Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Two well-loved Maggies.

A photo of Tasha Tudor showed up on a favorite blog of mine today and it instantly brought a memory back to a time when I could see my grandmother in her garden choosing the best of everything for that night's dinner; her tabby cat, Maggie, always by her side.
It would be a sight that was to remain etched in my mind forever.

Tasha Tudor
My grandmother resembled Tasha as her long grey hair was always tied up in a knot and she would garden in a dress and her apron that  hung in the old summer shed right outside the kitchen door.
She, too, had a kind face.

Tasha Tudor
This is my favorite photo.
Tasha Tudor
Many of Tasha Tudor's fabulous illustrations included her trusty little tabby cat.
all images from internet

Tasha Tudor

I loved my gran's little Maggie.
Back in those days, country cats did not get spayed very often so dear little Mag had a litter of kittens every summer.
As kids, we were more than thrilled to find a pile of sweet little kitten faces peaking out of a basket that my gran would have prepared for them in the attic.
It just added to the excitement of staying at the farm for two weeks once school was out.
City-slicker kids in the country.
The kittens always found good homes; my gran made sure of that.

I don't remember now how long little Maggie lived but I expect she had a nice long life.
Most of it was spent on my grandmother's lap, lost in her apron.
My gran cried when she died.

Many, many years after those lazy, hazy days of summer I brought home a wee ball of fluff from a rescue; an eight week old silver tabby persian.
Her face would melt you.
I named her Maggie.

She was my special girl for eighteen years.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Images above from internet

Here's what I found while shoveling at the back of our property today.
That's my foot next to it.
Yogi on on right

Not quite like the googled image but what else can it be?


It traveled up and over our snow-covered stone wall.

I expect this is a bear from the images I found on-line.
I never thought we'd have them so close.
Wait 'til I tell Audrey.

"Two of those fat doves on a biscuit for dinner 
and your bear worries, lady, will be no more."


hugs, Deb

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Family time

It's been a busy time at the mouse-house.
Thursday was the first day in months that I was serenaded by the resident birds while I shoveled snow. They sang their hearts out; spring is not far off.
 Having our grand-dog visiting meant shoveling out a few paths for him to run around and I chose that to be my exercise this week. Mornings have been calm, warmer than normal for this time of year and sunny;  the chore of shoveling made much easier by the bird-song and the sun on my face.
I filled feeders, suet cages with fresh home-made suet and gave Red a treat of peanuts and a few grapes.

The chickadees were first to indulge. Would you just look at those teeny tiny feet. :) The crows cleaned up some old sugar-free cereal I had. Everything seemed content with the offerings.

 I often wonder as I fill the feeders if I will see Simon again. He would be four years old now; old for a chipmunk. I have watched his den opening over the winter but have never seen him pop out on the warmer days. I wonder why? I hope he's survived another cold, Ontario winter and gets to enjoy a daily breakfast of seeds, nuts and fruit again this spring. 

All the shoveling made me hungry. 

Time for coffee in a tea-cup and a muffin.

Fun at the mouse-house
Family Day was celebrated early as my son's family came out today to play in the snow. Since we've not had one snowman built all winter, Riley, Brad & Tenley (and daddy, too) created Frosty. 

                              great day for making snowballs

Tenley's contribution

Bradley looked very proud of his creation.
It's pretty awesome and I can see it from our back window. 

Forrest was a complete goof-ball today; helping as best he could with the masterpiece. A fun 'last day' of his stay with us.
He is heading home as I type this.

                                     "So long, Dork Dog"

Wishing you all a Happy Family Day.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More hair at the mouse-house.

It's a little busier around the mouse-house today because of this guy.

He takes up a good portion of the mouse-house at 100 lbs. or so. He is part Bernese Mountain Dog, Black Lab & Pit-bull. 

                                  Bernese Mountain dog
                                       (from Swiss Alps)
He loves his kong with pb for a treat. This goes down to the garage.

"Geez...that was good."
This is Forrest, our grand-dog.

He'll be with us for a week.

She's the hostess with the mostess. ;-)

We had another snow storm all morning so I made a batch of home-made suet for my deserving birds because, well, you know I feel sorry for them in this weather. 
Once the storm stopped I cleaned off the closest feeder to the garage and watched the action for a bit.
Then the temps went up and it was a gorgeous day. Forrest loves the snow and couldn't wait to get a path blown out for him.
I expect to be playing in the snow a lot more this week. :)

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.
hugs, Deb

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mr. Ed & Lily

Valentine's Day will never pass by without me thinking of two of the most loved and loving cats that I had the privilege to share my life with. 

Mr. Ed and his beloved Lily.
                 I captured this photograph of their embrace that symbolized a heart. 

They met when Ed was almost twenty and Lily was thirteen.
Lily, who was seven when I adopted her, was my cuddle-bug for years. She would love to curl up on my lap anytime, day or night. She followed me around like a puppy.
That is, until the summer of 2009 when a nineteen year old, blue-eyed, seal-point Siamese entered her life.
I adopted Mr. Ed from the Lanark Animal Shelter. He was nineteen, toothless, emaciated and depressed. He was brought into the shelter with numerous other cats from one home where their needs were not being met. He was in a sad state. When I saw him and read his bio I didn't expect he would be adopted. He was too old and worn out. No one would want him at that advanced age. He looked like he didn't have much time on this planet and would more than likely cost a fortune to improve his health. 
So...I brought him home. lol

Once we got Ed's health where it should be (and it did not break the bank and I thank my wonderful vet, Dr. McEwan for helping him) which took about two months, he blossomed into one of the most handsome felines I had ever seen. He was magnificent. Lily thought so, too.

It was love at first sight for Lily and they spent every hour of the day and night attached at the hip, so to speak.
They were together for almost six years. We knew we did not have a long time with him and enjoyed every minute we could loving up this fella. And at the ripe old age of twenty-five, we sadly said farewell to our beloved Ed. It broke our hearts.  I worried so much about Lily. It was a very sad time.
Our Annie soon took Lily under her wing as cats are very aware when someone is depressed. She stayed by her, slept with her and stretched out in front of the wood-stove with her in the evenings.
It was wonderful to watch Lily come back to us from Annie comforting her and have her once again be the contented cat we knew and loved.

Valentine's Day will always bring back those memories of Ed and Lily and our now beautiful Annie and how they were there for each other in their time of need.

Mr. Ed and Lily are resting side by side now on our property. 
Together again as it should be.
                                           =^..^= =^..^= 

A big "Happy Valentine's Day" to everyone from all at the mouse-house.

Deb, Gary, Annie, the audacious Audrey & free-loading Forrest. xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow, snow and more *@#%(())* snow.

We had lots of help removing snow over the weekend
but there is plenty more now after a blizzard yesterday.

                                          6p.m. last night.
                                          My poor little birds. 

Annie (who looks like a loaf of bread from this angle) enjoys watching the squirrels wake up in our maple trees and head over to the feeders.
There are quite a few acrobatic moves on the way.

By the way, I may have a little less time on the computer the next week or so as Forrest, our grand dog, is coming to stay while his people travel. He'll keep us busy and the cats in a tiff but I'm sure the week will pass quickly. He loves the retired-guy so much. We'll take him for many walks and rides in the van. He may even get to have a Tim Horton's doughnut on one of his excursions.

I have grown white tulips in a pot and they are up and adding some spring to the mouse-house. My violets are blooming, too. What would we do without early flowers. :)

Oh boy, those birds are fun to watch.
Audrey does not envy the local barn cats these days with low temperatures and one blizzard after another.
It's just fine to be an in-door pampered pussy-cat.

And a cat-nip filled mousie helps, too.

Spring looks far off right now.
If you are in the snow-belt
"Happy shoveling."

hugs, Deb

Thursday, February 9, 2017

February days.

Valentine cards are so cute, aren't they?
I just finished making one for each of my grandittles to add to their Valentine treats. I have five dittles now and will arrange to see them all before the 'love' day.

Audrey just reminded me it's tax time.

"It's tax time, woman."
"You oughta get at that. After I've had my freeze-dried chicken treats. "

"You did buy some. I saw you hide them in the drawer."
Nothing gets past you, love.

Something took the whole side off one of my feeders over-night. So now it looks like this. 
The squirrels and raccoons are so destructive.
There was a huge raccoon hanging around last night.

That's the thanks I get for being generous with the food.
The chickadees don't care but I'll need to get that repaired so the food stays dry. 

It snowed all day on Tuesday so the retired guy got 'ol Nellie out to clear a few paths today. She works pretty good for being a thousand years old. 

That's the old out-house in the back-ground.

So you can see we still have plenty of the white stuff.
And there is more coming by the sounds of it.

6 weeks 'til Spring.

hugs, Deb