Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Apron strings

A family member posted this photo of my granny taken around 1965 standing at the side of her little clap-board farm house.

This is how I remember her. Always wearing a simple apron and squinting in the sun. She would stroll around the lawn keeping an eye on the grand-kids with her arms behind her back. She would never wear sun-glasses. She was the kindest soul to ever walk this earth yet a pioneer woman through and through.

Speaking of kindness, I was delighted to find a parcel at my door this week. Susan from sent me a beautiful hand-made apron and I am just thrilled. Look how sweet this is.

I think every breed of cat is shown on the fabric and the colours are gorgeous.
It has beautiful, long apron strings and a little pocket, too, which will come in very handy. Annie says I can keep her treats in there. ;-)

Thank you so much Susan. What a thoughtful gift and so kind of you to think of me. If it wasn't +30C today I would bake something delicious but I'm afraid it is going to be another barbecue night for us.

Susan is a wonderful baker and posts many scrumptious recipes on her blog. Go take a peek...

This will always be my favorite apron. :)
hugs, Deb


  1. That might be the best apron in the world :)

  2. That's a marvelous apron! Your grandmother reminds me in different ways of both of mine.

  3. Did you know those are Andy Warhol cats? In his early years he was a graphic designer and illustrator, and he LOVED drawing cats. I love his drawings!

  4. Susan's aprons are a delight!
    Jane x

  5. What a sweet gift! I love the kitties!

  6. Lovely cat fabric--I have a small collection of prints featuring felines and do have an apron I made from one--but not as cute as yours.
    Your grandmother is appealing--a sense of someone wonderfully wise and kind, but also spirited.

  7. Your granny was a beauty!

    The apron is adorable and perfect for you!

  8. Your grandmother - it is nice old foto. You have surely beautiful memory. Apron is very nice - I like cats too. I have wrap across bed - many cats!!
    Sunny summer for you!
    Jarka from Czech republik

  9. What a lovely photo of your grandma ! love your new apron ...have a happy July !
    Gail x

  10. Sweet apron! I remember my Nana used to lapse into Italian when she was emotional; I can still hear her in my heart when she would fire off a tirade about something or other...never understood the words, but got the meaning! She handmade ravioli that was out of this world!

  11. Love the apron! Susan is such a sweet and thoughtful friend. She sent me a "Paris" themed apron last year and I adore it! Too hot to bake here also. Love the photo of your granny!

  12. Your granny looks like mine, on my mum's side. I'll bet she was a wonderful lady.

  13. It would be my favorite apron too, Deb♥️
    Way to go Susan......what a lovely thing to do...
    Love your Granny...never knew are very lucky..
    Linda :o)
    ps.....very cute pic of you....

  14. Gorgeous apron Deb. You have lovely friends. J

  15. I'm late in finding your post, but I'm so thrilled you like the apron. The fabric just had your name on it! You are an inspiration and a loving soul to felines, which I appreciate. Happy Baking, XOXO