chickadees were  happy for a full buffet. If you look to the right you can see a little gold finch.

I saw what might have been 'fox tracks' at the lot today. This might be interesting. :)

My mother's maiden name was Fox.

With Christmas fast approaching we will close up the mouse-house for now and resume building at the beginning of the new year. It is time for a break. With little left to do, the apt. will be finished mid-January. It is a mouse-house, afterall.

The weather has been very dull here; damp, dark and rainy. We did get a lot of snow today, though, so just maybe it will be a white Christmas.
It's a good week to watch a few Christmas movies with a mug of hot chocolate. So far we have enjoyed...

It's a Wonderful Life 
Home Alone
Christmas Vacation
The Family Stone - The usual story about all the craziness in a family over the Christmas season. This is a good movie that will pull at your heart-strings.

White Christmas
is next.

My daughter sent this photo to me to be framed. Little Gwynn with Nana and Gramps.
                                    Our little pink cup-cake.
Are you ready for Christmas?

Heavens....I'm not!

Stay toasty,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Don't rush her.

My apologies...I rushed her. She wasn't quite finished with her tree.

                            "You're starting to annoy me, woman."
"OK, here is Audrey's tree all finished up. She has promised not to tear it to bits but would you trust that face? Her Santas were face-down on the floor this morning.

As naughty as she is, she has a very special message for the season.

One we all carry in our hearts.

Oh dear, now  I have another feline wondering where HER tree is.

We are losing all our snow here in Ontario as the temperatures rise to above freezing. What was to be a white Christmas may not be afterall. But with all that is happening in our world today, a peaceful Christmas with our loved ones will be a blessing.

Hope you are enjoying the days ahead.
Stay toasty,

Monday, December 15, 2014

Audrey's bird tree

"Well, Audrey, I think you did a fine job. If you keep looking around the house, though, I'm sure you'll find more birds to add."

"What's with all the birds lately", she thinks.
 I admit I am a bit obsessed with them now that I feed them at the property. One of the workers said to me the other day, " should see the birds that come to your feeders during the day. It's fun to watch them. It's a real drive-thru." YES! That's just what I wanted to hear. (Although I did wonder why he was watching birds and not hammering something.)

Isn't this Santa beautiful.
He has the perfect Santa face.

The last couple of weeks haven't been all about our up-coming move. No, I've actually had some fun getting ready for Christmas. Shopping in our beautifully-decorated local shops, wrapping up the Christmas gifts with a special little helper, listening to Christmas carols, joining the family on their tree hunt, quiet evenings with a good book and some hot chocolate & meeting friends over lunch or just a lingering coffee. It's been lots of fun and more to come. I hope you are taking time to enjoy the Christmas season.

Now back to wrapping. It's never a chore for me as I love to do it especially when I have very sweet company helping out. 

"Now Annie, you know we need that ribbon for the presents."

Enjoy your evening and stay toasty,

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gwynn finds a tree.

It was time, once again, to find that special Christmas tree for Gwynn.

Gramps and Nana like to come along for the fun. Gwynn brought along her little fox, too.

Looks like daddy found just the right tree.

We'll be off to Gwynn's to trim this beauty today.

Audrey will show you her tree all decked out tomorrow. That is, if she hasn't destroyed it by then. =^..^=

Enjoy your day, everyone and stay toasty,

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Christmas tree

She's just waiting for the tree to go up so she can demolish it. Won't she be surprised when she sees the size of it. *smirk*
We are in between houses so I have an itty-bitty one on the corner table in the living-room.
Audrey could leap right over this tree.

"Oh..oh!" She's up. I guess she'll want to help put the birdies on the tree.
"Have you been in the eggnog again? I am a cat, ya know."
It's a beautiful day here; calm with lots of sun-shine.
Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season.
Stay toasty,

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Charming Santa

All cats love to get new toys for Christmas. Someone was really working his charm on Santa this evening.
 He knows darn well he's on the naughty list (Audrey's nodding her head) and cannot spare a moment making up for all his antics. As long as Santa doesn't end up face-down on the island Joe just might be forgiven. Time will tell.

"Uhhh, Joe. It's about that tuna breath."

Stay toasty and warm on this cold, wintry day. It's a winter wonderland in Ontario, Canada.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Couch buddies, feeding the hungry & Audrey has bad thoughts.

I'm finally feeling better today and hopefully looking less exhausted. When I can, I spend some time under a blanket watching Christmas movies. Whenever there is a blanket available Audrey tunnels. Annie has decided it's best to lie on top of the sick one (that would be me) and give off her good energy. She is such a beautiful cat, inside and out. Audrey is simply a lovable clown. My choice of cold remedy is hot drinks with organic honey, oil of oregano (Gawd...that's awful stuff) and colloidal silver.  Something seems to be working so that's all that matters.

I'm just back from feeding the ferals. It is cold here so I could only put down a few different kinds of dry food for them. I left right away because I just did not want to see them tonight. Being under the weather, and the fact that this emotionally cuts me to the core, I knew I would break down. Most nights I might see one and then a week can go by without seeing any. The odd night I will spot 2 or 3. It's such a tough time for any animal living outside and finding shelter under buildings, in the bush or wherever. Where do they go, these poor cats? And where have they come from? It's always been a mystery. Their little paw prints are in the snow and sometimes that's the only way I know they came for the food.  We are in for some warmer weather this week but a huge snow-storm is on its' way.

We were at the property yesterday to meet with the inspector. So far, all has passed inspection so we carry on.  While there, I paid a visit to Ed's grave which is just behind the apple trees on our lot.
I so miss this wonderful cat I can't even put it into words. I told him he will always live in my heart. This coming Spring I will plant some flowers there and clean out the over-grown brush. He rests peacefully here with our other beloved cats that have passed on.

I was having issues with one of the feeders so I stopped hanging it from a branch and nailed it to the tree. Now the squirrels can't jump in it and have it hanging all topsy-turvy and the seeds flying everywhere.
Look at this cute little bird. They are getting so used to me now they don't even fly away when I approach.

"OK - so that's the plan. Get them used to me so they are sitting ducks. Got it."
"That'll never happen Missy, so settle yourself down."
"Remember, Santa's watching." *wink*


This post was written Dec. 9th. Today it is snowing and blowing all across Ontario. Winter is here.
Thank you all so much for your nice comments about Ed. It was very comforting.
Stay toasty,