Friday, May 1, 2015

The busyness of Spring.

Since moving to the mouse-house, I have made sure that there is no shortage of beds and baskets for the three resident (spoiled) cats. One is in the dining-room window (prime real-estate, apparently) and two are in the window over by the stairs. Obviously, one only is wanted by all three cats so I expect they see more birds from the dining-room window.
They seem to take turns in it as it is never empty.
There are a few spats but they have been working it out, of late.
Audrey wins enough times, not to worry.
I tried putting 2 baskets but it was a tight squeeze (like everything is here) and they ended up wanting the same one anyway. Cats...what can I say.
Sierra's favorite spot in her whole wide world is on the cat-tree in the garage.
As long as she's hanging around the retired-guy she's happy and believe me the garage is where you'll find him.
She gave me a 'cat-in-window' shot today. (remember those? :)

See that little nick in her ear. She had that when she arrived at our home at 6 months of age.

The Forsythia is all ablaze this week.
I just love it along the fence to the left of the feeders.

I planted more Pansies and Bidens and filled a pot with Rosemary.
Some of the feeders have been put away but I did leave up two to give them sun-flower seeds 
and some berries.
I added a stone bird bath to keep them watered on the hot days ahead.

My little Red came by to say "Howdy" to his friend , Red, at Woke Up Got Out of Bed

"Hi Red. How's it shakin'?"

and indulge, of course.
He's having the time of his life here hanging on with two toes.

Hope you are enjoying these beauty days, too.

hugs, Deb


  1. These are just darling photos Deb! Love that you call it "the mouse house!"

  2. Many..Many moons ago, when l had three cats,
    and three baskets...I put their names on the baskets!
    So, they knew who's was who...Did it work? HaHa! Of
    course not....Cats can't read....So! So! They say.....! :).

    And Sierra looks lovely in the window....With that nick in
    her ear...Surprised you did'nt call her Nicola! Bless!

    Good news over here in the UK...Red squirrels are on the
    increase...I am trying to keep the grey ones down in numbers.
    How? How? By eating them of course....!
    Down along the coast from me is and island...Isle Of Wight.
    There flourishing nicely there it seems...!

  3. Spring looks an exciting time round your place. We would love squirrels, but none live in NZ, and I was amused by them when I lived in London years ago. Love Miss Sierra in the window. What a sweet girl she is.

  4. Love the window pic of Sierra! I see Charlie in my front window many times when I arrive home. I do think he waits for me to return. Glad to see Spring in your area!

  5. Love the window photo of Sierra!

  6. What a wonderful photo of Sierra! I've missed those "Cat in the Window" pix. I wish I could share your view of squirrels, but they are nothing but rodent pests to me...

  7. I LOVE the picture of Sierra in the window...Just love it! The kitties remind me of hens. No matter how many nest boxes we put in the hen house, the hens crowd up in one box and fight and peck each other. The kitties are sweeter.

  8. I just noticed my forsythia blooming yesterday. So nice to see!!! Have a great weekend, Deb.

  9. Of course I always love the cats!! But that forsythia against that bright blue sky with white clouds? Just stunning!

  10. Amazing photo of Sierra, Deb. It's lovely. More amazing tho' is that she stayed there long enough for you to get your camera. You know they usually move.

  11. Was Sierra already spayed when you got her? Around here the vets put a nick like that in the ears of feral cats who've been TNR'ed.

    1. No, she was found by the animal control stuck up a tree with no identification at 6 months of age. We adopted her and had her spayed at a year.

  12. I got the cutest little wicker cat bed at the auctions today....I'll show a picture soon. The little mattress is in the washer right now...

    I have a few cat ears with nicks, too...little fights and scuffles along the way...

  13. Glad to hear they have settled in nicely. I am sure they love their new space.