Friday, November 21, 2014

Minimal decorating begins

This gal is a dreamer

of falling snow, peace on earth and red felt mice filled with cat-nip.

Once again, it's a cold day today. I spent much of the morning in the local shops enjoying all the Christmas decor. With the up-coming move, decorating our present home will be at a minimum this year. I will hang the grandittles stockings, though, just because I love to look at them (and fill them too.) I'll put out just a handful of favorite things and that's it. We will wait 'til we move to put up a very teeny tree this year. That will be a challenge to decorate since I like to do it up big.  I always bring out these three little ceramic fir trees to greet the season. These were once my mother's and were passed on to me many years ago. I love them so much and will always consider them my favorite Christmas decoration.
They are heavy and breakable.
I'll just pop them in here for now.
Audrey spent her precious wake-time with me this morning as I got a bit of dusting done. I can only get the back of her without her getting angry at the camera. haha!
"Hey Audrey, your butt looks kind of ginormous from this angle."

"I'll not live that down."

If you are looking for a nice book to give to a child for Christmas this one is adorable. It is about a little girl and her rabbit preparing for the Christmas season. They not only decorate the house but they remember the poor little birds in the yard that need some Christmas, too. It is a sweet, precious story with beautiful illustrations.  It shows the innocent kindness of a child. Any little one would love this book.

Time for a cheese & herb scone and a hot cup of tea. Wish you could pop over and join me.
I'm writing out my Christmas list and checking it twice.

Enjoy your weekend and stay cozy,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dreaming of mice

on this cold, wintry day. Our Annie, snuggled up by the fire, has the right idea.

Spending time with friends over a hot coffee. Enjoying conversation and catching-up.
That was a good idea, too. I don't see these ladies enough. Hope to see friends, Martha and Bobbi, again soon.

Then off to Robin's Nest Tea Room

“Quiet tea room, best lemon meringue”
4 of 5 starsReviewed 15 October 2013

Quiet little tea room offers wide array of teas.
Nice setting, very friendly service, great servers.
Call ahead to make a reservation for lunch though before the old timers take it over lol.
Always fresh picks such as quiches, sandwiches and soups.
Can't go wrong with any pie, but I will share a secret, they make mind-blowing lemon meringue pie.
Each three elements are exceptional and together outstanding:
Flaky pie crust, light perfect meringue, but the filling....oh man, never tasted anything more lemony or even more flavour concentrated, 
Any lemon meringue afterwards is not the same, standard is set here.

where we had lunch with baby Gwynn and her mommy.
Her newest favorite thing in the whole wide world is to high-five her peeps.

Then a little Christmas shopping, hot chocolate treat and back home before the sun set.
Now it's time to snuggle up to the fire again. It's a cold one tonight.

Hope you had a good day, too.

Just in case you have not had the pleasure of visiting this very special blog, I am sending you over to meet Susan Branch. I suggest you grab yourself a tea and get comfy first as you'll want to spend some time there.

Enjoy &
Stay toasty, Deb

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Please take a moment to listen to this song. It is so beautiful.

It looks like the middle of December today. Everything has a blanket of snow and Christmas lights are popping up everywhere. We put our Christmas lights up today, too, since we spent the day at home instead of running here, there and everywhere. Once the lights are up I am in full Christmas mode.

I was looking through some photos from last Christmas and thinking how much the grandittles have grown in the last year. Riley is now in school, Bradley, at two, carries on a conversation with us and keeps us in stitches and Gwynn is now running around and repeating everything you say to her.

Last Christmas...
                                   Gwynn at 3 months enjoying Nana's table tree

Bradley and Riley at one and three enjoying Nana's kitchen tree
We are so blessed to have them.

I'm not sure how this Christmas will work out with our move in the next few weeks. I do know that we will gather together and enjoy it to the fullest no matter where we celebrate.

Today is my mom's 96th birthday. She is no longer with us but remains always in my heart. These are for you, mom, with love.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winter at the mouse house.

"Welcome to my home"
Well, that is the extent of my Christmas decorating so far.
Oh yes, and please knock before entering. hee hee!

Look at this creepy vine growing around the OH.
Good luck getting in there.
The feeders at our lot were once again empty today. I filled them again to the brim.
It was so cold and so windy. Ugh! It didn't take long for a chickadee to appear.
I hung up a fresh suet and this time I took it completely out of the container. (I'm learning folks)
A little messy but now they have access from both sides.
The bottom one is already frozen. Poor birds. But, I hear it is getting warmer this weekend. +10 by the weekend. :)

We have windows and don't they look pretty.
This will be Audrey's window in the garage.

I'll hang some feeders near by and when she gets bored with that she can head upstairs to watch the birds in the tops of the trees.

"What is this wacko woman talking about?"

All but the garage doors are in and we still wait for those needed stairs to be installed.
I have to get up-stairs to measure for things like kitchen cupboards, bathroom fixtures & so on.
Getting impatient here. *groan*

The trench was dug for the plumbing

and the well hooked up. These poor guys were cold but joking constantly.
I heard this one as I walked by...
"What does an 80 year old woman have between her breasts?"
"Her navel"

That one killed them.

Good Lord!

Well, so much for being in before the snow flies. But if we get the temperatures that are supposedly on their way, this snow will soon disappear. Here's hoping.

Stay toasty,

Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter is here - get out and walk.

Winter is here now in Ontario and days of over +10 will be few and far between.
Along with colder weather came the snow and slush today.
But that doesn't stop 'ol Kane from wanting his daily walks.
So he grabbed his coat and out we went.  
This will be his 13th winter with us. He was one year old when I found him at the Quinte Animal Shelter in Belleville. I saw his silly mug on-line and along with a friend drove 2 1/4 hours to look at him. End of story.

He is living proof that every dog deserves a second chance. And...he gets me up and out the door every day which keeps me healthier. It's a win-win situation.

Stay toasty,

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A little random and "What's in your cookie jar?"

We had our first snow-fall on my last booked day for cat-sitting. I ended my service caring for the beautiful Dominique who is doing much better now since her illness early Fall.
I hope I can visit her in the future as she has become a very special cat in my life; one I love very much. I stayed with her as long as I could, gave her a hug and returned home feeling very low. This is a hard thing to shake. I guess it will just take time.

So, What's in your cookie jar today?
I baked up two batches of chocolate chip/ slivered almond cookies for whoever might drop in over the next few days.
Everyone has their favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, I'm sure. I use only local organic, brown eggs & I swear that makes them amazing.
AND...You only need one big bowl to do all the mixing.
Of course, the retired-guy will enjoy them. I bought a box of chocolate fudge cookies from the corner store at the end of our country road on Friday and we tried them with black tea. All I got from him was.."they aren't like your cookies." I had to agree. They were good but not home-made.

Just to help get into the Christmas mood, I baked to my newest Christmas cd, Tinsel Town by Jimmy Rankin. It is beyond a doubt the best I have heard for awhile. Jimmy wrote the title song and it is beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Jackson Brown music. There are many of the old favorite Christmas tunes on this recording and my second favorite song on the cd is "Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas." This one makes me tear up.
And my kitchen company today was the ever-adorable Rae-Rae.
She is a cat that never lost her kitten face.

Nothing compares to the gorgeousness of the first snow-fall of the season (still snowing as I type)  and my grand-kitty Rae-Rae.

Stay toasty, Deb

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Upside-down Apple cake

We've been busy the last few days; running around in circles mostly. 

I need a lot of tea lately for there is Lots of stress in our life right now. Sierra looks rather stressed, too, but she is just peeved because Joe is close by. If you could hear the growl you'd run for the hills.
Poor guy. They just don't like him. Audrey went screaming through the house tonight with him in tow. I really think he wants to play but they just won't have it. Thank goodness Rae-Rae loves him.

 I made a favorite cake; Upside-down Apple cake. I've been asked for the recipe again so here you go.
                                                      Apples and cinnamon sugar
If you like apple pie you will love this cake.
I still use my wooden spoons.
Funny how we always stick to what is familiar. This cake has been a favorite for twenty some years now. I actually get cravings for it. :)) This is a breakfast cake in our home. I split the recipe into two dishes so I could share it with daughter #2.

I've been hinting to Annie that a big change is coming. She listens so intently when I talk to her and loves any and all attention. She's such a darling cat.
                                                   "Oh, do tell me more."

Our doors are in, our floor is finished in the utility room, framing is done upstairs but the stairs are still not done. :( There is a hold up in that area. Our windows are going in Monday. Tuesday will be another busy day as a trench is being dug for some pipes and the plumbing done. It's actually looking like it might become a cozy little corner after-all.

With Christmas just around another corner, and if you know me by now, I've been putting some thought to the size of the tree that we can fit into the house. I guess it will be an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny table tree for this year. I'm used to having three trees; a kitchen tree, the main tree & a tiny tree in the dining-room. This will be a challenge.
The retired-guy called me over to the ditch just outside our gate and said "Hey, look, there's our out-door Christmas tree this year."
 Sure enough, a beautiful little pine tree growing next to the ditch looked like a perfect tree to decorate with lights this year.  So, we will do that and call it 'our first Christmas tree in the country'. It will greet our company as they drive through the gate. And, help Santa to find Nan and Gramps' mouse-house this year.

It's very cold here and I find that everyone is starting to hunker down now. Warmer clothes & comfort foods seem to be all that people require. The cold winter ahead is on everyone's mind.

If you are tired of me yacking about the construction... please look away.
This is where the hot water tank and washer and dryer will go.
The retired-guy wants a chute put in upstairs for the clothes to go down into a basket at the washer. All I can picture is Audrey sliding down the chute and then high-tailing it back up the stairs to do it again. Woohoo!
Our stairs will go in here at some point.

I added suet to one of the tree branches today, put a fresh apple in the apple feeder and filled all the feeders to the brim. 'My birdies' should be good for awhile.

And before I left I decorated the out-house for Christmas.
Next time...
Enjoy your weekend & stay toasty,