Wednesday, August 20, 2014


(Bell St.)
hugs, Deb

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Let's have tea, shall we.

Here's the three younger ones having a nap together.
They have found their quiet corner.

I can't post photos around the house right now because I live in bedlam as the reno's continue but there is always a corner to plunk down and enjoy a cup of tea.

So let's, shall we....

I'm going to introduce my all-time favorite loose tea,
I keep my tea in a little tea cupboard.

Margaret's Hope  Darjeeling Black Tea has a slightly fruity taste. I add a bit of organic honey and it is amazing.
You'll need a little tea-strainer.
and maybe some company in the kitchen as you enjoy a cup.
"Hi Lily."
Just hang the tea-strainer on the tea-pot
and let it steep for 7 minutes.
Now go get yourself a cookie.
Yes, don't ever forget the cookie. ;-)

Saying that...I better get out for my walk.
Have a great day.

hugs, Deb

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hectic...but good.

Under this mass of twisted vines is my grandmother's old chicken coop.
So many memories are attached to this building.
It didn't look like this when it housed chickens 50 years ago.
I don't even remember a vine on it.
Doesn't this look like it's right out of an old fairy-tale?
I'm sure it is home now to many mice, moles and whatever else might tickle the fancy of, let's say, a passing feline.
Like these two.
It's fun to see what wild flowers are showing their faces this time of year.

I spotted only one Hollyhock. My grandmother grew many of them around her home and along the fences.
One beautiful's like she is saying "Hello and welcome."

I have a very busy week and weekend coming up with cat-sitting. This is the time of year when everyone is fitting in the last of the summer holidays.
It is beautiful weather today; sunny with just a slight breeze. The air feels different know there is a change coming and it's not far off. I'm not ready for Fall but I do love it.

We have lots of changes coming just around the corner for our family, too. I'll fill you in on more later but for now life is busy, hectic really, but it's all good. No point in hiding our heads...

hugs, Deb

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Country cats

The rain has finally stopped and hopefully the sun will make an appearance today.

Sunday mornings are quite lazy around here unless I have kitty-clients to feed.
Today is a 'no work' day for me so a second cup of coffee is a necessity.

"What are you doing, Audrey?"

=^..^= "Cuddlin' my best friend forever" 
"You do realize that it's that way because she is the only one that can tolerate you most times."

                                              =^..^=   "and your point is....

We took advantage of a break in the rain and headed out to our property for some clean-up.

Once there,  we were greeted by this gal...
and her tuxedo friend.
They were both very interested in all that we were doing.

Fingers crossed that they just live over the stone fence. We'll be back this week and I'll ask around.

hugs, Deb

Saturday, August 16, 2014

So, tell me, do you have Hugs AND Cookies?

It poured all day so we didn't get to the property for any clean-up. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine.
I have posted this recipe before but I did a bit of tweaking today. I used millet flour instead of all-purpose flour only because I ran out and that's what was staring at me from the pantry.  It's better for you than regular flour so I will probably use it again. My first thought was that I'd be kicking myself for wasting an hour getting everything done because they wouldn't turn out but surprisingly, they were very good. The texture was a bit different but the taste was perfect. So, saying all that, if you prefer to use millet flour then by all means, do.
Fresh cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

I use brown, free-range, organic eggs. :)
AND...I still stir with a wooden spoon. Always have and always will.

My kitchen company, Sierra. I only have to reach for a cook-book and she's there.

Geesh..even our dog loves these cookies. Sierra thinks, "no way."

So, Nana has not run out of hugs or cookies even though my big head covered the 'never' part. The cookie part may be a 'grey area' but I always have lots of hugs.

Another out of focus selfie but probably just as well after spending all morning in a warm kitchen. :)

It's still raining and it's time to pick a good movie and kick back.
Have a great weekend. Hope the sun is shining where you are and if not, go make some cookies. :)

                        Enough of this work. Time for tea and a cookie or three.
hugs, Deb

Preferred nap spots.

It is flippin' cold here today. I'm actually wearing socks and looking up at a maple tree from the office window and there, in all it's glory, is a splash of red and yellow leaves. "What is going on? It's only August and Fall is showing it's colours. Odd!"

This is very common to see in our home on cooler days, although I am quite surprised they are still sleeping in the living-room where all the renovating is going on.
You can see I don't spend much on cat beds. They just ignore them anyway.

In the front is our four year old, Annie and lying on one of my discarded knitted samples is eighteen year old Lily. Annie stays very close to her old friend just like I knew she would. If you look close you will see some tabby stripes in the little wicker cat house. Yes, that's our Sierra.

You might be wondering where #4...Audacious Audrey might be spending her morning. Well, as always, she is in one of her 'hidey-holes' and won't be out 'til dinner.

I'll show you...
"Beat it!"

Ahhh...she kills me. We are off to our property for a grass-cutting and some clean-up.
I'll be bringing along a warm sweater, that's for sure.
hugs, Deb

Friday, August 15, 2014

little vases & grandittles, too.

I love 'little vases' and found a few while antique-shopping over the summer. I have no idea what these pieces were used for at one time but to me they make great flower vases.

All pottery...all so pretty. Most are signed on the bottom, too.

I love to put them here and there around the house with just a posie or two in each.

We babysat the grandittles tonight in their cottage. Gramps was showing Riley and Bradley how a fire-place worked.
After we filled up on pizza, it was time for a movie and tonight's choice was Toy Story.
An all-time favorite.

Everyone get comfy. You too, Ozzie.
Oh yes, we can't forget Cooper.

The movie kept their attention, ours too, and there's always a villain in every movie.
"Run Woody, Run."
Phew...he made it.

And once again...all was fine.

Lots of giggles, lots of fun. "See you again soon, munchkins."

hugs, Deb