Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Behave Kane, will ya." (Trouble...oh trouble)

First pic of Kane & I in 200l

Our boy Kane goes for his annual tomorrow. "Please God, don't let him bite the vet."
I will have an extra coffee and play the ALPHA-DOG  when I march him through the front door. The first time he went in they had to give a poke of some kind of relaxing med. I didn't mind it at all, I rather enjoyed it. (ok just kidding but they really did have to calm the little sh*t down with something.) Wish us luck!


  1. Um, did the vet poke Kane or you? LOL!

  2. Good luck at the vet, Kane and Deb!

  3. Hi Mom-cat Trish - the vet poked Kane but I could have used it too.
    He is a 'fear-biter' as labeled at the shelter where we found him sooooooo taking him to the vet is a challenge. Thanks everyone for your comments.

  4. Haha ~ Banjo has to be given relaxing medication too when he goes to the vet. I am afraid he is not a very nice kitty there even thought the vet is wonderful. Oh well.

    Good luck Kane!!!
    xo Catherine

  5. LOL! Good luck! I hope it goes smoothly!