Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eye contact & "Happy Canada Day"

Eye contact.

A gorgeous day had me drop everything (I'm cleaning) and get out for a walk. I grabbed a can of catfood and headed over to where the little ferals live. If you are just stopping by my blog I have been checking on 5 feral cats, 2 adults and 3 kittens around 4 months that live in a shed not far from my home. They are being fed daily by a kind lady that lives on the street but no one wants to claim them so she will be trying to befriend them and hopefully trap them one by one to be fixed. After that I am not sure what she will do. This may end up being a TNR (trap, neuter, release) situation. I went with my mere contribution to the situation and I was happy to see this little guy.

"Thanks,  Lady" 

This house was on my walk - Wow! Patriotic :)
I was just thinking how having the Queen at our Canada Day Celebrations in Ottawa today will make it very special for some people. I wonder if I was turning 143 if the Queen would show up at my gig. Bet she would, she's a party animal.

Can't leave you without showing my grand-daughter's picture for Canada Day. 


Did you eat your blueberries today?


  1. Yummy meal for a lucky feral kitty, who has two terrific people bringing him (and the others) food. I hope the other lady can trap them at some point; good luck to her!

    It's great to see a house all decked out with our flag. I know it's a stereotype, but we tend to be modest...apathetic?...and don't do enough flag-waving. Don't want to go overboard, just toot our horns a bit more than we do, especially on Canada Day. :-)

    Riley looks adorable, all decked out in red and white maple leafs. Yay, her first Canada Day!

  2. Riley is so cute...what a darling outfit...and how sweet to be taking care of the kitties and... Happy Birthday Canada!!! :D

  3. What a doll that Riley is!! Good to see the feral looking at you! Happy Canada Day!

  4. It is sweet of all of you to take care of the ferals.
    Riley is really cute in Pride gear. We love the little cap.
    Happy Canada Day and have a safe holiday weekend.