Monday, February 18, 2013

Thinking Spring

I think the only way to carry on with this cold winter is to think Spring. I do a lot of thinking while I change things up in the cabinet.

I heard this morning we will have an early Spring. "Don't tease me now."

The cats are getting very anxious to watch and listen for the Spring birds to arrive.

                                               Audrey & Annie 
Audrey may have got a-hold of this guy.

I have always loved winter until around Jan. 1st. Then I'm bored with it and long for Spring.

I love the green grass, new plants, the smell of warm, fresh air and seeing cats on porches again.

Won't be long now.
I'll just place little hints here and there to help speed it up.
I think this guy lost his ear to that duck.

This is Family Day in Canada. We saw most of our family yesterday. Today it is a quiet day (after cat-sitting) at home. There is left-over carrot cake to enjoy with some tea and I think it is time to groom the cats. Our cats are so used to being combed that they look forward to the attention. Except for old Ed. He is too bony now and prefers the touch of your hand to a brush or comb.

So, Happy Family Day. Enjoy each other.
I hope that includes your cats and dogs, too.

To add just a little more beauty to your day...The Crawley Sisters

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hugs, Deb


  1. Happy Family Day to you to ! It is quiet here at Country Cove as Papa , myself and our fur babies are all taking a lazy day today . Lovely spring little ornaments you have there ! It is sunny but cold and windy here today ! I am so done with winter now Come on spring !

  2. What a cute teapot! Love all the spring touches. I hope you do get an early spring. Happy Family Day!

  3. You look lovely on your new photo Deb. Hope spring will arrive in your part of the US soon!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  4. Love the little cat teapot, how purrfectly sweet.
    We don't have Family Day here in the US, it's President's Day though.
    A good idea to bring out a few touches of Spring. Think I will do that.

  5. Oh! I think your little kitten teapot is adorable! It looks like it was patterned after the beautiful Indy!!! All her color and the prettiness, too. So Sweet! And such nice touches of spring!
    I always love seeing Annie and Audrey laying close together. You have said they aren’t very good at being playmates but at least they don’t dislike each other. That is so nice. Maybe as they both age they will become closer. It would appear there is a chance for that. I love harmony – can you tell?! lol!
    Have a great family day with your ones that are there in your home sharing your life. Blessings.
    Lily, WA, USA

  6. That is a cute teapot and I like your other teawares. Spring comes early here in GA, some trees are already flowering. I do know how you feel though, since I grew up with those Canadian winters. Thanks for dropping by at Tea and Talk.

  7. Oh, I dooooooo hope we have an early spring.This winter feels as though it will never end.
    Chris' company doesn't recognise Family Day,so it's business as usual for many families.
    Jane x

  8. We don't like Winter! We're looking forward to Spring. Happy Family Day!

  9. So many cute things! I love Audrey and Annie together on their window seat!

  10. Perhaps if we think enough spring thoughts it will come faster??? Maybe??
    xo Catherine

  11. Audrey and Annie look ever expectant of spring!

    Carrot cake? One of my favourites!