Friday, August 24, 2012

Dish Dusting Duo

Is there a feline version of a dishaholic?

If so, Annie is it.
While Audrey hunted down a poor, unsuspecting moth this morning, Annie headed to the dining-room when she heard the'clink' of dishes. She knows this is a serious job and,although she has quite a gerth on her, she tip-toes through the tea-cups with precise agility.

It's a time-consuming job dusting the inside of cabinets and all the china so this takes up a few mornings after cat-sitting chores are completed. It's very tiring...Annie's exhausted at completion.

Seeing Audrey already ragged me out, look what I found on a thrift-shop shelf yesterday.
I thought this little cup and saucer was so delicate looking. "Home you come".

It is stamped Portland Pottery Cobridge..Staffordshire. Made in England. Bone China ...$1.00

2 little orphaned cups..

The lady said, "Are you sure you want them; they have no saucers?"

Pfft...I have the perfect saucers.
How could you possibly leave orphans behind.
Especially when they were born in England.
.50 each

The flowered cream and sugar sweet and so comin' home with me. $1.00
They are Fine Bone China and made in England.

"God...I love England."

Cute, cute, cutey, cute.

Little pieces of art.
I found myself back there again today only minutes before closing time. I couldn't  get my mind off a cake stand that was calling my name as I was lined up at the cash yesterday. Thank goodness I bought it 'cause today I made a cake. 
Ok that's it. I've lost my dusting partner since the sun showed up under the dining-room table so I'll close the cupboards and that's that.

"Sweet Dreams, Annie"

hugs, Deb

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  1. Seeing Annie reminded me of my helper:0) Such lovely finds and I agree when it comes to china made in England--just beautiful, cherished pieces. I'm dying to know what kind of cake you made. XOXO

  2. Always good to have a furry helper or two. Cassie is curled up next to me on the sofa. Mina would be sitting on the Macbook if there was room. She demands her time -- NO computer allowed! I have the itch to hit my favorite thrift shop. Itchy fingers! Love your new selections ... especially the two lonely cups! oxox

  3. It doesn't get any better than bone china from England. So jealous that you can get those beautiful pieces for almost nothing. Glad they found a home with you where they will be loved and enjoyed. Becky

  4. I was made in England...I hope you like me too!
    Jane xx

  5. Envy?......I gots it!
    English china, who doesn't love English China! Goodness and at those prices! Each piece more lovely than the last.
    Kiss lovely Annie for us.

  6. Charlie likes to watch when I play with my dishes! No helping from that big galoot! Love your new teacups, but the cream and sugar bowl oh my....gorgeous! hugs, Linda

  7. I love that Annie. SUch a gentle soul. You are so lucky to have each other!

  8. oh wow!!! love the photos!!! and your tea cups are so pretty!!!

  9. What a cute post and a sweet furry helper! LOVE your china finds! What great bargains! I am going to feature this post on this weeks TTF party. The link will be up Thursday at 4:00 (EST). Thank you for sharing this with us at TTF last week. Have a wonderful day!