Friday, July 29, 2016

Back for another 'special' purchase.

There is a new addition to my favorite step-back cupboard.

It's a piece that I imagine can be used for many things such as holding milk for tea gatherings, real Canadian maple syrup for your pancakes or sauces for Sunday dinner. But whatever...I love it and it had to come home with me.

Now I'm on the hunt for the sugar bowl.

I found it at Country Side Antiques in Kemptville, Ontario last week. This is the same location that I discovered my oh-so-loved step-back cupboard four years ago. That's one purchase I will never regret.
                               It was a cold day in November of 2012 when  I found my cupboard.
                               Audrey and I loved white dishes then.
                               She helped me decorate it and sat on it all evening.
                                                      That's my girl at one year old.
Karen remembered us last week and was just as lovely as ever; a real nice girl. And we got a welcoming from Bo again and a new kitty named Fluffy.

I left knowing I'd be back again soon as there were a few too many things I fell in love with at this charming Antique shop. I'll be sure to bring you along when we visit again.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Under the Sumacs

Holy's been hot.
But Audrey doesn't care.

Any outdoor work has to be done early or you melt in the heat and humidity.
But then again it is summer.

It seems that by the time you reach the end of July your gardens need some repair work. I'm finding we are trimming, cutting back and tying up more plants these days as they grow too long, burn out or just look a bit bedraggled. It's daily maintenance that kept me from becoming a gardener years ago. So I'm late at this but at least now we have time to stay on top of things. 
The wild-life that visits nightly are becoming more destructive leaving us with two feeders to repair today. I think they may have had a soccer game last night.

We have been eating from our garden for two weeks now and the tomatoes have finally turned red.

So delicious. Mmmm...mmm...mmm.
We are waiting on the peppers to grow a bit more (sweet and chili) and the carrots, parsnips and squash to be ready for pickin'.
If you need zucchini, cukes or beans drop by. I got 'em.

It's been busy in the shade under the sumac trees. That's where I hide out to capture a few of my daily visitors.

The Bold and the Beautiful



Finch (I think)

So hot!
The little tail is dragging.

Under the sumacs

I'll sit here
drink my tea
watch the 
little chickadee.

The cats are up early as they heard a rumble in their tummies. Must never have that.
It's going to be another hot day and the grass needs cutting. Again!
A second cup of coffee is in order, first.

"Thank you for your thoughtful comments yesterday. It was a day filled with sweet memories."

Enjoy your day.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Birthday

                                          He was my wonderful dog for fifteen years.
                                        Today would have been his sixteenth birthday.

"Happy Birthday in Heaven, Kanie. Mommy misses you and loves you with all her heart."

Be a good boy. xo

Monday, July 25, 2016

Food, flowers, feathered-friends & felines

A beautiful sight in the kitchen.

Dinner will be new potatoes from the market steamed with beans from our garden. A side dish of home-grown cucumbers and the one little red tomato I spotted yesterday on the first plant. It was tiny but ready for picking. There must be 100 big green ones just on the verge of turning. With barbecued chicken and a veggie sausage for me this will be a memorable meal.
                                 Annie dreaming of chicken
I planted two hydrangeas this summer and they are full of blooms. Gorgeous!

I am thrilled with these new beauties that brighten up the old pump area. You know, where Simon lives.
 His porch plant is not blooming right now so it looks a little dull at his door but he's very seldom home anyway. He's a mover and a groover these days. I only see him running home when it's raining.

I think the hydrangea might be running second only to the daisy as my new favorite blossom.
I plan to enjoy them all summer and then dry them for the cold winter months.

It's a little bit cooler today and I noticed more birds at the feeders. I captured these two beauties.
White-breasted Nuthatch

I could feel his eyes on me... that King of the Wild Frontier.
I love when David visits me from over the fence and I rub his furry belly and give him hugs but I do have to keep an eye on him. He's a hunter and he's always on duty. He tries to trick me but...
 I know cats...and he knows it.  =^..^=

*rub rub pat pat*  "Now get home for dinner, David."

hugs, Deb

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Around the garden today.


Oh boy, it's hot.
  But, I'm thinking of our long winters
so I won't complain...
I won't complain...
although it is 'really' hot.

Hope you are staying cool.
hugs, Deb

Friday, July 22, 2016

Feeling the heat.

It's so hot today

that Audrey's head never made it under the blanket. 
And that's something.

And dear Annie
cooled off with a treat of refreshing, cold milk.

I lasted no more than twenty minutes in the garden as it is directly  in the hot sun and the humidity is awful.
But, the week of steady sun-shine has been wonderful for produce and even one tomato showed it's true colours today.

Soon it will be in a sandwich :)
but for now,
I'm happy with the home-grown cucumber and lettuce and my local tomato from the farmer's market
to make the perfect summer lunch.

With tea, of course.

I've been busy with a certain little someone
who asked to have a sleep-over at nana and gramps place this week.
She kept busy with gardening, golf, tea parties,
side-walk sales, ice-cream sundaes and puppy pampering at the park.
 This little cutie.

And, the odd needed nap.
For gramps, too.
Can you feel the love here? lol

It's so quiet here today
even Annie & Audrey notice it.
But they are glad to get their toys back and couldn't figure out what this was all about come bed-time for little Gwynn.

First,  the toys get tucked in...
then it's story time
5 books...
I kid you not.
and .....she's asleep. 

So it's catch-up today with tidying up the mouse-house and trying, anyway, to keep cool.

The bird-baths are cleaned, filled with cold water and in great use today.
Especially, by my sweet little chickadees.
Did I mention how nice it is to have them back?

hugs,  Deb

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A dirty little bottle...

"Another story...ho hum!"

It's becoming quite ordinary that, during our construction, we dig up a little something that came through the house fire of 1975.

This little perfume bottle was possibly my grandmother's; although it was not like her to fancy up with perfume or any other fragrant product. I like to think that she may have put a dab or two on just before Old Man Bulger picked her up for church on Sunday mornings. We, the grandkids, visiting over the summer holidays, would wave good-bye to them as they headed out the drive-way, the oldest of the bunch left to be in charge. Oh, good grief, I would have hated to be that poor cousin that was run ragged and given lip for the hour and a half gran was at church praying for our souls.
I was, thank God, one of the younger ones and never had the job of being left in charge.

The old ceiling-to-floor china cupboard along the wall in the summer kitchen held tea-cups, glasses and plates and was also home to the home-made hermit cookies that were stored in an old biscuit barrel. They were kept for when we deserved a treat which, basically, was never, in my opinion. lol

Gran was out the drive-way but a minute and the scrumptious cookies were devoured. Then we were off to goodness knows where; wherever the wind took us, knowing full well, we had that one hour and a half to do as we pleased. Cousin in charge would be yellin' and cursin', demanding we stay inside where she could keep an eye on us. "Just colour at the table." she'd say.  But, we'd head out and play in the out-buildings, the old coop or hang upside-down in the apple trees in the orchard. We'd try to lose someone in the hay field under the pretense of a 'hide & seek' game. We'd 'drop in' on neighbours, anger the rooster and see who could out-run him. We'd fight.
I guess it was all pretty innocent as no grandchild died.

I still remember the old black car that they drove in. Watching from atop the wire fence, first you would see the car amongst the dust on the road. Then it would disappear for a moment, only to re-appear again at the top of the hill just before they turned into the  driveway. We'd have time to all be sitting on the front porch like The Walton's, waving as they turned in between the lilac bushes. Cousin-in-charge would be inside, walking the floor, red-faced and ready to burst.

This dirty little bottle, whether it be my grans or not, opened a flood-gate of memories of those hot, summer Sundays spent with my cousins. I feel very lucky to have these wonder-full memories and now to have found a little treasure to cherish.

hugs, Deb