Tuesday, November 13, 2018

It's cold here in Ontario.

If we are having fall weather right now I would hate to think of what our winter has in store for us.

Grandittle choosing a mug for a treat of hot chocolate.

"Hmmmm...which one?"
Why, it's so cold today that the squirrels are looking for a way to get inside the mouse house.

And Mr. Wilson would be very happy to have that happen as he has dreams of dinner 
'squirrel on a sesame seed bun'

"Yes, I do."

Or perhaps he would like a turkey sandwich.
14 in total dropped by to dine on what was left at the front feeders.

Our clean-up crew.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, inside the cupboard for now.
Will I be able to have a Christmas tree this year?
Ask Wilson.
He's like a toddler most days...into everything.

I am just in from feeding the Mourning Doves that show up before dark
and placing peanuts around for a late-night snack.
Suet is a plenty for the chickadees, blue-jays, wood-peckers, juncos, cardinals etc...
They need that more than anything right now.

A visitor today.

                                A male Downy Woodpecker.

Here in Ontario the wind is blowing, there is snow on the ground and the temperature is to plummet to -18C tonight.
It's a good night to curl up with a movie and maybe choose a Christmas mug for some hot chocolate, too.

Stay warm.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Touches of Christmas

It's a cold and windy day today. Yesterday the snow fell all day leaving it damp and miserable to be out-doors.
And it's dark now by 5:30pm.
Even though the calendar says different it feels like winter is here.

My mind is busy with ideas of how to keep our resident critters fed and comfortable over the cold months ahead.
Many will hibernate and some will be in cozy dens.
The birds need a lot of help, though.
Chickadees can lose 1/3 of their weight just from shivering overnight.
Many don't make it to spring. :(
But...if they are lucky enough to reside at Fox Grove, well, they will be ok.
I'll see to it.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my cluttered country cottage china cupboard.

And Wilson has been busy checking over the stockings that may need some mending 
and a bit of bling added this year.
He's particularly interested in finding one with his name on it.
He just needs to learn how to spell.

Annie has the perfect spot for bird-watching and scaring off the cheeky squirrels that climb the side of the house.

I've had lots of luck hand-feeding our chickadees but the blue-jays are much more shy.
I'll work on this years' brood that now reside here.

If I look to be rushing with Christmas it is because I get quite busy with cat-sitting closer to the big day and need to be done the decorating and shopping so I can enjoy the festivities.

I hope everyone is well and beginning to look forward to the Season of Christmas.

Sunday is Remembrance Day and we will take time to thank the veterans and shed a tear for all the fallen soldiers.
I pray for Peace in this world.
We must learn to love one another.

be kind,

Sunday, October 28, 2018

First snow-fall

Winter has arrived at Fox Grove.
Well, not really but it sure looks like it.
The snow fell all night and is still falling as I post this.

This chickadee is one from this spring and she looks a bit bewildered right now.
She was soon fed and on her way but only after a fight broke out at the feeder.
They are all pretty anxious to find their food source for the cold months ahead.
They have nothing to worry about...I will keep them fed.

This might be Wilson's second fall/winter.
We really don't know how old he is...perhaps a year, year and a half.
He was found starving at a feed mill last spring.
Watching the birds in the maple.
He's showing off his long tail.

Before the snow fell I was starting to train this years'  birds to eat from my hand.
This will take some time but they will begin to trust.
It's a pretty cool feeling to have their feet on your hand.

These two :)
Annie can get pretty fed up with Wilson at times.
I think she would like to squish him completely but little does she know he actually loves any attention he can get.
He's a real love-bug.

It looks like we are at the end of beautiful Autumn.
All my mums are dying and soon there will not be a flower anywhere.

The old outhouse on our property has been here for 100 years. It has been moved three times and not used for probably 40 years now.
I keep it clean and decorated as it has become quite a conversation piece for visitors.
I have placed an insulated box inside the old outhouse for a needy critter when the cold weather arrives. We had insulation left over from the construction so it is packed in well.
Last year something went in to find warmth and pulled all the paper down to make a nest. Poor thing.
I was determined that would not happen again this year. If it comes back it will think it was at the Ritz.
A warm and cozy box will get it through the hard times.

photo taken in September
I hope everyone is enjoying the end of beautiful autumn.
Have a peaceful Sunday everyone.

be kind,


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fall at Fox Grove

It sure looks like Fall here.
And no matter how many scare-crows we have
(aren't they scary. :-)

We still have lots of crows. 

We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.
Any excuse for a party, the fairies think.
I baked a favorite apple cake for the dinner
and we celebrated with our family at my son and daughter-in-laws beautiful country home.

l to r...daughter Allie, son John, retired-guy, all the grandittles, son-in-law Mike, daughter Jess and the hostess with the mostest daughter-in-law Brittany.

and Nana bribed the little ones with goody bags so I could get them to sit still for the camera.
It works every-time.
lol grand-son Bradley likes to goof around.
l to r-Gwynn, Riley, Gus, Tenley and Brad.

And we can't leave Cooper out.
He is always ready to pose for the camera.
2 smug characters.

It was our 'second-helping' weekend
and today we are pretty lazy. 

I hope all my Canadian friends had a Happy Thanksgiving.

be kind, Deb

Monday, September 10, 2018

Welcoming September

Youngest daughter lol

Mark Twain fan

Three birthdays celebrated on Sunday; 64 6 & 5.
It's always fun to have all five grands out with their parents and favorite aunt.
And the weather was fabulous.
Good enough for tractor rides, kicking the ball about and a fairy village invasion.
Tenley in the wood-lot

And where was Wilson while all these shenanigans were going on...
Way up high in the loft minding his p's and q's.

It's very fall-like around Fox Grove these days.


And it will soon be time to fatten up our resident birds with cooler weather on it's way.
Chickadees are still a favorite here. :)

It's back to work here on the house and landscaping and
rain is on it's way.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Be kind,

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

As summer winds down.

Our tree toad is back again
and he's as happy as a clam in his birdhouse.

And look at this show-off.

Autumn must be near because even with one good hand I had to bake pumpkin muffins.

And it was worth it.

We spent a night watching our grands last wknd.
They live on a beautiful piece of property about an hour from us.

Gramps, Tenley and Cooper having a (very early) morning walk-about. 

That first mug of coffee, a beautiful morning with grandittle and a silly lovable cat.

Kitty-client Sunny
Sweetest cat ever.
My busy month for cat-sitting is winding down and 
I am so grateful for all the help from the retired-guy
who has never been so busy in his life.
As if he needed more to do. :-b

I received great news after my x-ray this break.
The cast is off and I am just not to use my hand too much and only lift light things such as a beverage. ;)
OK, then.

September should be back to normal now.
And the fall clean-up begins at Fox Grove.

be kind,