Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Spring brings much life to Fox Grove

There are babies all over Fox Grove; fox, squirrels, tree swallows, house wrens and chipmunks.

Mama house wren

Pa & ma tree swallow
 And I know by all the noise in our maples that we have blue jays nesting up there along with black crows. Yesterday I spotted two baby piliated wood peckers.
The woodpile behind the veggie garden is full of chipmunk nests and I hear babies 'chirping' in the wood-lot but have no idea what they are. It's like a maternity wing around here.

And my tree frog, Tao, is back in his bird house and settled right in.
Look up.
 I really hope he stays all summer. He is comic relief. He loves to watch me garden
and yes, I talk to him. :))) He moves his head from side to side when I do.
So he has an identity crisis. 

We have a lone wild turkey living in our woodlot and sleeping in the trees.
She is alone and that bothers me. So, I have adopted her in the way that I feed her daily and refer to her as Thelma. I feel sorry for her as I expect she has been shunned from her flock for some reason. Last fall we had many flocks of wild turkeys feeding here and now we have one lone female. Something happened. She is very nervous when she sees anyone and will run towards the woodlot only to return in a few hours to the feeders again. I put apples and seed out for her at dinner-time each and every evening so she can depend on something. I hope she finds a mate unless this is her preferred life-style. lol

The summer is when I enjoy displaying my pottery in my cluttered country cottage china cupboard. And hopefully find a few more lovely pieces on our excursions.

Our lilac season is nearing the end. It's been wonderful having these beautiful and fragrant blossoms to enjoy.

And these two are doing great.
Annie's health is good and Wilson has a love for life.
And we sure love them.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

be kind,

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Catching up.

First off, Annie is doing well. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers for her.
Her stitches have been removed since this photo and we hope that will be the end of it.
She is very precious to us.
And she is happy to let you know she is not wearing
her onesie anymore even though she rocked it.

Spring is everywhere at Fox Grove.
So much green and yellow to enjoy.
We have bird houses filling up with nesting birds such as house wrens and tree swallows.
And recently have welcomed a pair of mallard ducks to the feeders. I imagine they are nesting in the ditch somewhere.
Even our little red squirrels are nesting and of late we only have two black crows coming for food.
We are hoping, and expect, really, that the female is on a nest as the other two, after eating, fill their beaks and head off with food daily.

Our Easter Egg Hunt this year was so much fun. We picked the best day for it. No rain and the kids had a blast in the wood-lot.
Even the big ones, I think. :-)

Mother's Day was wonderful. My family joined us for a lovely vegetarian dinner at a local restaurant; yes, even the men went meat-free for a meal. It was amazing. And as usual I was a spoiled mom.

                                                              Now ...Do not over-water.

And now it is the Victoria Day long weekend and we are so busy getting the outside ready for gardens that there is no time for festivities. That's ok, though. I'm just glad to have spring and feel the warm sun when it isn't raining. 

I hope it is sunny where you are and flowers are blooming. We have to wait another week to plant because of our cool nights. Next week there will be no excuses.

Annie and Wilson say "Howdy".

be kind,

Friday, April 26, 2019

Our little Annie.

Our Annie has gone through major surgery again to remove a malignant tumor;
much like she did two years ago.
The surgeon is very hopeful that it will not re-occur.
I am staying by her for the next few days in hopes that she has an easy recovery 
from this ordeal.
So far she is moving around, eating and getting lots of rest.
She sees the surgeon again on Monday.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I will be back to share our Easter photos
(although I'm sure you are all done with that )
of the egg hunt in our woodlot.
It was so much fun and the day was perfect. :-)

Thank you in advance,

Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Easter

We are preparing for Easter and it's been pouring rain all day.

The good side of it is that all the snow is gone, the grass is showing (what there is of it out here) and all my spring flowers are up. 
But there is lots of mud as we have not seeded much of the lot yet. I tell anyone who visits to wear their wellies. :-)

Watching to see what birds find our bird houses adequate is quite exciting. Already the tree swallows are back and checking out the blue bird houses. Last year we had a sweet family of them live in one  and a house wren and her family as their neighbours.

And the chipmunks are our comic relief.

We had to postpone our Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the woodlot until Monday as it will rain right up to Easter day this year.  I'm so looking forward to having all the family, which include five excited grands, out for the day. And I'll be checking to see if the Easter Bunny arrived and hid lots of chocolate-filled eggs amongst the maples.
I've posted lots of signs for him and raked a path to invite him in. I planted pansies; swept around the outhouse, picked up scattered branches and twigs and added a new feeding station with seeds and peanuts next to the stone bench. I know, I know...I will leave him some carrots.
The chipmunks are nesting in the twig piles and I've made friends with a special one. There is no sign of Simon yet. I'm still hoping.

Annie and Wilson say "howdy".
Easter decor is bringing out the best in someone. After the tree flew through the air a few times I kept introducing him to it again and again and now he has become totally bored with it.
Sometimes you can actually outwit him. :-b

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of year.

"Happy Easter, everyone."


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Spring is showing her face.

We are still waiting for our snow to leave here. It's taking it's time but the weather this weekend is doing some damage. We are having temperatures up in the teens and sun; glorious sun.

I have been back in the woodlot picking up branches, checking the trees and looking for any signs of spring. There are many. :)

The snow is only a few inches deep now. Only weeks ago I needed snowshoes.

The snow is piled up along the stone wall but throughout the paths it is melting. It's wonderful. 
I have met one of last years chipmunks and she spent much of her time watching me work.
Of course she was rewarded.
Imagine looking this cute while eating lunch.

Painting is still going on at the house. Poor Wilson has been hell bent on helping and I see now he is finally exhausted.

I had to step in and remove a broom that he was munching on; something on it held his interest and I also had to remove him from the top of the cupboards in the new kitchen. It was a piece of cake to get up there, I guess, but to get down was another story. 

The sun pours into the main room throughout the day. When the retired-guy stops for coffee Wilson grabs a few minutes in a sun-puddle to re-charge.

I'll just say I'm glad we aren't paying him by the hour.

The sun is so warm now.

I'm getting ready for Easter. We have the annual egg hunt in the woodlot scheduled so I hope we lose the snow. It won't be the first time if not. The grandittles don't care. It's all such fun for them but it can't be easy for the Easter bunny to hide the eggs in melting snow. :-(

"Happy Sunday" to all.

be kind, Deb

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Waiting impatiently for spring.

Hello everyone.
Spring is not showing her beautiful face too quickly this year. We are still covered in snow everywhere. I've struggled to write a post; I'm probably just fed up with winter.
This is the ugly time of year when the snow is dirty and the ground peaks through wherever the sun shines. We have no greenery anywhere and no buds yet on the trees. I anxiously wait for the lilac buds to appear. But...the sun is warmer, brighter and beautiful and we are happy for that. And these little guys are everywhere. :)

The spring birds are returning to our region, bless them, to only be disappointed and have to look for food in the barren trees. Our feeders are extremely busy as the starlings have returned in large numbers to compete with the blue jays, chickadees, nuthatch, doves, woodpeckers, sparrows, cardinals, 3 spoiled crows and all my squirrels. The chipmunks are rising up from their dens one by one. I hope to see Simon soon.
It's such an exciting time of year. A new awakening. Spring is my favorite season with Easter celebrations drawing near.

Every Easter we like to have an Easter hunt for the grandittles in our woodlot. 
Last year we still had snow as Easter was early. This year it is later in the month and that gives us a bit more time to watch the snow disappear. I'm already planning the hunt :-) and as soon as I can I will start chopping away at the ice and snow at the entrance.

Construction continues on the new house.

 Kitchen is in,  main bathroom tiled with heated floors, laundry area is tiled, living area walls are painted both main colour and complimentary colour. It is open-concept so once the floors are in it will feel wonderful. These photos are from February mostly. Will post some new ones soon.

Hanging the fan.

Annie and Wilson are enjoying the spring sunshine; making the best of the sun puddles. And Wilson is often watching for the crows to fly in.

 He chatters and calls us over to witness the exciting event; well, maybe for him as we are pretty used to them. They keep him happy.

His Scottish Fold wannabe look.

Joe and Rae-Rae are still with us; living in the basement of the new house. They have all their needs met and our full attention each evening with a grooming session. They are both good-natured beautiful cats. 

I've met some fabulous felines this winter while cat-sitting for our area. I have new clients and I'm very content with how the business is growing.

I hope everyone is well. I have been reading blogs but not commenting as much as I should. I hope life slows down a bit soon so I can take more time to chat.
I am on instagram at Life at Fox Grove. Drop by if you can.
Enjoy your week.

be kind,