Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long weekend charges

Simba, Albert and Midnight
The curiosity of the cat

Emmi & Di




Well, that was a fun weekend. The top photo is my Abyssinian charmer, Simba and his buddies Albert and Midnight. I love looking after this trio and have cared for them often for many years now. Simba is the most curious of all my charges. Emmi & Didi are cats I refer to as 'the ladies'. They are senior sisters and are living the good life. Two Comfy Cats, they are. Rosie, Lola and Otis are so used to me now that they barely take notice when I suddenly appear and start dishing out the goodies. I get a look of "Oh, you again." and they carry on. There is a lot of comfort in knowing that my kitty-clients are happy and calm in my presence. Sparky is full of piss and vinegar and enjoys a good game of 'throw the mouse into the tunnel'. Be warned...fingers may get chewed on.
Bell & Tigger are two comfy cats who have the luxury of spending time in their closed in porch. They also attack their scratching posts for much of the day. 
Tootsie and Marvin are two black beauties who live in the country and spend most of their day bird-watching through the sun-room windows. 

                                                           Belle & Tigger

                                                                   & Tootsie

and my little hisser, Rosie
Bless her heart, she does not like it when mom travels but we did ok under the circumstances and she is happy mom is home now.

So, once again, a busy long-weekend it was.

Hope you had a fun one.
Today, it's an Audrey day and she's milking it for all it's worth.

hugs, Deb

Monday, September 1, 2014

winding down

I walked by this shop in our town today and thought, "Yep, I could use a cup of tea about that size right now."
Cute window, isn't it?

I went for a walk after saying "so long" to all the kitties that were in my care this weekend.
It's been very hot and muggy the last few days and today was no exception. HOT!
They've been warning us of a thunderstorm coming for days now and I think if it does hit us it will be a doozy after this humidity.

I love these flowers but I don't know what they are called. I see them everywhere.
in every colour
And I know I'll feel like a dope when someone tells me what they are. I should probably know this but I am clueless when it comes to names of plants and flowers. (Linda from Woke up Got out of bed is shaking her head right now).

There was a slight breeze today that was evident when I shot this photo while on the main bridge.

The building you see in the center is a restaurant with a patio on the river side. It's called The Gastro Pub. Lately they have been having live music on their patio and we can hear it from our deck. Our home is just a few blocks from the church steeple that you see to the right.
Cheap entertainment, right!

Someone very special has been a little clingy today. I think I have been away just a little too much for her liking. She has been staying close; hopping from bed to box in whatever room I happen to be in.


Tomorrow will have to be 'all about her'. Good thing I just clipped her nails recently or that would be part of her 'me' day and that would completely ruin it. ;-)

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend. I'll post my kitty-client photos this week.

Tell me, how can it possibly be September?

hugs, Deb

Sunday, August 31, 2014

All mine.

Cats love their people but they also love their 'stuff'.
Like Tigger, for instance. He loves his scratching post and stakes claim to it.

While his side-kick, Belle, loves her scratching post and has personalized it to the best of her ability.

Would they miss their scratching posts if suddenly they became unavailable? 

Oh yes, they think. That would be a CATastrophe.

These are two of my gorgeous charges this weekend. Lots more coming.

hugs, Deb

So long, August

There's no hiding from it...
(look closely)
Fall is comin'
Sierra doesn't mind. She found it rather hot sitting on the porch this summer anyway.
And now, with constant companionship, she will sit and wait for the mailman and enjoy the Autumn breeze.
It's time to slow down and say 'so long' to August.  Although our August was very wet, we still had many beautiful, warm days and it will be hard to see it go. I took a walk to show you some of the signs of the fast approaching Fall in our little town.

Just me and the camera; no dog. Kane, at 14, is much too slow now on his walks and when we do walk together, it is all about him. He still enjoys his sniffing and rootin' around and I am so thankful for that.

I put together a big casserole of macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight. I was able to use up some of the beautiful tomatoes that my clients have been kindly leaving me at their homes when I arrive to care for their kitties.  I was very happy to accept their generous offer since my sad little plant gave me only 2 tomatoes this year.

I have a busy weekend of cat-sitting as many families are travelling on the last weekend of summer.
Next week, drop by for a look-see at all the gorgeous cats in my care.

Happy weekend!

Friday, August 29, 2014

This week's feline fabulousness

left to right...
Ebony, Jenny, Molly & Bud
Pip, Mooty, Emmi & Di

Tootsie, Penny & Zoie.


That was my feline fabulousness of a week. Now this cat-sitter needs a quiet evening & a good movie.

Tomorrow begins the Labour Day long-weekend. I'll be very busy and can't wait to show you my charming charges.

Have a fun weekend, everyone.

I'm joining for Saturday's critters & Feline Friday at

hugs, Deb

Ebony & Peach

Today I have five houses to visit on my route. That will be a total of eight cats to provide 'tender-lovin' cat care' for.  I will say "so-long" this morning, also, to the beautiful Ebony. She is a gorgeous, 16 year old black beauty and I have been caring for her off and on for 5 years now.
This is her bed. :)
Of course it has a pink blanket.
She's all lady and rather pampered, you know.

It's also a day to do some grooming at the home-front. Someone needs a brushing and a nail-clipping, too. That was quite evident last night when she landed on my lap and I still have the pin-hole marks in my leg to prove it.
"Sorry, Peach."

"You know who I'm talking about."

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sun-flower gazing.

''Oh, you're just spoiling me Pip with all these window poses. Trying to charm the cat-sitter, are you?''

'' I do think you are as beautiful as a sunflower.''

"What are you looking at Pip?"

"Oh, I see someone else is intrigued with the flowers."

"So, am I right in thinking you love your cat-sitter, Pip, but her dog you can do without?"

"Oh, okay then."


Pip and Mooty belong to a friend and client who loves dogs and had offered her lovely acreage for my dog, Kane to have a run-about.
Run-about might be stretching's more like a stroll at 14 years of age.

I said "So long for now" to Pip and Mooty today. What darling cats they were to take care of. 
Mooty would lead me (with those soulful eyes) into the sitting room and wait on the couch for me to groom her.

Pip just wanted to play.
I'm going to miss them.

 hugs, Deb