Thursday, October 6, 2016

Maples & a table for two..or ten.

Through the mouse-house corner kitchen window...
(three faces that make me smile)

I introduce to you...

one of our magnificent maple trees.
I am anxiously waiting for it to astound us with it's colourful show. I expect that will happen in another week. Stay tuned as it will be amazing.. 
It is just under this tree that Simon calls *home*.

I am convinced after feeding birds for three years now that bird feeders are unnecessary if you have a clean, flat, sturdy surface for the birds to land on.
I have brought in, from the back of our lot, the bird feeders and left a little bistro table for them to use over the next couple of months. The birds love the easy-to-land-on surface and there's plenty of room for everyone. And it's so easy to wipe off each morning.
It will do 'til the snow flies then I will have a covered platform feeder for them.

"Where do I start?"

This little chickadee sat right by my foot as I photographed the birds coming to the table. It seemed to be very comfortable in my presence.
Are they not the sweetest birds ever.

Oh, ya.
With a side-dish of tuna, s'il vous plait.

Thank goodness you're an in-door cat, Audrey.


  1. Beautiful photos! I can hardly wait for the trees to start glowing with autumn color.
    Audrey is a character ♥

  2. That is a big Maple tree! Can't wait to see it in full color. I like the idea of the table feeder. It's perfect, and pretty!

  3. That tree is going to be gorgeous! Great idea to use the table. Cute little patrons :) Audrey! xx Karen

  4. Looks like Audrey is getting a little less camera shy??
    Nebraska ><>

  5. Lovely photos . Glad all the birds and critters are enjoying their meal at the table . I to am looking forward to all our trees in full colour . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day and a Happy Thanksgiving weekend !

  6. Thanks for the idea of using a table flat top for placing my bird feeder - it will keep the bird feeder easier to reach during the coming "S" months (I hesitate to use the s word too soon).

  7. That's a great idea, Deb. And I think you are the bird whisperer! I can't imagine getting our sweet, flighty chickadees to be so close (outdoors) without bolting.

    Your tree is going to be fantastic! Seems like color is late this year but I'm beginning to see small signs here and there!

  8. Oh, we are speaking French now, huh Audrey? Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

  9. The birds and other outside critters have it made around your house!

  10. Hi Deb! Aw! Chickadees are so friendly! Audrey is funny!
    A pretty junco reminded me to fill the feeders the other day!

  11. How I miss seeing the glorious color of fall Deb! THank you for showing us a bit of yours..kisses Audrey!