Monday, November 2, 2015

It's to bed.

Good to the last drop.
My cheery mugs.

Do you ever think of the things you do every single day?  The simple things.
I drink tea and honey
I do hope it's good for me. lol
My favorite black tea is Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea. (There's a mouthful)
And at night it's always Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea. So, so good with organic honey.

It gets dark so early now. We are all trying to cope.
But the mornings are brighter, earlier and that makes up for it somewhat.
Here's Sierra's favorite beverage. A smidgen of milk after breakfast. She tolerates it well.

I only needed a light sweater and scarf this morning for my walk.
No gloves.
It had already reached +12C by 9 a.m.
This is not what we in Ontario, Canada usually experience in November so it is a real treat and it's hard to stay inside.
I passed by that 'favorite' house again.

Our trees at the mouse house are all so bare now.

Sid was disassembled this morning.
The last of the flower pots were brought inside.
A fire burns more old branches and twigs.
And the winter shelter is being put up for old Nellie, the tractor.
There is lots to do in November
as it's time to put everything to bed.

Sleep well, Audrey. :)

I'm joining for No Place Like Home &
Bernideen's Tea-time, Cottage and Garden Blog Party at

hugs, Deb


  1. Definitely heading toward winter now. I love that old house. A house with attics, where treasures await finding...

  2. Your title made me chuckle. Colder weather slows me down a lot. I have to make myself stay outside, but I am determined! Nice that Nov is still mild for you. Always nice to see your homey posts.

  3. It's still mild for the time of year in The Netherlands as well Deb. I don't mind in the least :-). It's absolutely perfect like this!

    Wishing you a happy week!

    Madelief x

  4. Hi Deb,
    It is 8 degrees here today. I'm afraid I don't take to cool weather very well. I would much rather look at the world from inside my warm cozy house. In the spring and summer however, I am itching to get outside. I love your cats! They must bring you a lot of joy and I can tell they are full of personality. I like my tea simply black, no milk, no honey, no sugar. If I was to use a sweetener I would choose honey though. So glad you joined my new party today and have a wonderful first week of November.

    Autumn blessings,

  5. I love this cosy blog post and such gorgeous trees, too. ♥

  6. I think it's YOU who is cheery, not the mug, haha! You are always smiling Deb, wish we could sit down together with a cup of Harrogate tea some day.

    I actually love the evenings drawing in earlier - reminds me of my childhood Autumn days when it was always dark in England around 4:30 PM and we'd be out swishing through piles of wet leaves in our Wellies and macs on our way home for tea.

    Happy week - it's mild here but poured with rain all day.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. Curled up like that with a paw over the head is a good way to sleep.

  8. My favourite is Yorkshire Gold tea! :) And it sounds like we're in for a nice warm week!

  9. We put our garden to bed this weekend. And yes, it is SO dark SO early! Makes you sleepy, doesn't it?

    I was just reading about the health benefits of honey, so you're doing a good thing for yourself!

  10. So true, Deb....time to hibernate!
    But...not yet...gonna be a beauty week!
    I did some painting today, so tomorrow I am bustin' out!
    Enjoy your evening!
    Linda :o)

  11. I'm also drinking lots of tea to cope with the shorter days. Apparently, we'll be having temperatures in the 20s for the rest of the week. Woo-hoo!

  12. I love all your cat pictures. Your blog is very relaxing. You probably saw the pictures of Chappie, a cat who comes to my garden everyday now. All your photos are lovely.
    So glad you shared! That house is truly lovely!

  13. I drink coffee every day with coconut sugar. I love tea, favorite is apple cinnamon tea, which is really good! Love the photo of your favorite house behind trees. Happy November :-)

  14. Such lovely images ..... and THAT house! I would perish without my tea. Enjoy the season as the winter draws closer. x

  15. I like both of those teas that you mentioned, Deb. I do like your cheery mug and oh my, that house...I'm swooning!
    Happy Tea Day!

  16. I too drink tea with honey every day and I'm sure I have benefitted from this mixture. Even in a restaurant I ask for honey for my tea although it's usually pasteurized.
    The weather this week certainly is a treat but we know what's coming....

  17. Deb, My first time visit. I came over from Sandi's. And I see we share similar interests ... kitty cats, birds, tea. And we both live in Canada. Lovely to 'meet' you. Look forward to future visits.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  18. It is so nice to have bearable weather for autumn walks, and putting everything to bed for winter about sums up this time of the year for any of us who experience very cold winters. Our winters are nowhere near comparable to yours, but we still have to put things " to bed for the winter' here too.

    Cozy post, and that house you walk by is truly to swoon for !

  19. What a fun post! Cats indeed do love their sleep, don't they, and it certainly is "that" time of year when things must slow down in anticipation for winter, lol! We are busy with lots of projects as well in getting ready for the first snowfall. The house on your walk looks quite impressive indeed! Enjoyed my visit here today from Bernideen's and Sandi's party links :)

  20. Love Celestial Seasonings tea with honey too. Especially in a big mug like that, good for keeping hands warm! It's nice to see that kitty managing to cope :) I've often thought that the idea of hibernating for the winter was a pretty good one! xo Deborah