Sunday, July 1, 2018

Woah! it's a hot Canada Day weekend.

We are in the middle of a heat wave.Today it is over +40C and the sun is HOT.
We are in the mouse house and have A/C there and the garage is very cool but the coolest place right now is the basement of the new house. It's very comfortable there. The cats drop over there often.

We have stopped working outside for now because you would melt in no time. And the new house has no a/c so there will be no work done there until this heat lifts. 
Last night Wilson slept in the cool garage only to surface as soon as he heard me flip open a can of his stinky goodness. Goodness he loves to eat.

And Annie sleeps beside me no matter what the temperature. She's a cozy one.

The Bug Bed and Breakfast is of great interest to my grandittle, Gus. We found a cocoon in there, some ants and a moth. :)


Early Friday morning my three little house wren babies fledged the nest.
Of course I missed it...:-(
but I expected that would happen and wished them all the best on Thursday night. 
They were getting so big that they were hanging out of the house whenever you walked by.
I really do miss their little peeps and I especially miss mama but I hope she will return to have a second brood soon. Apparently the babies are taken by mom and dad to a bushy area where they spend some time learning about life and then the adults might return to start again.
We still have one family of house wrens in one of my wooden houses behind our garage.
I worry about them today because of the heat and have filled the bird bath with fresh cold water for mama. They should be ready to leave soon. And when they do I hope they have a lovely ride.

We celebrated this little one this weekend.

                                 Let's party!

Our youngest grandittle of five turned two. She's the sweetest little girl with the cutest little curls.
"Happy Birthday Tenley. We love you." xoxo

And Happy Birthday to the greatest country on earth.

"Happy Birthday Canada. We love you, too."

                                                                  A happy Canadian cat

be kind, Deb