Thursday, November 16, 2017

Christmas is coming. :)

I've been playing in the cupboard again. The cluttered country cottage china cupboard is never dressed too much for the Christmas season but the little french country cupboard is. I always put my wee lambs out first as they are my favorite decoration and they say 'Peace' to me.

The weather is changing quickly today and we are to have snow this weekend. We are so happy to have the construction closed in with the colder days coming and tradesmen lining up now to work inside. I've been waiting for this. :)

Annie and Audrey are doing well.  
Audrey is still quite fragile and on medication to stop seizures but all in all she is good. This photo was taken this week. She seems happy and content and eats like there's no tomorrow and purrs up a storm. She's just as sassy as ever. They have her on gabapentin for a little while and another check-up coming soon. I'm so thankful for these two lovely cats and feel very blessed to have them in my life. They truly are our family.

And Simon is doing well and enjoying days with his new found love. I'm hoping to see them stay together over the winter and maybe present us with teeny tiny chips come spring. :) :)
They are stocking up their pantry now and always one of the first to the feasts left out for them and the birds.
We've been busy cleaning up the property and bringing all the summer decor inside. Boy that's a lot of work. I have to remember next summer not to go too crazy with garden accessories. *phew*
And all the while we work we enjoy the smell of wood burning in our out-door stove. 
That takes me right back to cold winter days in my grandmother's clap-board farmhouse kitchen as we sat around the fire drinking tea and eating home-made hermits.
So much laughter and fun with cousins.
Wonderful memories of days gone by.

Are you enjoying the start to Christmas blog posts?
I love this time of year so besides blogging I have created an instagram site to post photos and enjoy all of your Christmas cheer.
Hope to see you there.
hugs, Deb

Friday, November 10, 2017

As our late fall weather sets in.

Today it snowed and the temperature has plummeted. It was -15C overnight.
I have made some home-made suet for our resident birds and am keeping the feeders filled.
Three cakes of suet disappear in a day. I worry mostly about our little chickadees that need to find food daily as they lose much of their body weight just shivering throughout these cold nights.

Simon and his lady friend are still together and I hope they hibernate under the old pump in his den this winter. They are so sweet together. Now they are both waiting for me each morning at the front of the den and anxious to see what I brought them.

Our squirrels are hungry and looking to bulk up, too. 
Look at how curious little red is. :)

We are closed in now as far as the building goes. Our windows arrived on time. I had them coloured butter yellow so it took a bit longer to get the order done.

We still wait on the steel for the roof and the stairs are being built and there is much more to do. Next week I expect the plumbing will go in. It's nice to have our basement floor in and now the pellet stove can be installed for warmth as the men work. It is slow going with every type of tradesman busy on more than one site at a time. This house-building stuff requires much patience. And mine is wearing thin.

I have added a bit of Christmas cheer to the old retired out-house.
You can see I have help doing everything outside these crisp fall mornings. Our neighbour cat Dave is only inches away most days.

Next week we are to have sun, sun & more sun. That's if you can believe our weatherman.

Enjoy your weekend and please remember our little feathered friends on these cold days. 
Every little bit helps.

hugs, Deb