Sunday, November 15, 2015

And 'feed' they did.

We all need to stop and notice the little things in life that bring joy to our hearts.
If we don't, we become consumed by the tragedies and sadness of this unsettled world we live in.

I needed a long walk today. The cold rain has kept me from doing so the last two days. It was the only way to rid my head of the tragedy in Paris;  for awhile.
Our temperatures have really dropped since last week and it is well below freezing overnight.
A long walk requires a coat, wooly scarf, gloves and some gumption.
I haven't seen Simon since Thursday. I leave him food and it is eventually eaten but there has been no sight of the little tyke.  Perhaps he is preparing for hibernation. Something I wish we could all do at times.

Special visitors to the mouse house can lift anyone's spirits.

                 "Let's feed the birds, Nan"
And 'feed' they did. :)
                                        Apples & bread for the squirrels

                                             Seed for the chickadees

                                               "I like their black hats, Nan."

Bird lovers
Brad, Mickey & Riley

and when they were done...
it was time for grilled cheese sandwiches, sliced apples and chocolate milk.
maybe a jelly bean or two.

hugs, Deb


  1. Do you not think that it is still the simplest pleasures that really get to our heart. Feeding the birds and enjoying country pursuits, My youngest grand daughter comes and always feeds the birds with grand dad, helps me to prepare lunch and plays at dollies and shops. Simple pleasures and surrounded by love. Love Andie xxx

  2. Hi Deb...
    Is there a more perfect escape...for a while...from the tragedies of this world...
    Those kiddies would warm anyone's heart...
    So sweet...when they enjoy the simple things in life...
    Bravo to you Nana...
    Enjoy your Sunday...
    Sunny here...and going up to 13*!!
    All my kids coming to celebrate their Dad's b'day♥️
    Should be a great day!!
    Linda :o)

  3. I find that the innocence of my Grands helps me deal with the cruelty of the world sometimes. Enjoyed seeing those cuties all bundled up!

  4. Kids do have that way of getting one's mind off other things that discourage us.

  5. I hope Simon returns. I think all our hearts are heavy right now. This is a lovely way to celebrate life.

  6. You chose some very sweet distractions, I think!

  7. Nothing like getting lost in nature to help ward of all the sadness in the world . Lovely photos , I love grilled cheese lol . I do like Brads red lumber coat I have a few of them I wear myself it is a country thing lol ! Wonderful photos , I turned out to be lovey day here right from the get go of the early morn when the sun rose first thing . Temps are 10C winds are calm and the air is refreshing , birdies are happily feasting at the feeders, Miggs and I went for a long walk and all is good in our neck of the woods ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  8. I think your grands are so blessed to have you share with them your love of squirrels and birds. They will carry that love in their hearts as they grow. Certainly, getting out in nature is a balm to our souls in troubled times.

  9. I loved that post!! Sweet..simple...real life!

  10. You would have to be the sweetest person ever! It shows in every post. I love those little kitty cat feet sticking out of the sweater.

  11. I just told my Mom and cousin I am going to hibernate this winter! So far so good though....It's mid November and still sunny and nice out!

    Cindy Bee

  12. A good day's outing in the autumn. A good day to be inside after being outside!

  13. How very cool is it that you are training the next (next next?) generation to love the outdoors, and the animals! Your legacy will live forever!

  14. Kids, cats, and critters... they are a great distractions. If only life could be this simple...

  15. Nothing better for warming the heart and bringing hope than to spend time with children and nature. Lovely post.