Friday, April 17, 2020

Spring cleanup

No wonder I love these birds.
They are friendly and trusting
and keep me company while I clean up the property.

I've been raking near our house.

But these leaves will stay in the woodlot
and be a soft carpet all summer.

We have a few feeders to renovate.
And this chippy lives under our old pump that at one time was the only source
of water for my grandmother when she lived here.

This must be top real-estate for these critters because this is where Simon lived for four years.
Some of you might remember him.
I loved that little guy. I kept him fed and protected him
from hawks when I could.
He went into his den one cold winter day to hibernate
and we never saw him again. Perhaps he passed away in his sleep.
That's what I'm going to believe. 
Perhaps this little one is an off-spring because Simon was quite the ladies man.

It will be awhile before we start to plant here but the veggie garden will be prepared next week.
We are adding two more rows.
It will be bigger and hopefully better than last year.
The planting starts late May.

Look at this face.
They love the loft.
Bird-watching from the windows and snooping on the neighbours.
Starlings are building nests just outside the window.
There is no having to look for these two anymore.
I always know...

Well, the sun is still out and I should make use of it.
I hope you are all keeping well and staying healthy.

be kind,


  1. It's wonderful to hear from you Deb. You have always had a way with all the birds and other critters as well. It takes a special heart and soul to have the touch with them that you have, and they all see it and love it in you. I remember Simon well. What a fun little fellow he was! I bet that chippie is a son or even a grandson of Simon. I imagine Simon's ancesters will live on there on your land just as you and your family carry on as ancestors of your grandparents. It's like it's meant to be.

    It looks like Cora and Wilson are having fun on bird patrol. My two cats, Sophie and Zeus, are doing the same thing as well as watching the squirrels.

    May you and your family stay healthy and safe! xxx

  2. We live that the birds are so tame and miss poppy would lose her mind if we had chipmunks here.

    Would you ever build an outside porch or space for Cora and Wilson go be in? We are lucky here to have no predators outside so miss poppy can be an indoor/ outdoor cat.

    Julie and poppyq

    1. Yes, it's in the plans. I am planning an outdoor enclosure for them once the outside of the house is finished this summer.

  3. Remember Simon...? Goodness!
    Never forget Simon..Bless him..!x
    I have quite a few photos of Simon,
    tucked away in my Personal folder..
    And..still look through them from
    time to time..l hope he got together
    with Simone..his long time lady friend,
    that would be nice..! :).
    And..l agree Deb..he passed away in his

    And the Putty~Tats are loving that window..
    I bet their heads are going round and round
    watching the starlings..
    And..we had our first drop of rain yesterday
    for a week..suns out again to~day..and
    hopefully the rest of next week..! ;).

  4. Life is looking lovely in your world and I'm so glad you are well. Your sweet chickadee and Simon's successor make me smile -- your wildlife isn't quite so wild! Love the cats, the views, and whole "waking up" of it all!

  5. Glad to see NO snow at last dear Deb! Chickadees feeding from your hand - love that so much, have never been able to get them to come. This is the first spring in a long time we've not had them come to nest in the little birdhouse on the front porch - we miss them!

    Are you under lock down Deb? M
    Stay well and be strong during these difficult times.
    Mary x

    P.S.Your new chippie is so adorable - love that it could be Simon's offspring!
    Hope it warms up soon there and I know you will be very busy with all those outdoor chores!

  6. I enjoyed this uplifting post of your critters.

  7. Hey Deb. I've wondered if your sweet little chickadees were still visiting and sitting on your hand. That is amazing! That leaf raking looks like our yard. This is the first time EVER that I didn't get all the fall leaves raked. Guess my age is beginning to show, or guess I'm beginning to feel my age. You know, that probably is an off-spring of Simon. That's so sweet. Would love to hug those two sweet kitties. Cora looks so soft and furry.

  8. Always happy to see your post, Deb. Love the pictures... can't believe those little birds will sit on your hand! And love the pics of the cats too. Stay well my friend!

  9. Hmm, perhaps you might train some of those critters to assist you with your abundant yardwork? Stay safe and enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

  10. Wishing your and yours continued good health. Gail