Friday, July 16, 2010

Sweet Sweet Rae-Rae

(Rae-Rae & my lemon balm plant. Add these leaves to your tea....mmmmm)

Rae-Rae is now 9 months old. Her & Joe belong to my daughter Allie and they are staying with  us for the next few months. I have come to love this little one and when I look in her eyes I see my Maggie when she was a kitten. There is a look of mischief & confusion at the same time and an absolute awe of the world around her. Rae is quiet and plays by herself a lot. You can find her under the couch peaking....always peaking. She stays on the main floor and never bothers to go to the second floor. That area belongs to the old cats, she thinks. A lemon balm plant makes a wonderful distraction from a boring afternoon and a moth can entertain forever. She closes her eyes when you talk to her and her purr is loud and constant. She eats too much because it tastes so good and she can beat the rest of them to the dinner mat.  Sometimes she will lie next to the ol' gals and watch them eat. Maybe grab a tail if she can. She is a beauty and in the sunlight the copper on her fur is mesmorizing. I love this cat and I hope she has a long and love-filled life like Maggie did.
 Maggie was 18 years old when she passed away May 24/2010. She is missed every day.


  1. Precious Rae Rae! So much joy in such a small package.

  2. I love the photo of Rae Rae! She looks so sweet! I am glad she has brought you some comfort with the sad loss of your Maggie!

  3. Lovely photos...Rae Rae is a beautiful and adorable girl, a real sweetheart...Maggie was a gorgeous baby as well and I know how much you miss her; sending love and big hugs, Deb, wishing you comfort with precious Rae Rae.

  4. Are you sure Rae-Rae won't become a permanent part of the household? Your daughter could have visiting rights. :-)

    Have a lovely weekend. I hope it's a bit cooler!