Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blue & white...and blueberries

It's a gorgeous day today, and after working outside for the morning, it was time for tea.

Which means a snack because, let's face it, they just go together so well.

Sometimes nothing will do but my blue and white china.
It makes me feel *fancy*
after digging in the dirt all day.

"Audrey, can I interest you in joining me for a snack?"
"I hate eating alone."
"I'm picking out a bird for lunch so
you're on your own, big baby."
" eat weird stuff."

"So, NO!"

I know who will join me.

Annie is always up for a snack.
But just a few drops as she is still watching her weight.
It doesn't help that when she is in this position she looks like a fresh loaf of rising bread.

"Lip-smacking delicious."

"Thanks for your adorable company, Annie."

The peaches are from Niagara and they are the best peaches ever.
We have gone through more than I will mention.
Which reminds me...
"Have you had your blueberries today?"
They are the most healthy berry we can eat and are delicious this time of year. Here's a bit on the little blue health booster.

Enjoy your day,


  1. I am just making the blueberry-banana muffins you posted awhile back. I will enjoy one shortly with a cup of tea. Love the photos of the kitties!

  2. Fresh fruit and muffins, with tea... Sigh.

  3. Your blue and white China is stunning, and the perfect morning snack server. Audrey's expressions never cease to amaze me, and sweet Annie is a perfect companion with her manners. Love this post.

  4. Your blue and white dishes are so beautiful, and the way you have it all styled is SO pretty. And the kitties are so pretty too......even the audacious one! Don't know how you are able to capture her expressions to fit every occasion.
    Nebraska ><>

  5. Blue isn't a color I wear [other than blue jeans!] nor do I decorate with blue--but blue and white china is refreshingly classic.
    Blueberry season is long past in Kentucky, but they come out of the freezer at least once a week for blueberry muffins.
    What a dear Audrey face! We have several cats with the loaf of bread shape--I don't see them eating any more than the others, but they must when I'm not looking.

  6. Your blue and white dishes are just beautiful! You sure make having a snack special and sweet Annie looks like the perfect company.

  7. Well, two things -- first, what fabulous transferware. And second, what a brilliant idea to use the tea saucer as a kitty treat plate. Especially for a wet or meaty treat! Thanks!

  8. It's nice to make tea drinking an occasion.

  9. Good Afternoon Deb, I love, love blue and white china and yours is beautiful.
    I love the fact that Audrey will not join you but Annie will enjoy a drink of milk.... maybe she will tomorrow.
    Best Wishes

  10. Such a pretty tea service; love Audrey's look when asked to join you. I totally agree that our Niagara peaches are the best & yes please to more grilled peaches with frozen vanilla yogurt sprinkled with nummy num blueberries ...

  11. I collect Flow Blue and love your collection. Why do all grey cats have attitudes...gotta love them, XOXO

  12. Catching up here lol ! Lovely photos , Looks pretty and YUMMY ! Audrey you crack me up ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !