Saturday, November 5, 2016

A new (to me) tea-cup

Well, now that November is here, I guess I will have to step-up my tea-drinking.  Oh, what a shame.

I have a new antique cup and saucer to show my dishaholic friends out there.

"Just a minute...I'll find it."

"Honestly woman, I don't know how you find anything in this mess."
"It's embarrassing."
"hmmm...could I eat that rabbit?"

"Enough, Audrey."

Recently found in an antique shop.
Royal Bonn
Hops Germany
(it looks well-used and well-loved)
I love the saucer and expect it was one of those that was drank from after a tea spill.
It is time to take a break from cleaning up the out-doors (I took down my greenhouse today; my sweet little get-away) and try out my new cup.

This sits in my cupboard.
Always a reminder to spay or neuter your cat.
Oh, if only everyone would.

I hope you had time to partake in tea and a biscuit today. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Lovely new addition to your tea cups very pretty . Audrey you are a nosey parker aren't you and a funny one at that lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  2. Blue and white!!!! Wonderful!

  3. Hi Deb, I love your new teacups. Audrey is a scream! I agree: everyone should spay their cats. Have a great day. Jo

  4. Deb, my favorite teacups are the low shallow ones... definitely not in fashion today... but they are my 'go to' ones whenever I drink tea. I think Audrey is looking for any surprises she might find among your cups.

  5. Pretty teacup. I saw a blue and white cat pitcher at a store the other day and thought of you!!

  6. I have a favorite blue and white cup and saucer, it belonged to my MIL and I think of her and smile each time I drink from it.
    Tea and chocolate digestive biscuits already this morning :)
    Audrey, you are such a character, and I love you !

  7. That second shot of Audrey's perfect- she seems so curious.

  8. I do look forward every day to Audrey making me laugh. I love the new cup and saucer. My grandpa, on my daddy's, died when I was very young. One of the few things I remember about him was that he poured his coffee into the saucer and drank it. That must have looked very strange to me since I was probably about five when he died. I kept that image in my mind.

  9. I love, love blue and white china and you brought back memories of my dear Dad, who used to tip out the second half of his tea into the saucer so it would cool quickly and he could go out working again. I don't know of anyone else who did that....

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  10. Audrey is just gorgeous Deb. As is your new teacup & saucer. I could see a few things in your cupboard that I would love to (steal) borrow.

  11. What a beautiful cup! I love the deep saucer! I read somewhere that when the tea was first poured and too hot to drink, some would pour a little from their cup into their saucer and sip from there because it would cool faster! Very fun!

  12. A very beautiful cup. Very unusual. I'm glad Audrey didn't do any crash and burns in that cupboard!

  13. It really cannot be said enough: spay and neuter!