Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My helper, Dave.

I'm never alone if I'm working outside. 
It's not long after I start to rake, dig, or tidy up some flowers that I feel a pair of gold-coloured eyes on me. Big, beautiful eyes.

He appears out of no-where to drop and roll at my feet. Ha! He's so predictable.
If he wasn't so happy and well-fed I'd steal him.

This morning I spent some time cleaning up a small space right next to the old out-house to plant some shade-lovin' flowers. A little sun and mostly shade is what this little area gets and I know I can find just the right plants for it. It was in a sad state; only one potted flower all by it's lonesome.
    Here's the Before and I'll soon show you the After.

David helped me rake and dispose of dead grass, leaves and some garbage that was found under the soil such as pieces of broken pop bottles and vintage bread bags. I wonder if this may have been a spot where they burned garbage in the old days. It's possible.

I added some fresh soil and mushroom compost to the area and bordered it with moss-covered logs and tree bark. I then added a few rocks around just because I love rocks. ;-)
I was happy with the result.

David was so happy, purr purr purr;  he dropped, rolled and demanded a belly-rub.

"WE did a great job, Deb.
But now I'm hungry
Hmmm...wonder what's for dinner?"

Then, as always, he headed home covered in dust, leaves and a kiss on the head.

I found my way to the tree chair to cool off in the shade and wish that someone would appear with a cold drink. 
Whoever invented tree chairs was a genius.

The lilacs are at their best now.
The fragrance of the mouse-house 
is intoxicating.
Having them, and my Peach close by, makes blogging all that much more fun.

We sure could use some rain here.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Loving Lilacs

You can smell their fragrance from the mouse-house windows.

My granny's lilac bush is over 85 years old according to my older brother. He remembers it as a child, full grown and full of fragrance. It stands at the entrance to our drive-way filling the air with it's beautiful fragrance.
I remember Sunday dinners here in the old clap-board house in early June. My grandmother would tell us to grab some lilacs on our way out so we could enjoy them in our own homes.  My mom would fill a vase and place them on our dining-room table to enjoy.

We had a busy weekend with family visiting and helping with seeding the garden. Since I did not have a photo of my brother Joe and his better half, Joyce,  they posed for me in front of the old lilac bush with a pot of his favorite pansies. Next time, I'll get him to take his hat off. 

And to our surprise, we found a white lilac bush caught up between two maples that we will try hard to rescue.

We were here on this property last May, too, and I took lots of photos of the lilacs.

And my all-time favorite lilac photo.
Our dear, sweet Sierra enjoying her treat of milk next to the lilacs.

Spring 2015
She will always be in my heart.
hugs, Deb

Monday, May 23, 2016

A perfect long weekend.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful long weekend. The weather was perfect for all out-door activities, especially gardening.
I quickly found out that time spent doing out-door work has to end by 6pm or you are eaten alive by mosquitoes. Wow...they are insane here. Behind our garden is a Little Red Riding Hood woodlot which explains why we are inundated with the nasty varmints.

As the sun beat down, all my company at the mouse-house looked for shade trees to relax under . 
It was a popular spot right next to Simon's house. 

The veggies are all in now (thanks Frank & Joe (above) for your man-power) and care of the garden begins. It's exciting to see just how well it does being our first one here. I'll be happy if the yellow bean plants explode out there. 

The spoiled pup, Forest, has returned home after a fun time investigating every square inch of this property. And he had a good run at our neighbours where the open field allows for good ball play.
I do believe we exhausted the crazy fruit loop. 'Til next time...

And it's lilac time in our part of the world. I have a beautiful lilac bush right at the entrance to the property and I've been waiting for it to fully bloom so I can share it's beauty with you.
Here is a glimpse of how they look now. Another day and they should be at their best.
                                          Audrey & the lilacs
                                                                and my Peach.

I'll be back...

hugs, Deb

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Planting, partying and one big puppy.

Last night I made a veggie spaghetti sauce and added some basil from the funny little greenhouse. WOW! Was that flavorful. And, of course, it was wonderful to have our first home-grown herb of the summer.

Today I planted our zucchini, cucumbers, multi-coloured peppers, chili peppers and tomatoes. This is the weekend for gardening in our area. Up until now there was the worry of over-night frost but not anymore.:)
I saved some planting for other family members who will be sharing our garden this summer. Monday's the day.

My tomatoes really needed to get into the ground.
I'm hoping the mushroom compost we added to the soil will produce many beautiful vegetables.

We are in for warm to warmer to down-right hot weather the next four days. Wonderful!

It's a busy long weekend for us; a very special someone had her 6th birthday party today.
"Happy Birthday, Riley" "Wow, where has the time gone?"

And we are dog-sitting 'til Sunday night.
Yes, our grand-dog, Forest,  arrived for the weekend. In he bound, with his over-night bag containing all the  necessities of HIS life, for a two-night sleep-over. He keeps us hopping; all 90 pounds of him.
He adores the retired-guy. He considers him one of his best buds.
I'd say the feeling is mutual by all the tasty pieces of chicken he got at dinner tonight.

Audrey is not very hospitable. But then again she is perplexed by the uselessness of dogs. ;-)
And the smell.

                              "I'm paralyzed with disgust."

"Oh Audrey...really!"

I hope you are enjoying a fun weekend.
It's the Victoria Day long weekend here so there's
no telling what might still happen. ;-)
Even for Audrey.
hugs, Deb

Thursday, May 19, 2016

For Rent

Little hands went home from the mouse-house today with sunflowers to plant in her backyard garden.  Gwynn lives in the country, too, and will enjoy watching her flowers and veggies grow.
Now the remaining seedlings will be planted along our front fence near the old pump.

More begonias were potted up to line a small trail to the back stone wall. They are perfect for partly sunny/partly shady spots and they provide lots of colour.

I just have to photograph my little Peach while she soaks up the sun. Grumpy face or not. lol
and I did ask Audrey for a pose and this is her contribution.
It took me three tries to make the bed this morning.

There is an ad on face-book featuring a house on our property that is now up for rent.

For rent - Beautifully structured A-frame house in the Manotick area. This model features a lovely front porch and is surrounded by a Little Red Riding Hood woodlot. 
Only seconds (flying-distance) from a 5 star restaurant/spa. 
Wonderful area for raising little ones. 
Do fly by for a closer look.
Come be a part of this funky little neighbourhood.
Open House 24/7. Serious applicants only.
 "Here birdie...birdie...birdie."
And may I add that it is now landscaped with pretty marigolds. :)

 hugs, Deb

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Let's walk about with Simon...

The sun shone bright this morning

and although the temperature went very low last night it was nice and warm in the funny little greenhouse.
It's time now to transfer the sunflowers into the pots that I can plant along the front fence. I want lots of sunflowers this year but expect that I may lose a few to our resident squirrels.

Here's Red
enjoying some seeds right outside the door.

After breakfast Simon followed me everywhere. 
I find myself talking to him like he's a little human.


He enjoyed a second breakfast at the perennials while his little friend chowed down at the feeder.

There does not seem to be any activity in my newest bird houses yet. They both are attached to 8 ft. poles.
I placed them right near the little forest at the back where birds love to hang out
I hope a little bird, any bird, finds one charming enough to move in and start a family.
I'm not fussy.
I'll take anything.
Goodness, aren't they cute enough?

Here you see where we will have a small garden this summer. Small in comparison to some I've seen but big enough to keep a few families in veggies this summer. The robins spend much of the morning here digging for worms.

Lots of watering needed  in the greenhouse with the help of my very handy rain barrel.

Oh, it looks like I have other help, too.
Do you see him in between the two dark pots? That's Simon being as nosey as all get out.
Yes, he walked right in and had a look-see today. Little weirdo!

Hope your day is a sunny one.

hugs, Deb

Monday, May 16, 2016

Golf and entertaining kitty.

                                                      I finally learned to golf this week.
                                                       And I was taught by the best. :)
But I lost to the future Brooke Henderson.
Which didn't surprise me one bit.

It's been a busy week at the mouse-house and we've had enough rain to make everything healthy and green.
On rainy days, our indoor cats can get bored with no sun-puddles to nap in.
Let's make the day more fun for them.

Cat-tip-for-the-Day=^..^= Making the indoors fun

We all want our cats to be safe and healthy so the majority of cat-owners keep their cats inside. These are referred to as 'indoor cats'. That is a wise thing to do these days with heavy traffic and many dangers for cats outside the home. If you have chosen to keep your cat inside it is important to make their indoor life worth-while. Cats get bored. I've heard people say that cats don't need too much attention because they sleep most of the time. I don't agree with that observation. Cats sleep too much because there is absolutely nothing else for them to do. We, as owners, should provide a happy and fun environment for our felines.
We are all trying to save money these days. Cat trees are a big hit for cats but you need not purchase such an expensive play-toy. Add a large shelf to the wall near a window and place a comfy basket or box on top. The cat should have room to walk on the shelf and then enter the basket. If you are handy, build a window seat that can screw into the window-sill and finish it with a soft cover. Cat's will spend hours looking out windows into the trees watching the goings on of squirrels and birds. They love that.  If you don't have a window-seat the back of a comfy chair placed close to the window will do.
If you have a fire-place and burn wood, take a block of wood and cut it down the center. Lie it face down on the floor (flat side down) and your cat will use this as a scratching post. It has to stay flat and not wobble around. If they are not attracted to it right away, rub some cat-nip on it. Praise your cat when she scratches her nails on it.
Place empty boxes around for the cat to discover. There is no end to the fun this will provide.
Get down on the floor and play with your cat. Even if you just pull a string or a feather on a rope you will attract kitties attention. They love for you to interact with them. No less than a dog does.

That's just a few ideas to keep kitty content on the cheap.

My perennial garden is coming to life and I love to see what has popped up over-night Not too much colour as yet but very soon it will be beautiful.
And it's time to plant the sunflowers that have been growing in the greenhouse along the front fence.

At the moment I am on the search for the letter "I".

"AUDREY!"  =^..^=