Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tidying up and remembering a special lady

I was away from the mouse-house overnight and returned to find quite a mess at the old well. Something decided to pull down the sunflowers and have a little feast. The tall stems were lying on the ground and half of them had lost their heads. oh dear! There were sunflower pedals covering the well box and shells in amongst the well flowers.
I tied them up to a stake and, although they look like they had just returned from an all-nighter, they will survive a little longer so the seeds will be ready to harvest and some added to the feeders. I expect the culprits are the turkey family as they were around again in the early hours of the morning. I'm getting used to them now and I'm happy to provide seed but man, are they messy.

The grey bunny was spotted again today along with a tiny brown one.
I'd like to earn their trust soon.

It is very hot today with high humidity so any out-door work, such as cutting grass, was done in the early morning. I love to cut grass and get my walk in at the same time.

 This is the only time you'll catch me in a hat.

There was some painting to do and clean-up was required around the flowers. I seem to be dead-heading every plant now and nothing is looking it's best anymore. Well, except for this beautiful glad that opened up and a few new morning-glory blossoms.

I was a big fan of Julia Child and enjoyed watching her show when I was home raising my children. I adored her, really, and her "Oh, what the hell' attitude was refreshing from most cooking shows. I have a few of her books (packed away for now) and had tried some of her simpler dishes.
She was a fantastic cook and a cat-lover which was made note of when she wrote her book about her life with her beloved cats. She was the real-deal and had a sharp sense of humour.

So I just want to wish this lovely lady a "Happy Birthday" who would be turning 103 this weekend. I hope she is basking in the adoration of her much-loved felines that enriched her life. She was an American icon and is surely missed by many.

hugs, Deb


  1. We hope your sunflowers survive.
    Julia Child was a very entertaining lady.
    Happy Birthday to her at the Bridge with her kitties :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. I've never seen that book...I must find that!

    I was going to guess raccoons are the sunflower culprits! Those pesky turkeys! Oh dear...

  3. I loved her too - the cooking shows were like crazy theatre - and yes, she certainly had a wonderful 'what the hell' attitude when things went wrong with a meal.

    Sorry about your sunflowers - can you save any seeds or were they all eaten? Who would have thought turkeys - perhaps they will be a tasty on a platter later! How could I say such a thing - being a vegetarian and all that, sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  4. I do miss Julia Childs......she taught us so much didn't she? Oh those turkeys...we had them visit us in Maine and I will say, as Southerners...this was unique and simply fun to us....have a great week Deb!

  5. So distressing when our flowers are beset by bugs or blight. Our former little farm was a stomping ground for wild turkeys, but never knew them to attack the rows of sunflowers. I spotted a first group of turkeys here about a week ago, trooping through the weeds to cross the brook.

  6. Truly enjoyed the movie "Julie and Julia"; thought Meryl Streep was fantastic as Julia!

  7. I recall seeing the movie "Julie & Julia", and thinking that Julia Child was a very interesting woman, someone I would have liked to have known.

  8. I want to read that book now =)
    Stay cool.
    Those turkeys are meddlesome beasties !

  9. Cheeky turkey's . I loved the movie Julie and Julia so much I have it lol ! Oh I would be using my lawn tractor Betsy for that lol ! Hope the turkey's or who ever leave your sunflowers alone . Thanks for sharing , stay cool it is nasty humid out there . Have a good evening !

  10. Wasn't she marvellous? I love her and, goodness, what an interesting life she led.
    Raccoons will wreak havoc too. It might have been a multi species fest!

  11. Oh no, sorry for sunflowers! I hope they will have good amount of seeds to harvest. I don't really know Julia Child. If I remember correctly, a movie was made about her? I certainly didn't know she was cat-lover...well now I'm very interested in her :-)

  12. Oh my goodness, you can't turn your back for a minute, can you? And the plants never look the same when you stand the up again. That is a beautiful Gladiolus that opened. I enjoyed watching Julia Child too but didn't know she loved cats.

  13. Julia Child was a fabulous role model. Love this post. I didn't know she loved kitties too!

  14. Hi Deb. Those varmits are giving you trouble aren't they. We have just started having late night visits from a little skunk. He comes and eats the cat food but so far no more trouble! If you know what I mean. You do have a lot of grass to mow and it is good exercise. Flowers are beautiful and it is so wonderful to see pics of green grass. Ours is mostly dead around here and we can't water enough to keep it alive..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  15. An overdue comment, I'm so glad you decided to continue your blog after the move. I would miss you, and Audrey, Annie, Sierra and the rest of your family.
    It's so wonderful that you want to feed the wild critters around your area but as others have pointed out some of them can be very destructive; not the least would be the turkeys. The raccoons will steal from the garden but the turkeys will just plunder wherever they go and, as you saw, leave a huge mess. While it's intriguing to see the wild turkeys, I'm not sure you'd want to encourage them by putting out food for them.
    All the best!