Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More out-side work and a touch of peace.

Good Mornin'.
The sun is shining and it will be hot today. It feels like we have jumped to July weather. You won't hear me complaining, though, after the winter we just surfaced from.

We had plenty of rain yesterday which helped our grass to start growing finally.
You can see it popping through.
Sierra looks miffed because I am taking my sweet time getting her morning treat of milk. I have coffee and she joins me with a tiny bit of her favorite beverage.
She's a real social-bunny like that, you know.
Or is that an opportunist? Hmmmm

If I had to describe Sierra in one word it would be PERFECT. Or is that PURR-FECT. :)
                                                                   Sorry! :-b

The retired-guy bought himself an old grater for our even older tractor.
This will help smooth out the mounds of dirt here for now and make it easier to walk around. It's hard on old Kane to get around with all the bumps and holes.
There's another pile of stuff to burn soon.

I found a little white dove to add to the kitty grave-site. I plan to surround the old log with more white flowers as soon as I get to a nursery.

Anyone who sees this says "I think you made a mistake on Ed's dates." But, no. He was in his 26th year when he left us.
                                Ed & Sierra 2011
He was such a grand, old guy. We still miss him so much. 

I'm still planting here and think this little white dove adds a feeling of peace.
Enjoy your day, everyone.
hugs, Deb


  1. That is so sweet Deb. Mr. Ed was 26? You are a lucky pet owner for sure.

  2. I still miss Mr Ed and Lily! He gives me hope that my Charlie will live well until his 20's! Love the birds in the window!

  3. I love the painted rocks! I plan a memorial service for Sammy soon; it's a year since he left us, and I wanted to sprinkle his ashes under the hostas he liked to sleep under, and the corner of the garden where I first met him. I think a rock with his name will fit in quite nicely too! Sammy was a friendly feral who got very sick in the end. I took him to the vet for a teeth cleaning, because he was drooling so much. The vet said he was in very bad shape, and as an outdoor-only kitty, there was little in the way of care I could give him to make his life more comfortable. Sammy had a wonderful meow that sounded just like 'arf', and I miss him.

  4. I can't believe Ed was 26! That is amazing! Love must have kept his heart youthful! :)

  5. Same thing happened here with the weather. We went from complaining about the snow to complaining about the heat!

  6. The white dove is a very good touch for their place.

  7. Yes, the dove does add to the peace. So glad you could bring it home for there.

    Hope all is going well at the mouse house.