Monday, July 12, 2010

A no-bake Monday


It's too hot to bake today and I have a craving for my blueberry-banana muffins. Probably just as well because apparently I am on a diet. I never thought I would wish for cooler weather in July but I do. (I'm going to regret these thoughts come winter)

My two daughters were at the Bluesfest in Ottawa on Saturday. I know Kevin Costner was playing with his band but I don't know the bands that they were waiting to see. Keith Urban is playing this week.
(eye-candy, or what!) 

They really look like sisters in this picture. I'm not sure who their other friend is but I like him :)

Lots of kitty-sitting this week. Simba is such a sweetie. He is the easy one to photograph of the three. Albert never stops moving and Midnight is shy and will hide sometimes. I always feel good when she lets me pet her and yesterday was one of those days. Some kitties are just like that.

Poor Sierra, she missed the mailman this morning.
I hope you have a better day than her :)

Try these Sierra, they always make me feel better

           (I luff white cats)   Have a nice day and give your kitty a hug.


  1. I love that elephant teapot, how cute. It is steamy here! Just started raining which is good for the plants but makes it so humid..ugh! Poor Sierra should I send you some more tissue paper?

  2. Such a cute elephant teapot!...That is a fun picture of your beautiful girls!...Kisses to all your lovely kitties!...Have a fun week, Deb.

  3. I love that elephant teapot, it's quite unique! Beautiful cats and love that last pic.

    PS - those muffins look yummy

  4. Hi Deb. Randy and I are seeing Keith Urban on Sat. Kevin Costner's band is suppose to open for him. We have some kind of VIP seat things. I hope it doesn't rain. It's been so hot that we ordered a pool today. Should be in by next week.
    The girls look like they were having fun. Brittany, my daughter was there also. A cool Irish band was playing.
    How fun is this city of ours?
    I still have that "little something" for you : )

  5. your girls are beautiful - and boy, do they look alike! You really do like your blueberries don't you! to bad you are so far away, I could set you up. What a sweet little grandbaby you have too!