Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's weekend.

Only the comical, black crows were out at the feeders early this morning. I dressed warm and headed out to top them up before the madness began. Yesterday, I counted over fifty birds at one time gathering for a quick meal during this cold spell.  Over-all, there were over a hundred. Poor little things. I don't blame them for calling in all their friends. It is so bloody cold that just standing at the feeders for a few minutes was enough for me. The water in the bath is heated and the suet holders are full. I'll have to hope now that they all do ok.

Now, that's a fluffed-up Mourning Dove.

The feral cats are another story; one that tears at my heart. I can't do more for them but put lots of dry food down and hope they get it. They are fed well as it's a constant flow of food from concerned people but there are other wild life around. It's a first come, first served situation. In the winter months seeing only cat tracks at the food spots is bitter-sweet. You feel they are getting the food BUT it is proof that there are hungry cats in need. There is nothing I would have loved more than to bring them in somewhere; somewhere warm and dry during this cold spell but I can't. I never see them except the odd time you might get a glimpse of one as it runs from the lights of your car. They live in the bush behind a warehouse and no one really knows how many there are.
There have been cats there for years.
Some hang around; some are just passing through.
It's a sad state of affairs.

It's Valentine's weekend

and that included time with Gwynn.
While mommy & daddy had a quiet dinner out...
this is how much of the evening was spent.
After I got a new hair-doo ;-), we watched some tv.
She was really into that show. lol
Did I mention I will be a Nana again in two weeks?
I'm sure I did. lol

Oh, is 6 teaspoons.
Enjoy baking.

The sun is out.

"Happy Valentine's Weekend, everyone."

hugs, Deb

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stocking up for this cold spell

We are in for some cold weather here in Ontario, Canada. By Saturday it will be -27C. "Ugh".
But, up until this week, it has been a great winter for those who are not fans of snow, ice and freezing cold winds.

I stocked up on mixed seed, apples, peanuts in the shell and I have a week's worth of suet in the freezer.
The resident birds will be ok. Me, I'll be bankrupt soon.
I have a path shoveled to the main feeders and filled the heated bird-bath.
Apparently, providing a heated bird-bath in the winter will attract many of your local birds. They need water all year and will make use of your bird-bath throughout the changing seasons.

Read all about it...

Someone is ready for Valentine's Day.

"I am pretty...oh, so pretty. "

and someone else wanted no part of it.
She beat up the ribbon immediately. Then tried to eat it.

She is not about to dress for any occasion. Ribbons had to be put away in a safe place.

It's hot soup tonight on this terribly cold evening.
And the kitties are all set for a snuggle on the couch.

I hope you are cozy where you are.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Alone...with my cats. =^..^= =^..^=

It was a hot chocolate kinda day today. But, seeing I'm watching my calories...watching them do what, you ask?,...I settled for a big cup of hot tea. My favorite, anyway. Freezing winds and lower temperatures than we have been used to this winter are here to stay awhile. I knew the warmer weather was too good to be true. :(

The birds were having a feeding frenzy in this cold weather.

                                                             The funny Nuthatch. 

The Downy Woodpecker

Good entertainment for two attentive felines.

I had this whole day to myself.  A cold but beautiful, quiet day. Everyone needs that once in awhile, right.
I love my alone time. I always have. Well, alone with a cat or two is the best, really. It gives me time to catch up on a few things that have been put aside. I played my music loud, the way I like it, and was still able to enjoy my purring cats. I baked, cleaned a bit around the feeders and read.

I changed up my teeny-weeny kitchen window shelf. I am so anxious to bid winter "farewell" that I need to look at lambs and bunnies and flowers and well, you know what I mean. I need the softness of Spring.

Annie enjoys a wee bit of milk every morning 
on this teeny tea-bag dish.
It was passed down to her from our beloved Sierra.
Not all cats can tolerate milk. Sierra was fine and enjoyed it. Annie now does,  too.
Every time I take it off the hook I think of Sierra.

(love her apron)

" look better upside-down; less wrinkles."

"Thanks Audrey" *geesh*

 My little peach, Annie.

Bran muffins and tea for a late-day snack. Yum!

It is freezing outside. Hope you had a good day and stay cozy.

hugs, Deb

Monday, February 8, 2016

What does Monday bring?

Don't you love a little surprise in your mailbox?
A lovely card from a fellow blogger; just 'because'.
The nicest little gifts.
Such a bright, happy card with beautiful penmanship inside.
A gorgeous photo taken by Linda of one of her many flowers.

"Thank you, Linda for thinking of me. Hope to meet someday."
Drop over to Woke Up Got Out of Bed

Good thing the resident birds don't carry little whistles. I'd have to be out there much earlier than I am. I MUST have that first coffee...please!

Saw this on a blog so thought my birds deserve some *love*, too. I put this bit of love at the back of the property for the shy birds. ;-)

Guess who found it?

If you'd like to see more love for our birds, pop over and visit Judy at

One week's worth of home-made suet ready for the freezer. *cheep -cheep*

Kane's mat remains on the floor of the mouse-house. Why? Because someone likes to sleep UNDER it. She's so silly. Keeps me laughin'. :)))

"Watch where you're stepping, please."

So there you go; two beautiful blogs to visit. Enjoy!

hugs. Deb

Sunday, February 7, 2016

'Grands' of all kinds.

My grandkitty, Ruby.
Off-spring of Annie, sibling to Audrey.

I love her to bits.
She's a copy of her momma.

Right down to the peachy toes.
Speaking of "love her to bits", I had lots of fun with little Gwynn today.
We coloured, had tea & played peek-a-boo in her bedroom.
She has a 'big girl' room now.

Little curly-top.
Who is the cutest of them all?
I know who.  ;)))

Sharing a colouring book with Gramps.

Back home...
It's a GRAND day today.
The birds are all a flutter at the feeders.
It's snowing now but mild.
David, the neighbours' cat,
came by for a visit and enjoyed a treat or two at the side-door.

Colder weather is on the way.

Time to pack on some weight again. (the birds...not me)
And Simon was out today.
He really is a weirdo.
I'll be hanging up my new bird-house
so the resident birds will get used to it
before Spring.
Audrey enjoyed a full-body massage last night
and then promptly fell over on the floor.
No worries...she's fine.

hugs, Deb

Friday, February 5, 2016

Springing up the OH.

The charming chickadee.

A favorite around here...the Downy Woodpecker. He's enjoying some lunch from the suet cake I put in the dry bird-bath.
I filled all the feeders again today and changed things up a bit. I like to switch some of the suet holders and feeders around. Don't ask me why. ???
Our Pileated Woodpecker almost demolished the roof on my favorite feeder. I think he was frustrated as the suet cake he was after was all but gone and he was having a time of it just reaching it. Man, he went a little nuts and the wood was flyin'. He's a bit wacky.

It's been mild here but not much sun. I need sun these days as I have reached my limit with winter. Had enough...go away now. It will be a struggle getting through the next five weeks although we will be busy with house-building plans.

Speaking of houses, here is the spring look for the OH.
 It got a good scrubbing & I finally removed the Christmas wreath and have added a twig wreath & my new Welcome to the Country sign.

                                                    No peeking and please knock. lol

I wish I knew the age of this building. When I was a child, visiting my grandmother, it was the only bathroom to use since the old clap-board house did not have in-door plumbing. At that time, it was located much closer to the front of our property where the old house stood. And I'm sure it had been there for years before I was born. So that makes it ancient. Now it stands at the back of our lot, out of use but still worth decorating, just behind the little perennial garden. It is a treasure to me; a connection to the past. Although, not a favorite one. haha!

But...after looking at it on this post I realize there is something very important missing. That will be a project this weekend.

We are in for some colder weather now so tomorrow I'll fill the feeders. I dropped by the location where I fed ferals for years today and left a large amount of food. They are being well looked after by a kind lady in the area and I help whenever I am there. I hope they are finding some warmth and shelter and have enough food to give them comfort. If there is one thing in this world of cats that breaks my heart it is the life of those that are feral. :(

hugs, Deb

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Time to dream...

(Animated birds in Spring)

Here, let me rub against that. =^..^= Don't was dry.

I'm thinking Spring.
I found a bird-house that looked worse for wear in the garage today so I gave it a fresh coat of paint and prettied it up for Spring.
I'm hoping a little Chickadee or brown Wren will take a fancy to it and make it their home.
What would be cuter than baby birds at the mouse-house?
Well, maybe a kitten, but again...just dreaming. *grin*

Yes, I'm thinking Spring even though we have six loooong weeks to go.

Just in case a little Chickadee or Wren takes a liking to this rent-free home, I put a little rustic porch at the front for momma when she just has to get away from those screaming kids for awhile.

I'm a mom....I remember. ;-)

Another month and it will be time to put those 2 inch pieces of
shredded paper
pet fur
out in a suet cage to help provide material for momma-bird-to-be
to build that beautiful nest.

Something important to remember is to use neutral colours when you can so the bird nests in trees are not made visible to predators.

Bright colours will attract them more easily.
And we don't want that now, do we.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one dreaming of Spring.

I'm joining Foody Friday at
& Home Sweet Home at

hugs, Deb