Tuesday, November 17, 2015

They come...they go.

When I walked to the back of the property today I looked up and saw what I think might be a hawk nest.
I have not seen one since early fall.
They come...they go.
And you may have wondered if Little Red had disappeared but no...he's still here.
He shows up every few days and loads up on some grub.

The downy woodpeckers are back. I have not seen them for awhile but they are here now.
"Welcome back."

Before filling the feeders, I threw some bread crusts under a tree for the crows today but apparently they were found by 'snoopy'.
There's the old boy with his plaid cover-up on this cool, windy day.
He never was one to share.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm sure Kane appreciated them! The woodpeckers really do go for suet.

  2. That is a large nest, sometimes we see squirrel nests in the bare branches and they are large too.
    Happy to see little Red is still hanging around, he's a handsome boy :)
    Love the Downy Woodpeckers such sweet birds.

  3. I love little Red...his has orange mittens on! lol....

    One thing I love about the leaves falling is the revelation of where
    the birds nests were! So fun!

  4. Deb, Red is adorable as is sweet Kane. Don't settle just for crumbs, Kane!! We have skunks, racoons and cats stealing our kitty's food. They come and go too..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  5. They all have their habits. Fill the feeder, they will come.

  6. Whenever I want to throw out bread crusts to our poultry and peahens, I have to make sure my dogs are FAR off. They love bread and will steal every last crumb. I see that you are loving your new life, I am so pleased for you and yours. Bet the cats love country living!

  7. Lovely photos . Our Crows nest in the valley forest but they do like to visit Miggs in the yard every day and sit and squawk at her as she barks at them it is fumy to hear and watch ! the squirrels here have nests in the trees as well that also look like that . .The sun has been shining and the temps have been quite pleasant down here 15C today and it is warm this evening to but the dampness is creeping over the land I can feel it in me bones lol ! I give the birds and critters bread crusts to if I don't use them for home made croutons for my Cesar salads lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good evening !

  8. That little downy woodpecker looks like he has a mouthful of food. You take such good care of everything! I like Kane's red plaid cover-up. He is so sweet.

  9. What a cute squirrel ! We only have red once here, the grey once only live in the UK