Sunday, April 25, 2010

It always helps to take a walk....

It's a beautiful day here in Carleton Place, 40 minutes west of Ottawa, Ontario. On my walk, I stopped at the park to people watch and ponder on what to do with my situation with Maggie. Dr. Ann has told me to continue on with the remedy and expect a lot of clearing of her head. She is sneezing, a little congested and her eyes and nose are runny. It isn't easy to watch but I will follow the advise and give it a few days. Thank you everyone for your nice and helpful comments yesterday about Maggie. I have listened to your advise and have discussed it all with Ann. Thank you, thank you.

I had two tulips growing where I had not planted them. I think the squirrels did some re-arranging at the front of our house. Anyway, they are now on my dining-room table. The flowers...not the squirrels.

hugs, Deb


  1. Beautiful day. Beautiful tulips. Love how you can walk to stores! Sweet store kitty and now you have brought a smile to my face. Still sending Maggie healing prayers.

  2. I hope Maggie will be improving as each new day comes along. We send our prayers and purrs for her good health. She has such a sweet kitty face. And the tiny kitties from your previous post, how adorable they are!

  3. Such a cute "store cat"..I love it when I go in a store and a cat lives there..makes me want to buy just because of that! Love the flowers, funny about Mr' Squirrel too.
    So what did you do about Maggie? I have two outside/garage kittys that were strays, one was hurt real bad..I have kept them in there with warm beds all winter getting them well. Now they are outside loving the haystack and the property but come back to their beds too. They both sneeze and seem to have congested heads...but as it has warmed up they seem to get better but not totally. Thanks :D

  4. Freya is a beautiful store kitty...I know it is hard to watch someone you love in bad health; I sure hope Maggie improves soon...Your flowers are lovely=the red tulips jazz up the daisies!

  5. I am purring for Maggie and hope she improves.Love the bright flowers.. I missid the post yesterday and wow what gorgeous kitties.. Mum was all oohs and ahhs.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. Maggie was healthy until she turned 16 years. Then she started showing signs of upper-respiratory disease. She was put on antibiotics given by injection every 2 months for almost 2 years. The meds would work great and then close to 2 months the symptoms would come back. After 2 years the antibiotics stopped working altogether. It was suggested by family members that perhaps it was time to let Maggie go as she did not seem to have a good quality of life. Ann (vet) came up with a remedy that worked very well. a few drops twice daily and her discharge became clear and her sneezing stopped. That was a few months back. Unfortunately, it also stopped working. Now she is on another remedy and we will see if it helps. I have added Spirulina to her food to boost her immune system.I can't recommend any remedy (Julie) because I do not understand too well how they work but in your cat's case I would get them on antibiotics. It may only take a bit of time and they will be ok. They are young and their immune systems are stronger than an old cat.