Thursday, February 1, 2018

Welcoming February

We can say "good-bye" to the coldest month of the year. Finally.
Even though there is months of work to do on the new house I like to take the ladies over most days to run around the basement for exercise and a little stimulation. It's nothing pretty, as it is an unfinished basement, but in one corner sits a pellet stove blazing away making it toasty warm and they like to sit on chairs and watch the fire.  Annie would remember our fireplace in the old house that we moved from in 2014. She spent most of her time five feet from it. I know she missed it terribly as she would sit each evening as close as possible to a floor heater in the mouse-house. It just wasn't the same for this heat-lovin' feline. Now she has her pellet stove.

 Audrey is doing better and adjusting to her medication. Today she had a right 'ol play-fest with her favorite bouncy ball; rolling on the carpet and batting it about. It was wonderful to see her feeling well enough to play. She is eating well and walking fine again.

 I'm happy to report that this cat actually likes being hugged now. At one time she would wiggle away but now she just leans in and purrs. :)
We love her so much and we have felt your prayers. Thank you.

At the feeders...

February has arrived and our resident birds are still here to add beauty to another cold and unpredictable month.
I wish I could hug her.

I continue to keep them all fed along with those down the road that would normally eat at our neighbour's feeders. They are traveling presently so the birds have found our drive-thru and they are all welcome.

It's snowing again but the days are longer and the sun is warmer.
I'd like to think seven weeks 'til spring but we all know it will arrive when it's good and ready.
But I am done with winter so I will just impatiently wait.

Another week almost gone.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.


hugs, Deb

Monday, January 29, 2018

Valentine boxes

I'm sending you over to my friend, Jeanie's blog today.
She's a wonderful artist and always comes up with fun do-it-yourself projects. I love her Valentine boxes and wanted to share her post today.

Annie & Audrey say "howdy" xoxo

Friday, January 26, 2018

Slipping and sliding through the week

It seems quite acceptable to walk like penguins these days. The ground is covered with ice and, like I have heard over and over,...if you don't want to break a bone then don't fall. :-b

I have been chipping ice off the feeders this week in hopes to keep our birds well fed as the temperature drops lower once again. I am looking forward to spring and I don't care how many people tell me to not wish my life away.

There are six downy woodpeckers that make our property their home. If this winter ever ends, I am thinking just maybe we will have some nesting here in the spring. :-) 

Around our feeders lately...

It has felt a bit like 'walking on ice' when it comes to our cat, Audrey's, health, too. Audrey wants to say "howdy" and thank each and every one of you for your good thoughts and prayers for her. She is struggling, I'll not sugar-coat it, but she is coping quite well with her new medication. Phenobarbital takes weeks to get used to and there are some side-effects so I am staying close and not leaving her alone. She gets anxious sometimes and will pace the floor so if I go out she comes with me. Thankfully she is good in the car. There have been no seizures for seventeen days and my prayer is that she never has another one. We are taking it day to day. She will visit her vet soon to see if we need to adjust the levels of her meds. I hope you will continue to keep her in your prayers and thank you to all who have contacted us with your good thoughts and wishes for her complete recovery. This is her resting this morning.

Annie slept most of the day away. The mouse house was flooded with sunshine this morning; something we have needed for awhile. :)

There are copious amounts of work yet to do in the new house. 
Our stairs have made it possible for me to finally visit what will be our loft. I love the view from the windows and look forward to seeing the gardens this summer.
There are a few more doors being hung today. 
Wouldn't it be nice to just wiggle your nose and have it all done. :)

Wishing everyone a fun weekend however you spend it.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Checking in...

I hope everyone is well.
Our weather has finally warmed up enough that we are able to go for walks and dress like adults; not a child heading out in a storm. That deep freeze we were in for so long took a toll on all of us. Many had flu, colds or just the dreaded cabin fever. But it's behind us for now.

Since my last post Audrey's health has declined. We have been back to the vet and to see a specialist (a neurologist) to try to get to the bottom of these seizures that she is having. She was two months with nothing and then suffered another one a week ago. So far the tests have shown nothing. She has been put on phenobarbital for now to control and prevent another seizure.  We are going through an adjustment period to the medication. It's all a bit bewildering.
We may be looking at epilepsy which means she will have to be on medication for the rest of her life.
She is presently eating well, using her box, washing up and today I took her over to the house to walk around the basement and she jumped up on her cat tree and scratched on the post. That did my heart good. I'm looking for any normal activity and keeping a journal on her daily. But the medication causes drowsiness. :( Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I promise I'll get back soon with some pretty pictures and hopefully a cheerier post.
Right now I just need to take a deep breath and carry on helping Audrey get herself stabilized on the medication. I hope this won't take long and that it is the answer we are praying for.

I have been posting a few pics on instagram from the bird feeders and outings with the grands but since Audrey's last seizure I have not left her side. We did take her in the car today and thank goodness she doesn't mind that at all; rather enjoys it. :) Tomorrow they predict sun puddles. :)
 =^..^= =^..^=

Sending a hug,

Sunday, December 31, 2017

"Happy New Year"

 We had a wonderful Christmas with the whole family. No need to ask if it was noisy. lol
 Five grandittles...from left...Gus, Gwynn, Tenley, Riley & Brad
Gramps looks pretty proud, doesn't he? :)
 And an afternoon tea
was enjoyed on a frigid cold December day.
The mouse-house welcomed many beautiful visitors over the holidays.
 Some rather rare.
Male Pileated Woodpecker
 An one uninvited party crasher.
 Sharp shinned hawk
Oh, Lord!

And as the year comes to an end...
Here's to a fabulous new year, everyone. May you all be happy, peaceful, healthy, safe and warm.
Thank you for your wonderful friendship in 2017.  I look forward to continuing on this fun ride with you as we welcome in the new year and see what's in store for us all.

Annie & Audrey are well and send you all purrs and hugs.
Simon...well, he's asleep for a loooong time.

                       "Happy New Year."

hugs, Deb

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas from all at the mouse house.

It's been a busy time for all of us. I hope everyone has enjoyed the preparations up to the Big Day and will now have a very merry and fun Christmas.
It's been beautiful around the mouse house with fresh fallen snow and all of our wintering birds back to be cared for. I so love looking after them on these cold winter days. Our feeders are busy with blue-jays, chickadees, nut-hatch, downy woodpeckers, juncos, cardinals, mourning doves, crows and our handsome pileated wood-pecker. Our little family of four squirrels show up everyday, too.
Simon disappeared under ground a month ago and I may not see him until spring now. I will miss his sweet face.
Our raccoons are hibernating but will wake up depending on the temperatures and most likely be by to fill up and make a mess at the feeders. They are like teenagers left alone for a weekend. :-b

Annie and Audrey are doing well and have been good girls leaving our Charlie Brown tree alone. I think we brought it home from the field a little too early this year as it is already drooping and changing colour.  Live and learn. It is good that we are not hosting on Christmas day this year and will enjoy gathering with our family at my son's beautiful country home.

"Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy your time with friends and family and may God Bless You in 2018."

hugs, Deb, the retired-guy, Annie & Audrey. xoxo
 =^..^= =^..^=

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

In the air there's the feeling of Christmas...

I'm dropping in to wish everyone a happy week and fun preparing for Christmas.  It's moving along faster than I remember but then the weeks do fly, don't they.

I've been keeping our feeders full and adding suet to the cages. This helps them get through the cold nights that are now here. We have our winter birds arriving slowly. Our juncos are back and the downy woodpeckers are about every morning at the feeders. I find them quite amusing as they want you to know they are there by tapping on the tree bark. And our gorgeous chickadees are in abundance and they cheerfully greet me every morning by swooping by my head on the short walk to where they feast.

Things have slowed right down the last two weeks with the house so we are hoping to have workers back next week and of course, after the holidays.  I'll have some inside photos for you once I see a big change from my last ones. Did I mention you need more patience than this lady has for this kind of immense project. Ugh!

Annie and Audrey are helping move things along as best they can. Apparently, figuring where we want electrical sockets for the electrician takes one man and two cats to do it right.

Soon the need to watch birds takes over and we lose their interest.

Wrapping gifts is on the 'to do' list today and since I came home yesterday with two dozen fresh farm eggs from Lucy's farm I will be baking, too. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas and remembering to take time out for yourself while you are at it.  Christmas movies are coming out now and I plan to watch a few of my favorites; just as soon as the gifts are wrapped and done up with pretty ribbons and bows. That is, if the cats let's always a struggle. lol


hugs, Deb