Monday, May 4, 2015

D for the deep sleeper.

First off, thank you everyone for such kind words on the loss of two of my kitty-clients.
I hope the families of these two precious cats received some comfort from all your thoughtful comments. I did pass them on. 
I'll always have such sweet memories of Otis and Dominique. 
It was a privilege to have known and loved them.

Now, it`s time to get back to Audrey`s lessons .

D is for Deep Sleep.
That's the kind of sleep AA gets numerous times throughout her day.
She thinks we can't see comes to mind, too. :-b

 "ok...I'm sorry." 

So, I think we have jumped right from winter to summer here. People run by our property in shorts and runners. Bikers are everywhere.
The trees are blossoming.
Leaves are about ready to pop open.
The sun is sooooo hot. :)
We are tilling the ground and planting Morning Glories & Sunflowers along the fence.
We have seeded the ground for new grass.
We are still waiting on the burn ban to be lifted.
There are 4 piles of brush to burn.
I guess we need more rain.
Annie sharing the sun with some seedlings. Tomatoes and poppies.

We plan to plant veggies behind the construction area.
We actually have more land behind the house than in front and the ground is good for gardening.
My blueberry bush.
Looking forward to the future muffins.
That's our neighbours house to the right of us.
A widow and her dachshund.

I think I may be psychic and will explain tomorrow.
Enjoy your day.
hugs, Deb

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Darling Dominique

It has been a hard week.
It is with great sadness that I write this post to pay tribute to a wonderful cat that I loved dearly and cared for for many years. Dear, beautiful Dominique.

Here come the tears.
To Dominique's family I send a hug and a thank-you for giving me the opportunity to get to know her as I did and to fall in love with her rather cautious but unique character.
It took time for me to win over this lovely cat but little did she know that I was stubborn, too. It was time well spent. :)
We became good buddies and she would greet me at the door and then lead me over to her wee basket that held her comb and toys. She loved to tuck in while we looked at magazines together. I'll always remember the first time she did that and how happy it made me feel to see her feeling safe. It was a break-through for both of us.

She was photogenic; maybe even a bit of a diva. She enjoyed when I captured her uniqueness with my camera. She was a poser.

I know there is a down-side to every job and as a cat-sitter it is when we have to say "Farewell." Dom lived almost two decades with her one loving family and that makes her one of the lucky ones.

So, "Farewell little beauty. Thank you for finally being 'won over' and enjoying our time together and may you now rest in peace."

With love and hugs, Deb

Friday, May 1, 2015

Rest in Peace dear Otis

I was informed this week by my good friend, Donna, that her Otis had passed away.
He was thirteen.
It happened very suddenly and it was a blood clot that took his life.

I'm having trouble putting this post together as my heart feels broken.
I loved this little character, Otis, my man,  I called him.

As his cat-sitter I cared for him for longer than I can remember. Was it really ten years?
He always made me laugh with his antics.
He could never get enough attention.  
Rootin' through my purse was a high point of my visit.
Surely, there was something in there that he needed.

He was my favorite 'cat-in-window' poser.

Of course Otis was part of my advertising logo
it only made sense that he'd dress up for the occasion.

Bow-tie or not, he was one of the most handsome and delightful cats I have ever known.

I will miss this wonderful cat forever.
He's one that you never forget.

Rest in Peace my sweet little guy.
It was a privilege and a pleasure to care for you over the years.
You were a good boy, a silly-willy, and you will be missed by many. 

Thanks for our times together.
hugs, Deb

The busyness of Spring.

Since moving to the mouse-house, I have made sure that there is no shortage of beds and baskets for the three resident (spoiled) cats. One is in the dining-room window (prime real-estate, apparently) and two are in the window over by the stairs. Obviously, one only is wanted by all three cats so I expect they see more birds from the dining-room window.
They seem to take turns in it as it is never empty.
There are a few spats but they have been working it out, of late.
Audrey wins enough times, not to worry.
I tried putting 2 baskets but it was a tight squeeze (like everything is here) and they ended up wanting the same one anyway. Cats...what can I say.
Sierra's favorite spot in her whole wide world is on the cat-tree in the garage.
As long as she's hanging around the retired-guy she's happy and believe me the garage is where you'll find him.
She gave me a 'cat-in-window' shot today. (remember those? :)

See that little nick in her ear. She had that when she arrived at our home at 6 months of age.

The Forsythia is all ablaze this week.
I just love it along the fence to the left of the feeders.

I planted more Pansies and Bidens and filled a pot with Rosemary.
Some of the feeders have been put away but I did leave up two to give them sun-flower seeds 
and some berries.
I added a stone bird bath to keep them watered on the hot days ahead.

My little Red came by to say "Howdy" to his friend , Red, at Woke Up Got Out of Bed

"Hi Red. How's it shakin'?"

and indulge, of course.
He's having the time of his life here hanging on with two toes.

Hope you are enjoying these beauty days, too.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, April 30, 2015

"I win"

Just like any teenager,
 Audrey doesn't take "No" for an answer.
"No" from her mom, Annie, when she attempts to take over her favorite basket.
And....sometimes she wins.

This time mom gave up and went to the bed.

I placed my hydrangea outside for a few days to climatise it to the out-doors but the sun was too warm (imagine that) and the leaves dried up so back it comes and now I have to get it back to a healthier state.
I would like to plant it near the well this summer. 

The cardinals have arrived so I'm heading out with some sunflower seeds.
We have wonderful weather today and the sun is shining.
Best not waste it.
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

C is for companion or.......contrary.

                                       The trio
C is for companion and Audrey enjoys the company of her mom, Annie and her Aunt Sierra. Well, at least most days. Since the loss of our Lily and moving to the mouse-house, there have been changes in the hierarchy and Audrey now has to get used to her mom being the Top Cat. That means, that sometimes, Audrey is treated with disrespect from her mom. Such as this morning.

Audrey was just about to get comfortable in the favorite wicker basket when mom appeared, had a sniff of her hydrangea, then with a hiss and a swat quickly sent her scurrying from her comfort spot to settle in herself. Poor Audrey. When it comes to her mom, her feelings can get hurt. Yes, she has a sensitive side.

Maybe C should stand for Contrary, Audrey thinks.   

All is calm again, the sun is shining, it's heading to +20 today and I have lots of out-door work to do. 

Have a nice day, everyone.
hugs, Deb

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Capturing a sunny morn at the mouse-house.

The Forsythia will be blooming soon.
Annie & Sierra watch as the crows come in to the feeders.
We've been cleaning up the back of the property; cutting dead branches, raking leaves and moving some rocks around.
The ground is covered with moss-covered rocks and, although I don't want to disturb them, I did pick one to put at the well.
Once the sun went behind the clouds, we worked off our lunch.
Who needs to go to the gym when there's work to do?

These leaves will stay as ground coverage.  I'm raking only on the walking path.

I'm getting there.

Enjoy your day, 
Hugs, Deb