Sunday, July 5, 2015

Playing with the chickadees.

Sierra basking in the morning light.

I spent a good hour watching and interacting with the young chickadees today.
 They are so friendly and sweet. One surprised the heck out of me when it landed on my camera, looked me in the face and then flew to the closest branch.

There are probably close to 30 little ones that have discovered the feeders and bird-bath. I hope to get a photo in the bath but no luck today. This is a robin that came by for a quick drink.

It's so wonderful to have these little beauties back.
Maybe next year they will do me the honour of nesting in one of our little bird-houses.
Hope so.

Hugs, Deb

Saturday, July 4, 2015

What made you smile today.

My latest dollar store bird-house painted and hanging in the oak tree.

The chickadees are back. :) I welcomed them with open arms. Some are new ones, fledglings, I imagine, as they are smaller and a little scruffy looking.
 Their heads are tinier than the adults and they seem to fly from branch to branch as if playing. I counted thirty in the maples right near the feeders. It`s so wonderful to see them again and hear the familiar "chickadee..dee...dee...dee...dee." I hope they stick around now.

We picked a few yellow beans off our two bean plants today. There are plenty more that are almost ready.

And dear, adorkable Audrey.

This is how she watches tv with me at night. Every once in awhile I put my finger in under the blanket and she bites it. Great fun. :-b

We are in for lots of sunny, summery days. Would you believe it`s time to cut the grass again. Who needs a gym when you live in the country.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend & Happy July 4th to all my American friends.

hugs, Deb

Friday, July 3, 2015

The old attic

It's funny how certain things can transport our minds back to a memory of earlier days. The smell of a wood-fire instantly places me in the attic of my grandmother's old clap-board farm-house.  A house that stood only metres from where we now call 'home'.

Granny's house was a two-story wood-frame; painted a light grey with an olive green trim. I remember ever detail of this old house. In the attic there was a wooden chest that held many black and white photos of our ancestors. Some of the photos were in tin frames and some were inside albums. There were old blankets and hand-sewn quilts that my grandmother treasured. I wonder now if they had been created by her mother. I loved looking at the beautiful lace doilies that were carefully tucked away inside an old book. I can still smell the old wood and remember the 'clang' of the hardware as you opened the lid. And the buzzing of wasps around the only window; a window that was just inches from the floor and if you lay on your tummy you could look out over her vegetable gardens and into her neighbour's field. The sun would stream in there and brighten up the shabby surroundings. The pipe from the wood-stove in the summer kitchen came up through the floor along with the smell of the burning wood, and if you put your ear there, you could hear the laughter and the conversations between the adults.  I can still hear my mother's laugh. :) 

 This attic was where I headed, as a child, once the "hellos" and hugs were over-with on every visit. "Now be careful with the photos", my mom would say.
And every late Spring, there was a very special reason for rushing to the attic on arrival. Maggie, my grandmother's brown & gold-striped tabby, would proudly show off her litter of kittens as she spent six weeks or so caring for them in an old wicker basket that my gran so lovingly prepared for her. To me, it was like entering the gates of heaven :)

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The old green cupboard.

The old green cupboard was so tall that it took a chair and a balancing act on the ledge to reach  for the cookie jar filled with home-made hermits. I expect that the jar was kept high so we kids would not empty it in minutes. My gran would usually hear us fumbling with the rickety old chair and be towering over us before we even reached them. But, we always got a cookie or two no matter what time of day it was.

The old green cupboard almost reached the ceiling in the summer kitchen. It had glass doors displaying her tea-cups, glasses & knickitty knackitty's (as we called them). There were two drawers for cutlery and then more shelves on the bottom. Even at the age of 8 or so I was in love with this cupboard. I liked to re-arrange her cups and saucers and make sure the fronts were always facing out. I guess I was already a dishaholic by then.

If I had to put a familiar smell to this old cupboard it would have to be the smell of orange kool-aid.  One of the drawers always had plenty of packets of the sugary stuff and we were allowed to pick a flavor each day that we were visiting. It was stirred up with the cold well water in a glass pitcher. My grandmother didn't have a fridge, just an ice-box where we would keep the pitcher if there happened to be any left. There usually wasn't.

If we had timed it right, gran would put the water on the stove to boil for tea. When it was steaped 7 minutes (I still remember her telling us to time it) we would grab our favorite tea-cup and saucer and fill it half and half with tea and milk and then a spoon of sugar. It was then that the cookie jar would be quickly emptied and we'd sit around the table or in front of the fire in the cook-stove and just have a good old gab-session. Gran would rock in her chair with Maggie, her tabby cat, almost engulfed by her big, white apron and she would laugh at the silly stuff we'd come up with. We must have said some pretty wild things sometimes because I remember her saying more than once, "Oh my goodness, now don't be tellin' your mother that."
It was all innocent,  I'm sure, as we were too young to have done anything that bad. :) I think she just liked that we knew we could talk to her about anything, silly as it was sometimes, and she always had a loving, caring heart to listen.

(our tabby girl, Sierra)

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Proper attire and Happy Canada Day.

Thank you for all your fun comments on the previous post. Audrey is a pistol, that's for sure, but, although she would not want you to know this, she caves when I pick her up for a cuddle; even purrs. It's absolutely adorable. haha! Yes, the Audacious Audrey has a soft side. :) It's just that evil camera that sends her into a tail-spin. 
Gets her every-time.

This is my mom helping out at the farm many years ago. I imagine she was a teenager in this photo and was a bit fashion-conscious by the look of her dainty shoes.

Now I know for a fact that this woman was terrified of snakes as that was unfortunately passed on down to me.
How on earth did she walk around the field in those shoes?
It is beyond me.

This is what I wear when I walk to the back of the property.
Stylin'...I know. 

But I just know I'm going to meet up with one of those slithery buggers.

We had a very unexpected visitor on Sunday morning.
The retired-guy was down in the garage when he heard a loud noise coming from the drive-way. I heard it also from upstairs but thought something had fallen in the garage. He looked up to see a large moose on our property only feet from the mouse-house.
They took one look at each other and Bullwinkle ran through to the back of the property and the retired-guy ran to the garage to grab his camera-phone but it was too late. He was gone.
So, that was a first.  

Today I added some herbs along the fence at the front of the mouse-house.
& Sage
along with my Garlic Chives.

Hope they do well and can flavor up a few stir-fries this summer.

"Happy Canada Day" tomorrow to all my Canadian followers.
As the saying goes...If you are lucky to live in this wonderful are lucky enough.
"Happy 148th Birthday, Canada"
hugs, Deb

Sunday, June 28, 2015

I deserve a muffin.

The grass is cut. No small feat.
Watered the perennials.
Relocated small rocks.
Filled the bird bath.
Weeded out the garden.
Smelled some flowers. :)

And last but not least...
Fed the chippies.

Now it's lunch-time and I'm ready for a cup of tea.
What goes great with tea? A muffin, of course. So...I'll have one. :)

The Tiger Lilies have bloomed.  =^..^=
They are located right at the front of the property and in the ditch over the fence. If they are in the ditch in front of my gate that makes them mine, right? :-)
Could they possibly be the same Lilies that grew there when my grandmother lived on this land? I remember picking them as a child and bringing them into her summer kitchen to place on the old kitchen table.I suppose they are the same plants and I love them more because of it.

I am forced to wear a hat with the heat of the sun. You could very quickly get heat-stroke just cutting your lawn these days. Although I hate wearing one I hate heat-stroke even more. The part of the property that will not be affected by the next building phase is quite big so it takes awhile to cut it with a regular mower which I like to use.
 The really long grass in the photos will have to be cut with a bush-hog as my mower just won't cut it. Then I'll start keeping it cut short from then on.
The retired-guy always cuts this grass with the tractor but he's too busy prettying-up the outside of the mouse-house so I volunteered.
I help where I can.
 We are almost done and no one has died. :)))

Back to the mowing...There are a few bunches of daisies along the side of the grass but I just go around them.   
Who could mow down a daisy?
My Morning Glories, Daffodils, Basil, Yellow Beans and Tomatoes are doing great. I have 3 wee tomatoes on one plant.
All the perennials from my friend, Susan are lookin' good.

 Ain't she sweet!

And speaking of sweet...
This was my company today.
How do you not smile when you talk to a chipmunk. :)

hugs, Deb