Saturday, February 22, 2014

A little on Annie & Sleepy Time Herb Tea

Annie was stretched out in a sun-puddle in the office when I returned from our walk today.
She followed them around the house all afternoon and never missed a chance to warm up her peachy coat.

She had not been feeling quite right yesterday and was off her food. I kept a close eye on her all day. She is feeling more like herself today.  Annie has a history with 'gut issues'. When I first fostered her for our local shelter she had just given birth to three kittens and had terrible intestinal issues. I had her to the vet once a week and they played around with different food first to see if she was allergic to what she was eating. We couldn't seem to find out what the problem was. Was it food related or did she have a parasite that was not detected in her first blood test? Another test was done on her ($400.00) and it was finally diagnosed that she had Clostridium perfringens enterOtoxinA.

Annie had been neglected in her previous home; gave birth to kittens when she was too young and was probably fed low-grade dry food (garbage). There were 26 other cats in the home and 4 dogs who were all undernourished and now abandoned. Our local shelter was called in and the animals removed from the empty house. They were all taken to our local shelter and sent out to foster homes to be given extra care. Annie came with me toting three 2 day old babies.

Once the proper diagnosis had been made, she was put on the right medication and things improved. Her kittens had to be put on antibiotics once they were old enough. It was not a fun time. Since then I am always watching her closely and monitoring her litter-box habits. She is eating Wellness or Eagle Pack soft food and just a bit of dry. I think she will always have a sensitive gut from her unhealthy past.
I'm glad I found her and can care for this loving, beautiful cat. She is well worth it all and is now my knitting buddy..

I love this wool as it is soft and easy to knit with. It's called Bernat Giggles Cheery Cream. It is 90% Acrylic and 10% Nylon.
I'm working on a scarf for myself to get used to knitting the basket weave stitch. I won't tell you how many times I had to start over but lets just say I went through a lot of tea.

This is my go-to tea to help calm down and have a good night's sleep. I have a cup each night with a teaspoon of Natalie's amazing honey.. It's heavenly. Drop over to Natalie's and meet her, Gordon and their menagerie.

This tea has it's own pretty tin box.

Here is a fun site to follow along if you are a tea-lover.

The weather has calmed down and the sun is shining. We had lots of rain yesterday that melted some of the snow but there is lots left...too much. It will be a good day to get out with the dog for another long walk before the temperature drops again.

Enjoy your day.


  1. Precious Annie. Love Sleepy Time. The basket weave is a great stitch.


  2. I use the basket weave pattern for my hanging kitchen towels. I love the look of it.

    Neither of my cats will eat canned food. Once in a while if I buy the moist packets, Miss Cleo will lick all the gravy off the chunks, then Mister will come along and eat a few of the chunks. Samson, the dog, usually eats the rest. They do the same thing with canned tuna. Cleo licks up the fish-flavored water (not packed in oil) and Mister eats every morsel of tuna. I've read before where you've said it's better for them to have both. Is there a way that you know to get them to eat both? Miss Cleo is 12 years and Mister is 10 years old. Mister does have issues with his skin. He gets a depo shot every 6-10 wks. I took him off the shots for a few months (the shots caused diabetes which eventually went away); he had diarrhea the whole time so I guess the shots actually correct two problems (skin and bowel). Miss Cleo is healthy. I just want to make sure I do everything possible for my babies so I'll have them for a long, long time. Thank you for your blog and sharing your knowledge of cats. I've learned much from you.

  3. So glad you are still enjoying our honey!! I need to plan a trip out your way soon, to see you and also to get some bee supplies. Apparently the store has or is in the processing of moving down the road a bit (closer to CP).

    I remember the issues you had with Annie when she arrived. Hope she is feeling better soon.

  4. My heart always gives this little twist when I read of Annie's past....thank goodness I can counteract it with thoughts of her current, loving home.

  5. Sweet Annie! So glad you took her in and saved this sweet girl.

  6. The damage that garbage food does to little ones' bodies!
    Glad sweet Annie is feeling better.
    Jane x

  7. So good that Annie has you as a mummy. One of the reasons I couldn't let the kittens go was that I was afraid they might end up in the wrong homes, even the nicest people sometimes don't realise what cats need. We have a beautiful tortoise shell cat across the street who is left out in all weathers, my heart aches for her.

  8. Annie has quite a story to tell, poor puss. She really is a gorgeous girl.

    I can appreciate your fondness for Sleepy Time Tea, but mine is in a box rather than the very nice tin! Good Luck with your basket weave knitting, Deb.


  9. Hope Annie feels better . It is so sad the way some animals are treated it breaks my heart ! Lovely photos . I will pop over to have nose around the tea site . We love tea here to ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  10. Lucky Annie to have found such a perfect home with someone who cares so much.
    My Birman girl had her 19th birthday last week and is in good health She eats a combination of Renal dry food and the gravy licked from Whiskas sachets. I adopted Charlotte 6yrs ago when her owner could no longer care for her.

  11. That tin box looks cute!

    It sounds like a sensitive stomach indeed, but given her background, that's to be expected. She is such a beautiful kitty.

  12. Hope Annie keeps feeling better! She is gorgeous. Have you tried adding enzymes to her food? Wonder if her guts could use a bit of a boost. As for the commenter who says her cats don't like canned food, my two didn't either but Chucky had urine crystals so we switched from all dry to canned. At first, the cats rejected the canned food but I sprinkled some parmesan cheese on, and they ate with gusto! Over time, we decreased the cheese and they've been eating canned food for years now. I think the cheese has a smell and texture that simulates kibble...seems to me that the cats didn't recognize stuff from a can as food since they'd only known kibble.

  13. Poor kitty. My two dogs have to eat a very expensive prescription diet, but they are worth it. I cut corners other places so I can make sure they have it. They get pancreatitis and Charlie almost died once. Bless you for all you do.

  14. I'm glad Annie found you! I also have a rescue with "gut issues." Cats seem to be prone to that. I have promised myself that as a treat when I retire, I will learn to knit! I love to go to yarn shops and "finger" all the fibers. I can't wait!

  15. Your poor little peachy cat...I'm so happy she has you!

  16. I hope little Peach is feeling better. She deserves a life of health and comfort. Cats, so much more than dogs, suffer in later year from poor nutrition in kittenhood. It seems one can never quite go back and heal
    those times of nutritional deprivation
    I always think of this when I see
    very young children in the
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  17. Your observation of Annie sounds like mine of my Tucker. First he had urinary issues (still does, from time to time) and just recently severe constipation. His insides are never working at a hundred per cent, so I watch him, and keep an eye on his behaviour. A happy cat, I can always tell when something isn't right. I hope I always will.