Thursday, November 26, 2015

Simon & a fun blog

It is starting to feel like winter is arriving although we have yet to see snow in our neck of the woods. I did hear that it arrives tomorrow, though.
I walked around the property filling feeders, hanging suet and just breathing in the fresh cold air today.
I'm feeling exhausted from the loss of our dear Kane but I am so thankful he is at peace now.
I remind myself of the good life he had and I feel comforted.
I wish all dogs had loving homes.

I was hoping that Simon had begun his hibernation so I walked over to the pump to see if there was any sign of him.
I called his name from a distance, just once, and

Little wierdo.
Isn't he cute.
He was happy to see me and ready to eat.
Seeds, chopped up apple & some whole wheat bread crusts with organic peanut butter were at his buffet.

"Hi folks."
On with dinner.
Anything he doesn't eat will be appreciated by the crows.

I'm sending you over to meet Suzan & John at
I have so appreciated their humour the last few days.

I love how her birds have decorated their houses ;-)
and thrown John for a loop.

drop over and enjoy her blog.
I have a birdhouse to decorate and a butter tart to eat. :)

Thanks again everyone for your kindness over the last few days. I hope all my American friends had a fabulous Thanksgiving today.

hugs, Deb


  1. He's such a cutie. I expect within a week you won't see him until spring.

  2. Deb, so sorry for your loss! Kane sounds perfectly wonderful. And it would be grand if all could have such a good life.

  3. Simon looks like he enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast! Thanks for the link to the blog...I'll visit there next. Glad you could get out and walk and enjoy fresh air today. I understand your feelings of loss and loneliness - praying for you.

  4. Did my heart good to know that you got out and enjoyed the winter air today, Deb! It will be a long, weepy and sometimes exhausting (as you say) road, this grief thing. But you are cared for and prayed for by so many of us. I know that will help you along the way. Take care of yourself too.--A friend from Nebraska (Had a great Thanksgiving here, ice storm and all.)

  5. I love that he knows your voice and will come out for his feast! I had a good Thanksgiving with my Mom and now I am ready to tackle some Christmas decorating!! I know you miss Kane.

  6. No wonder Simon comes when you call; he knows the spread you have for him!

  7. Yes grief is exhausting & draining. It is just over 2 years now since we lost our big beautiful German Shepherd ... I used to often see him out the corner of my eye for a long time after he had gone. I am thinking you may be the same with dear Kane. By the way .... Simon is veeerry lovely. x x

  8. I think Simon is adorable! I love feeding all the little critters in my yard, too.

    You are right in knowing that your dear Kane had a good life. He was more than blessed to have you and your husband, and I can tell in his pictures that your Kane knew that. My thoughts and prayers to you!

  9. Of course Simon comes out when you call he gets goodies he aint no dummy lol ! It has been strangely warm down here yesterday last night and so far this morning it is 13C right now but we are to get rain then the temps drop and a mix by the end of the day . Cute photos . I will pop over to your link and have a peek . Yes your Kane had a lovely life with you and was very happy and his spirit lives on in all our hearts . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  10. Butter tart???
    On my way....tee hee hee!!

    Linda :o)

  11. Oh Deb, I'm sitting here all teary eyed over reading your last post. You are right that there are so many of us who know what you are going through over your sweet Kane. For the longest time, when I would get to the stop light that turns to go to the vets office, I would cry, remembering the last time I turned there with little Pooh in my arms. It takes time. You are so sweet.

    You amaze me with your way with animals. That little Simon knows you. These pictures of Simon would make anybody smile! Look at them often. Love, Henny

  12. Simon knew his friend would bring him one last meal he could fatten up on before sleeping for the winter.

    And I think about Kane in his old age, and wish everyone, human and animal, had such good care in his last years as he did.

  13. Oh my gosh Deb, I just had a chance to sit and read my favorite blogs and just saw your news about Kane. I am so very sorry for your loss. The loss of any pet touches the heart just as deeply as our human family. My thoughts and hugs are with you and the retired guy.

  14. Do these little fellows fully hibernate or do they "sleep" and just get up to eat? Simon is adorable! It's so sweet you have a friend in your garden.
    I'm so glad Kane had time to enjoy the new house and country life. He now joins those who have gone before, human and animal alike, as a part of his family's land's rich history.

  15. I absolutely love reading your blog....even though it's so sad to read about your sweet Kane. I feel your heartbreak.

    I'm glad Simon is there to bring a smile to your day.

  16. Oh Deb - Kane was just gorgeous............I know exactly what you're going through.
    Thanks so much for the shout out - in the midst of everything - much love to you girlfriend