Monday, September 22, 2014

A little more on the log building.

Saturday was a busy day removing the rest of the boards and part of the roof on the log building. It was decided to do the balance of the roof work when the loader arrived. Windows were removed, hydro box removed and pictures taken of all the logs. Another nesting box was discovered under the floor dirt. It still had feathers in it.

Today we headed up again to tag the logs. Allie (my youngest) came along to help her dad and see the old coop as it is one last time.
Of course, Kane has been there to help all along.

There is no doubt we all feel very sad to see the old coop taken down. It has weighed very heavy on my mind for a long time. It has been on the land since before my mom was born and was used by my great-grandparents. We are not sure of it's original use but at one time it housed two horses while the barn was being moved and then became home to many chickens, roosters and banty hens. There is a lot of history in this old building and memories to cherish. But knowing it will be rebuilt better and stronger has us looking forward to the family getting together and making it a fun project in the near future.  I have big plans for these logs keeping the memory of my grandmother alive. I know she would want that.

Tomorrow's post will be the last one now on the 'ol coop. Drop by to see the logs being carefully (and I stress carefully) removed and stacked. I'm hoping we start the re-building project next Spring.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Always a pat for her cat

It poured rain today, and other than a little bit of housework, I spent some time looking at sites on-line. This photograph of Tasha Tudor and her tabby cat instantly transported me back to my childhood. My grandmother, who resembled Tasha, would often be spotted in the field next to her clap-board house with her Maggie close by. Maggie was her cat. A cat that had the perfect cat life; outdoors all day hunting and sleeping in the warmth of the sun and inside at night almost disappearing in her owner's apron lap next to the old wood-stove. 

I can picture my gran rocking with her tea in her hand. "Oh she can be such a nuisance" she would be heard saying as she struggled to move her from her lap to stoke the fire.
Then the instant she would sit back down in her rocker, Maggie would leap up and settle once again on her lap. My grandmother's hand would pat her on her head and then settle on her back.
That memory is very vivid in my mind all these years later.

Maggie could have been called a gardener with all the hours she spent helping my grandmother keep her hollyhocks, geraniums, gerbers, pansies and peonies looking beautiful.
I imagine my grandmother would accuse her of being a nuisance then, too, but nonetheless, she always had a smile and a pat for her cat. 

Even though I had been owned by a few cats already in my young life, I think seeing my grandmother and Maggie together really left an impression on me. One that grew with the years and led me to wanting to work with cats.
It was a quiet joy they shared just being together. 
And even as a very young child I understood it.

My grandmother, Mary.

hugs, Deb

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Is anybody there?

"Hey, is anybody there?"

"Oh, there you are."
"I've been feeling very lonely today. Everyone left with tool boxes and grubs on and we cats have been home trying to survive without our servants here."

"I ate all the measly bit of food she left us." burp!

"I've already napped 'til I can't nap no more."

"I even worked in a new box while wearing airplane ears."
"And I stole Aunt Sierra's blankie"
"AND, I put lots of hair on someone's bed duvet."
"On purpose."

"And I'm still really bored and neglected."
"There's nothing left to do but sleep with my mom."
"I'll call the OSPCA when I wake up. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"


Friday, September 19, 2014

Preparing for the demolition

Sierra never wastes a sun-puddle.

It was a sunny, cool day today. Much like most Autumn days albeit a little early for us. We still have a few days of summer but the trees on our property say different. They are beginning to change colour now.

The old log building has been stripped of all the barn board and insulbrick and tomorrow the roof comes off. The inside will also be emptied and swept out. The roof especially will be a bit awkward to work with so a bit of co-ordinating was done today to make this all happen tomorrow.

Down to the logs and they look pretty good.

Monday morning the loader will arrive to take the logs down. They will be carefully piled up and waiting to become the new log building that I so desire to see. It will also be built in a different spot; just in front of the apple trees. That will not be done, though, until next Spring. We have a much bigger project to complete before then. More on that soon.

Kane was a bit tired from all the commotion and his walk about the perimeter of the property made him a little sleepy. He is fourteen, after-all.
After a bit of chow and some fresh water he went back to the car and snoozed the afternoon away.

We look a bit dirty but that's to be expected. Couldn't leave without a selfie. ;-)

I'll be out tomorrow with my camera again for those who find this interesting and want to follow along.

Have a great weekend,

hugs, Deb

Thursday, September 18, 2014

kitty-clients and a manicure, too.

It was a rather quiet few days for cat-sitting but I did get to care for three very sweet kitties.
Little Angel is a darling cat and she lives with big boy Jewel. Their personalities are very different. She is timid and shy and he is in your face and a bit of a bruiser. I really enjoyed caring for them. I had extra time to pamper them this week. Jewel ran from the camera but Angel obliged. Jewel is a big, orange, tabby boy. Maybe I'll capture his lion pose next time.


And then there is darling Petra. Isn't she a doll? She was all alone at home and was so happy to see me arrive. She loved to be brushed and we sat and talked and solved all the world's problems.
She spent much of her days sitting on her comfy cat-tree and watching the neighbours go by.

These last few days I have been busy with other projects as cat-sitting has come to a halt for a week. It's not very often that I don't have any cats that need care so I use this time to finish up some loose ends around home. And believe me, there are lots of those. There is also the project with the log building and a few more things I will fill you in on soon. *smile*

Looks like starting next week I'll be back at it and have some gorgeous felines to show you. October is filling up.

Audrey has had lots of 'me time' lately and we even managed a nail-trimming today. Wasn't that fun, sweetie? Your little paws look so pampered and delicate now.

                    "NOT FUNNY!"

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Staying alert & cleaning out the coop.

While Gwyneth visits nan's house
Audrey stays awake and alert to see where the hands might be at all times.
She's no dummy!
Gwynn is walking now so ....."Look out, Audrey." Don't worry, I'll save you."

We spent a good part of this day out at the property removing all the barn-board and 100 year old straw and dirt from inside the chicken coop. As I said before, and some of you might be getting tired of this, we are taking down the coop to rebuild it stronger and off the lot line.
The loft was cleaned out of all the raccoon poop and squirrel nests. The barn-board was removed and placed carefully in the loft for now. Next it will be the logs that will be taken down and piled for reconstruction in the Spring of 2015.

It was a perfect day for working outside again. The sun showed it's face for a short time but most of the day was cloudy but warm.

I have hung this little bird feeder in a Maple close to the road for the local birds to enjoy.  Today the wasps seemed to find it first. Can you spot Kane to the right? He's just strolling around the property. :)

Here's a few photos from our day.

This is going to be some project but I am really looking forward to it.
We have so many projects going on right now it is mind-boggling. But, while the weather is good, the outdoor ones come first. We'll be back again this weekend. More to come.
hugs, Deb

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Doughnuts for fuel, right?

Pumpkin doughnuts are everywhere right now.
And who can resist, I ask?

So we did partake, with some steaming hot coffee, but first we earned them big-time.
This wood from another lot was driven to our lot and needed to be piled for drying.
This is where the above doughnuts worked as fuel. ;-b

Phew! Well, of course the retired-guy helped. I couldn't even lift some of these logs. But I did get in a good work-out and expect that while the wood dries this pile will house a few rodents as the weather cools.

My dear Aunt Francis, my mom's little sister, dropped by with family to have a walk around the property and chat about her memories on the farm. We had a good laugh about some of the silliness that her and my mom would get into as kids.  She walked around the old chicken coop and told me that at one time her grandpa and dad kept 2 work horses inside the log building while they were moving a barn and building the little clap-board house. She has such vivid memories of her childhood.
Here you can see where the rotting vines have been removed now. The building is completely log under the barn board .

It was so nice to see them all. We talked about our plans to take down the old chicken coop because of rotting wood and carefully rebuild it in the near future. Right now you cannot enter it safely.
It will be off the lot line and moved to a better place but it will remain the same as much as possible. Aunt Francis felt better knowing that we are saving all the wood and she looks forward to seeing it rebuilt and usable again. For what?, you may ask. Well, if the retired-guy gets his way it will be housing chickens again someday.  Maybe....

                "Oh ya...bring on the chickens. Yummy...yum"
     "Behave, Audrey. They would be laying hens and that's that."
hugs, Deb