Friday, February 24, 2012

Bigger means cheaper

I guess I should have kept my big mouth shut and not even mentioned Spring. Well, the rabbits are staying.
 We got more snow today than we've had all winter.

It was a good day to get the cat-sitting done early. Making sure the cats in my care are fed, cleaned up after, brushed & given lots of TLCC (tender lovin' cat care)

This never gets old.. I live for it, I love it and I hope to do this 'til I just can't do it no more.
At our home, these 2 know how to hunker down with perfection.
Annie & Cali
This kind of day brings out the Martha Stewart in me. I have to clean and bake.
So, that's what I did and now the house smells like pumpkin bread again.

Yes, we do eat a lot of that. Even the dog loves it. But like me, only in moderation.

Have I got a great cat-tip for you today.
We all want to save money, right? I know I do. 
Dry cat food is cheapest in the largest bags available. Smaller bags are purchased because the owner does not want the food to go stale before the cat can finish it. I also think that we just get used to buying smaller bags and boxes of products and don't even look at the difference in price of the larger bags. Just divide the large bag into smaller portions in tupperware or any type of well-sealed plastic containers and freeze the remaining containers. Your food will not go stale like it would just sitting in the bag and each container is as fresh as a brand new bag for kitty.
My cats love when I open a new bag of kibble. I guess it's like me and my new box of ritz crackers. Oh yum! Crunch..crunch. By freezing their food, each container is like a freshly opened bag. 
You will save money.
Many of my clients do this and I think it's great.
I, as a cat-sitter, know for sure that kitty will not run out of food while on my clock, either.

hugs, Deb


  1. Today was a day for staying by the fire. If rabbits will bring Spring....the more the merrier.
    Jane x

  2. If I was a cat, I'd sure want you to be my cat sitter.

  3. Is this true?

    dry food + water = wet food?

  4. Thanks for the tip. I usually have enough strays to feed to not worry about any leftovers but could look into buying even larger size bags. ~ Maureen

  5. Wet food is added to a cats diet to increase the water intake mostly. Most cats do not drink enough water and it is proven that cats that have moist food added to their diet have less constipation. Also, dry food has fat sprayed on it to make it more tempting to the cat. I personally add warm water even to the wet food for my cats. With that in mind, I doubt that adding water to a dry food would increase the water intake enough. You should still add some wet food and always fresh water left out. Did you know that a cat will drink more water if their water bowl is placed in an area away from it's food bowls. Fact!

  6. Very nice pictures. Yes and that about the cat food is true here in Sweden. Welcom to my small "fredags kul" with you lovely cat blog.


  7. Everything is so cozy at your place. The snow is beautiful. The kittos all look so content!

  8. Love those cat tips, and so does our Boo!

    We are still using the pumpkin tip you mentioned the other month, and it's working great.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. Hi Deb,
    Great snow fall!
    We got more snow this morning, sun is shining now!
    Have a great weekend...
    All the Best,

  10. your house looks like bliss ! don't fancy anymore snow though...and yes I'd love a cup of tea with Mr Jagger please !! Gail x

  11. We got the same mess here Deb,came in 4 shifts between last night and today..kept it messy round the clock! That white kitty with the black markings has the prettiest green eyes!! Muffins look scrumptious as always and your two kitties look very they got the hotbox again :D!! Great idea for the dry...will sure do that especially since she needs a special diet formula. Stay warm and I also protest Old Man Winter's late joke...go away you're too late!!!Hugs,Sue and Rosie

  12. That is a LOT of snow. :) We sure need it out here where it's sooo dry.
    Take care and eat a muffin for me.
    xo bj

  13. Yup....this snow looks familiar. We got it this weekend in Sakatchewan too. Oh well. Being the end of February you know it can't stay too long. Hope all the kitties are staying snuggly warm!
    xo Catherine