Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cat-like Concentration+ Cat-tip-for-the-day =^..^=Just a reminder

I have returned to my post to ask if there is anyone who would like to send a donation to a very special place in Kemptville, Ontario called Country Cat Rescue as they are in desperate need for cat food at this time. Her website is  I personally know Gwen who runs the rescue and I know that this woman only asks for help when she is desperate and worried. There have been far too many cats dumped on Gwen this summer and her food is limited. She is a wonderful rescue person and deserves help at this time. I know that there are many rescues and they are all struggling. We must stay positive and hope that sanctuaries continue to help those cats that are homeless.Please take a moment to look at her site. Thanks.

Now as far as Just Cats (where all cats have wonderful, loving homes (lucky little furballs) we drop in to see Bud & Chase....
Don't you love the concentration of cats? Bud & Chase spent the whole time I was leaving an up-to-date log of my daily visits watching and waiting for the right moment to pounce on this unsuspecting bug.

It made me think of how I wish I could concentrate better. By that, I mean to live in the moment. I have read enough 'Better Yourself' books to know that living in the moment is good for our health and happiness. I have a hard time doing that. I am always thinking of the next thing on my schedule. Even after a full day and I'm tired I tend to veg out for awhile but my mind is always going. 
I used to meditate when I was in my 20's. And I think why can't I learn from my past experiences? I figure in my 20's I may not have had so many responsibilities so it was easier to clear my mind of all daily trivia and just relax.
How do you relax? I know for a fact that when I do take time to rest I like to have a cat on my lap. That is relaxing for me. Do you practice 'living in the moment' every day?

These two (Bud & Chase who I am cat-sitting) do everything the same and at the same time. These are their favorite toys to play with after lunch. I throw them up and down the stairs and they have a ball.:)

Here's Bailey. He is a wonderful cat and already loves to see me arrive with my cat bag of goodies.
Next visit I plan to take him out on a leash in his yard.

Look how handsome he is.

                                                It is so hot & muggy here. I'm trying to lose a little weight so like everyone else I am eating more salads and fruit. Today I bought strawberries, blueberries, bananas, kiwi, spinach and I think I am going to juice some of it up and have a big, cold drink. I'm also juicing for the dog biscuits (that's right, I put real juice in the carrot crunchies). I have some news on the business coming soon.

 Did you have your blueberries today?

Cat tip for the day - to freshen up your litter-boxes, after cleaning add a few tablespoons of baking soda to the litter. Mix it through. This can be done every other day, especially in the summer. The baking soda absorbs odours and will, along with scooping,  keep your litter box odour-free for a few days. 


  1. Bud and Chase are beautiful brothers, very adorable together!...Bailey is a gorgeous boy; I love black cats, I've always thought it was "lucky" for ME to see them!...Good luck with losing a few pounds; I've never been heavy, but it is harder to lose even 5 pounds after 40=I exercise at least 3-4 times a week in general and it's hard to step it up if I want to lose a little weight!...Yoga and exercise in general are great ways that help me relax and feel better (after the exercise is over of course!)... The juicer sounds like a great idea; I love fruit (I crave honey dew melon in the summer=it's so refreshing!) and I eat a lot of nuts too...Have a fun day, Deb!

  2. Beautiful cats! Wish we had stairs to send the cats up and down. I do TM for meditation - I don't always get the Am one in but do the PM. It helps. Wlaking is my routine - and hiking but too hot this summer. I can tell cuz I have put on a few pounds since May! I do eat more fruit and salads in summer - too cold in winter.

  3. Wonderful pictures! They really look happy together.