Friday, September 16, 2016

Autumn light

As Autumn moves in, we enjoy the changes all around us at the mouse-house;
especially the different light throughout the day.
This is the most beautiful time of year.

Yes, we are still eating tomatoes.

Audrey was delighted to hear of all the birthday wishes from everyone.
Thank you so much for your fun comments. :)

"You beans rock"

"That's the best you get, folks."

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh, Deb, it makes a perfect "end of the day" for me to find a nice bunch of photos here on your blog and I love making them full-screen size to be able to see the details in each one.....especially that last one here of dear A.A. Tell her she rocks too! And you're right, Fall is the most beautiful. Nebraska ><>

  2. Lovely photos . I am enjoying the cool fresh air and the changes of the land . Audrey your funny ! Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  3. Everything looks lovely with the
    sun~light..! Much the same over here,
    Autumn is on it's way! Though still
    warm. And, the leaves on my Virgina
    Creeper are just stating to turn red,
    round the edges! Shame! Oh! And, lots
    of 'Garden Spiders' waiting to be fed!

    And Audrey!x Hope you had a lovely
    Burfday! You look lovely! Bless!x
    Oh! Hope it's o.k. l've put the link
    of your Burfday post into my pussy~cat l want to view it from time
    to time! Thankyou!x

  4. Sending Audrey some belated birthday wishes. Thanks for the photo walk through your gardens. I like the morning light at this time of year, it rolls in so gently.

  5. I love this time of year. The light changes and becomes quite magical. Lucky you to still have tomatoes. Around here, the fresh tomatoes are all gone. I just can't bring myself to buy a tomato at the grocery. Ugh! Happy Fall.
    Hugs and purrs.....

  6. Love the spoon holder bird perch! I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer and see the days shorten but I do like the light we have. I'd hoped to spend the day outside but it's raining too hard. Well, plenty to do here! Love seeing your space.

  7. The spoon feeder is quite a surprise.

    Summer does seem to be fading away.

  8. The birthday girl doesn't seem to be glaring at the camera so much, maybe she's finally getting used to it!

  9. Autumn is my favorite time of year. The light seems different somehow.
    Lovely photos of your yard =)
    I think Audrey enjoyed her b-day!

  10. Beautiful pics, Deb... especially the first and last! And we received the book and goodies yesterday. Thanks so much! I'm already reading and it has confirmed some suspicions... like how the outside cats take care of each other's young. We've watched them do this and were amazed. BTW, the catnip toys were a big hit! Julie went beserk!!

    1. Yah! Julie. You're very welcome. :)

  11. We're still very warm and humid but I have seen just a few red leaves here and there!

    Audrey..full of attitude as usual...haha...

  12. I'm not sure which is the favorite....spring, or autumn? They are both wonderful! I thought of you yesterday when I finally put my flat feeder out again, despite the bears. I had birds and chippies within minutes! I haven't put out the others, but even just the one feeder makes me feel so much better - I just adore seeing all my sweet little critters!