Monday, January 2, 2017

As winter moves along.

The thought of a whole new year unfolding in front of us is quite exciting, isn't it. I have so much to plan and a business that I hope will begin to grow in the next few months. I did have some cat-sitting over Christmas which I enjoyed immensely. Three kitties, Leroy, Neo and Serena; all fabulous felines. I hope to share photos of them soon.

We have had extreme weather lately; cold with a copious amount of snow. I think I have already had enough of the white stuff and am longing for spring. Oh, beautiful spring. But we have months and months of it ahead here in Ontario, Canada. I must buck up and face it head on as we Canadians do. At least I can enjoy the surroundings here at the little mouse-house.
                                          Annie grooming.

An apple for the woodpeckers and blue-jays.
These apple holders are found at most bird supply shops and of course on-line, too.
We go through an apple a day here.

The birds and wild-life around our property are a big concern during these cold months but they are coping well. The squirrels and rabbits look healthy and the hundreds of birds are a daily delight to see at the feeders.

Just a few photos for you from our wintry wonderland. The birds are really enjoying the peanut butter suet and the black sunflower seeds.


'Bottoms up'

I'd like to send you over to visit The Marmalade Gypsy. If you have not followed along with her over Christmas you may want to read back a bit on her posts. Jeanie loves Christmas and entertained her followers with her glittery decor and festivities. She is a very busy lady as you will soon find out. Jeanie's blog is one I recommend highly as a fun and joyful place to spend a bit of time. And you'll meet Lizzie who happens to be a favorite of our audacious one. :)

"She looks like a pistol like me."
Here you go...
Well, it's a new year and I'm bound and determined to get healthier so time for a smoothie.

hugs, Deb


  1. Considering how dry a summer we had, we could use all the snow we can get over the winter!

  2. Gee, those birds look mighty happy!
    Do you have issues with squirrels?
    I have lots and they compete with the birds :/
    Glad that your Christmas was fun and we wish you a Happy 2017!
    Nancy and the kitties

    1. I do have squirrels, Nancy, but I just put extra out for them all. They really like peanuts in the shell and will often run off with one. That gives the birds more time at the feeder without them competing.

  3. It helps if you think of the earth as needing the winter to sleep so it can come to bloom in the spring. haha. I can't get any of my birds to eat an apple! Don't know what's wrong with them! Seems like it would be a welcome change.

    1. Try cutting it up in tiny pieces and add it to the seed.

  4. We have had snow here, too, after a week of steady wind. Tomorrow I get to see if there has been too much snow for bicycling to work.

    I hope this year is a kind and happy one for you and your family.

  5. I miss the snow! Also I miss the spring! Here only the crows are eating the whole apple!

  6. What an encouraging post. You have such a good outlook on things. Andee gave me a tiny little bird feeder and a bag of specialty bird seed. I meant to put it on my blog this morning but forgot. Appreciate the link. I'm going there now. :) Henny

  7. Thank you so much for the shout-out, Deb! What a delightful surprise!

    I love seeing the doings here and really good idea about the mesh bag for your suet -- you can do more that way, can't you? That's on my "to do" list; just have to get the lard. I hadn't thought about the apples. That little holder is cute, but I might have to be content with stabbing it to the wire on the fence. We'll see how long that lasts with Bushy the Squirrel!

    Tell Audrey she is right -- Lizzie IS a pistol! Thanks again!

  8. I am looking forward to meeting your new charges & I do hope that your cat sitting business grows as they will quickly learn what an angel they have in you visiting. Following your previous leads, I have started to put out suet cakes for the birds (they thank you). Our bunny is eating my burning bush, so that needs to stop - any suggestions? Happy New Year to you & yours & a question for Audrey: resolutions?

  9. The days are getting a few minutes, but it's a start!

  10. Lovely post and photos . WOW ! you have lots of snow up that way . We are green down here with the odd patch of snow and even less as it was up to 4C and raining all day today but they say temps are to drop and snow flurries are on the way for us so who knows lol ! Our birdies and critters are feasting like mad here to but I dont put apples and such out as we will attract to many raccoon's and other critters that we just dont want hanging about the yard as they can get quite territorial over the food and cause problems in the long run as much as I would love to feed them all . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. We rarely get snow, but they are saying we might get a bit this week. We shall see. I love your photos. We lost a sweet neighborhood kitty here this week. To mast cell disease, and he had to be put down. We are sad about it. I will try to post a picture of the ever-friendly Pouncy-Pounce this week. Happy New Year!

  12. YOU are the sweetest bird feeder!
    I need one of those apple things!