Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pretty Ladies

Where's the best place to sit while you size-up the new cat-sitter?
Serenna knows.

On top of the mountain, of course.
Like any respectable lion would do.

                                       We have an understanding, Serenna and me.
                                       And taking baby steps with her is paying off.

I'm hoping my next visit she will allow me to brush her luxurious coat and listen to her rumbling purr.
Until then, pretty lady.

Back home at the mouse house, my pretty lady helps with the dinner dishes.
I wash them up and she keeps me company.
That's fair. ;-)
Sierra -she whom I can dump all my troubles on, gossip with 'til the cows come home, and never does she blink an eye.
 We'll be installing a kitchen counter before Christmas but for now we use this make-shift one. We have been too busy outside with jobs, that's obvious.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday. Ours is sunny with cooler temperature and feels more like November in Ontario.

hugs, Deb


  1. Pretty kitties indeed . The sun is shining this morning as it has been every day so far and I am loving it , bit chillier this morning as we had a touch of frost . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Serenna looks like quite a sweetie! Sierra knows the importance of supervising her humans!

  3. Beautiful ladies ... including you! I just bet you are enjoying "sitting" with the kitties again.
    Hugs and Purrs......

  4. Sometimes female cats do not look that female, but these two are very pretty.

    Enjoy your Sunday! x

  5. Serenna is a pretty cat. One of my son's cats years ago had a long-haired blonde kitten in the litter. It was one of the first adopted. Of course Sierra is pretty too. One of my cats years ago that was very close to my heart was a grey striped Tabby named Gigi.
    It is a nice Sunday morning here in Texas also... sunny and cool (45 F).

  6. Serenna is a lovely kitty.
    You will win her over soon.
    Sierra is very pretty. It's nice she is a good listener too.
    Kitties make great company.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    and mom Nancy

  7. Lovely girls! And your mouse house is so cozy and warm. I know you must be looking forward to your "real" house being finished, but I do love your little spot there.

  8. I am so happy you are back to some cat sitting! I really love seeing such pretty kitties...of course staring Miss Sierra!

  9. wow...she looks like a diva, doesn't she? What a coat...and the look to go with it! I'm sure you'll make friends in no time!

    Sierra is such a beauty, too...reminds me of my Tiger. I gossip with my cats,too...haha....they're such good secret keepers!

  10. So glad you are doing some cat sitting again. Serenna is just beautiful but I must admit that Sierra is my favorite. Thank you for sharing photos of the new client!

  11. Serenna is lovely, and so is your helpmate Sierra!

  12. Serenna is gorgeous, hopefully she'll let her guard down, and become your friend.
    Sierra makes me smile, she really does look as if she is listening...and thinking .

  13. Serena is so pretty! I'm sure she'll fall madly in love with her cat sitter. She still maybe a bit shy,but she'll love her sitter. And that's a fact!

  14. What a good listener Sierra is. She is just beautiful.

  15. Sierra looks like a model in that photo. What a grand companion!