Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lots of red today

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
Even with all the feline help while knitting, I did manage to finish up the little pillow and blanket for Riley's doll bed on time.
Of course it had to be red along with a red ball for Bradley.
The first blanket I knit ended up lining one of the cat beds as it was not the right wool to choose for a dolly bed and it had one error in it.  I figured the cats wouldn't notice. =^..^= Sierra loves it.
She has a thing for red.

We are once again working our way out of a snow-storm here in Ontario. Driving the back roads was no picnic today but I hear that the snow is past us now so we should have a better weekend ahead.

I passed this gorgeous Audrey look-a-like yesterday while walking our dog, Kane.

It is rare to see cats in windows in the winter as the sun is not warm enough to draw them but today was different. The sun is getting warmer and the days a little longer. Yah!

The retired-guy took this photo of birds across the street from us.

I think I heard one of them mention that Spring is 32 days away.  

hugs, Deb


  1. Stay warm. Tell the truth now ... you really did have Sierra in mind when you knitted the first doll blanket! ;) Gwynn is too cute. Happy Happy!

  2. Look at the pigeons! I love that pic!
    Jane x

  3. Lovely! Had to chuckle when seeing those birds up on
    the ariels.....HeHe! Look! A pussy~cat Barby-Q.....!

  4. That photo of Gwyn is adorable! I know Riley loved her doll blanket and Sierra looks pretty happy on hers also. Waiting for my oldest daughter to arrive. I always love having both my girls around for a few days! Hugs and stay warm.

  5. Gwyn is growing so fast. Love the pics! With all the cold weather world-wide, I think lots of us are using the time to knit or crochet. I made a bunch of knitted headbands for grand daughter as well as some crochet bracelets during this cold spell.

  6. Gwyn is so adorable!

    Sierra must know she looks good in (or on) red. My cays' beds are also lined with my knitting "rejects" and they don't care how many mistakes there are, as long as their beds are softer and warmer.

    Pennsylvania is also getting lots of snow, like most of the US lately. I tell myself that the snow cover is good for the plants & their root systems. We'll certainly appreciate Spring whenever it shows up.

    Marty in PA

  7. Gwyn is changing?
    Looking more grown-up! And,,,,,cute♥️
    I am sure Riley will love the doll blanket....
    Just as much as Sierra loves hers....
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

  8. Gwyn's a sweetie!

    The birds are all having an extensive conference call.

    And Not Audrey seems to be wondering why that dog is passing her house.

  9. Gwyn is just precious.
    I love all your pictures.

  10. Spring will be here soon, not to worry.

    Love love love the bird pics! Good job, retired guy!