Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let's walk more

I have added a plea for Ming and Ling to find a forever loving home. They will stay on my sidebar until the right home has been found. I don't usually post homeless cats because I know it upsets people but these two should find a home quickly....fingers crossed.

It's all about Good Health this year for me and that includes family & pets. So,  because I spend a large part of the day with my dog I am able to feed him at lunch time and hope to improve his over-all health,  too. Neither of us are spring chickens anymore so it takes more work to stay healthy. I have cooked for Kane for 10 years and he has only been to the Vet for shots and we have had some issues with his anal glands. The best thing for that is higher fibre such as yams or pumpkin added to his meals. Other than that, he is doing well.

So today, after caring for Bud & Chase and Smudge, I made him a lunch of salmon and baked potato with 1/4 yam & his vitamin. I had a tomato, lettuce, spinach sandwich on 2 slices of whole wheat bread and a sliced apple for dessert. I also take vitamins, a multi, vitamin D, spiralina & florasil. We have added 20 more minutes to our afternoon walk so I am really hoping to see results from that. If not...I don't know!

Today the sun is shining and calling us out so I have layers of clothes on and my camera in hand and we are heading out. After our walk I will head to the country to care for Anu & Smudge. Yes, I have two Smudgies this week and they are both adorable. One is a little head-bonker.

Smudge loves a head massage
"I'm gonna get you, Smudgie"

Stay Healthy!
Hugs, Deb


  1. Your white kitty is gorgeous!!!


  2. We have a pond at the edge of town and my goal is to walk to it and around it every other day (about a 2-mile trek)...need to get my blood pressure down a bit. Here's to a healthy 2011!

  3. Agree! Here is to a healthy 2011~ I am working on my diet and exercise!

  4. That *bonk* picture is hilarious! Jess and I got a good laugh out of that one :)