Monday, November 16, 2015

What made you *smile* today?

He doesn't respect fences and believes that my day
will go a lot better if he is part of it.

He's right. 

He decided to plunk himself down right where the structure for the tractor is going up.
He loves to watch people work.

Once Dave left I headed out for my walk.
A beautiful fall day today; warmer, sunnier & just a slight wind.

Look who was waiting for me when I returned.
Much relief.
With only a bit of his breakfast to finish and Dave out of the way, Simon was ready to do some sun-worshiping.

It's amazing how much food the local birds are needing right now.
Here's a Nuthatch just finished up the suet and moving on to another feeder.

Imagine picking veggies from your garden in Ontario.
"THANK YOU" to our neighbour (Dave's dad) for dropping off a basket of freshly picked carrots and onions. That was very sweet (and neighbourly) and we will enjoy them with dinner. Yum!

Hope you are having a great day with a few *smiles* thrown in.  :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Glad to see Dave and Simon again :)

  2. What a nice neighbor to share his carrots and onions with you. I imagine they would go nicely in a yummy pot of stew. Dave and Simon are cute!
    Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

  3. Such nice and friendly neighbors you have, Deb! Human and feline! I'll bet those carrots are sweet, too. Lately all I can find are bitter ones at the market. Simon is just so cute! xo Karen

  4. Just 6:30 in morning over here, popped down to make
    my first lemon tea of the day. Out on the patio table
    there were 4 brace of pheasants, a nice nice freshly
    laid eggs. Amazing how the chickens, get them into the
    boxes...! :>).
    Then who should come waddling down the path for her
    saucer of milk, but, my good friend Flossy! Bless!x
    So picture the scene...Me with my tea..Flossy with her complete darkness! What better to start the day!

  5. wow those carrots and onions look great! Would make a great stew in the crock pot!!

  6. Fresh, really fresh carrots! Roasted carrots and onions, yum!

  7. There 's something about tabbies... they just make themselves at home. (We have one, and found out that he actually goes to the neighbour's back screen door and asks to be let in!!) (Like having an embarrassing child!) Glad Simon showed up again. Maybe he has been busy preparing for winter. -Jenn

  8. If you ever need an extra cuddle, I'm sure Dave or Simon would be happy to help!!!!
    Hugs and purrs.....

  9. Dave is such a cutie. From his point of view, your property is part of his daily rounds.

  10. Oh gosh...I LOVE freshly picked carrots!! You lucky duck!
    Oh...Dave is very handsome!!
    Enjoy the rest of your day...
    Linda :o)