Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tummy Tuesday & Dobbie needs your prayers.

Daddy & Riley
This man is a cat-lover too. 

"I'll take a tummy rub."
"ME, Too."

No sooner does little Belle get scooped from the shelter to be cared for in a foster home, that I discovered little Dobbie (that's too close to Debbie :( which makes me want to help him even more). Dobbie has been at the shelter since last November. He is a neutered male and only 1 year old. Imagine, this guy is growing up in a shelter. That just shouldn't happen. Please keep him in your prayers that he will get a home soon. He has all the lovely little kittens now to compete with and it is getting harder for him to be noticed. Look at those eyes, how could you walk past him, I ask?

Did you know Dr. Oz eats blueberries every day. He must read my blog :)
"Have a terrific Tuesday everyone and take time for some blueberries for your tummy." and now your.....


HUG YOUR CAT EVERYDAY. They really do listen to what you say to them....they just don't care. :)


  1. That's a wonderful "Tummy Tuesday" post! Precious photos of Riley with her dad. :-)

    Give the kitties tummy rubs and scritches from us!

  2. She looks just like her daddy! And I just love tummy rubs too! :D

  3. Sweet photos of John and Riley; a beautiful, loving father/daughter shot!...Our Mommy would love to rub those adorable kitty tummies!...Have a fun day, Deb.

  4. Love those precious photos of Riley and her Daddy! Charlie loves his tummy rubs also. I will keep Doobie in my prayers. He is such a cute kitty boy!!

  5. i hope Dobbie gets a home soon.
    what beautiful pictures they are, and great post :)