Thursday, July 8, 2010

"A Parcel for Me?" & Cooler temperatures are here tonight.

"Hey Deb, the mailman's here with a parcel...Hurry up! And bring me a treat while you're up."

I am still a relatively new blogger but I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. There are so many wonderful people out there that we would not know anything about them if it wasn't for this new blogging craze. With that in mind, I have to thank a very sweet lady, Linda, from A La Carte for a birthday gift that arrived today for me in the mail. Now, normally Sierra, our tabby, is waiting for the mailman so she can cover him with kisses, but today it was just too hot for her so she was lying on the hardwood floor when the parcel arrived. That's big boy Hugo in the above picture.I just love to receive parcels so it was a great pleasure to open this lovely gift from Linda. Such a sweet card and wrapped in a pretty pink bow. I love to write and send my friends many cards throughout the year and I have a new grand-daughter who I will be taking a gizillion pictures of in the next little while so these beautiful cards and this little photo album will fill up very quickly. Thank you, sweet Linda. I have enjoyed getting to know you and your love of thrifting over the last few months. I know you love cats so I guess you won't mind that grand-kitty Joe had to snoop and get his nose right in once again where it doesn't belong. He had fun with the tissue paper later.

Aren't these so pretty!

Joe says, "Thanks for the tissue paper, Linda. It beats chasing my tail around on this boring, hot day."

It has just dropped 10 degrees in the last hour so Gary is out walking Kane. Finally we can open windows and sleep without the a/c on.


  1. That is so nice of Linda...what a sweet surprise! Looks like the cats got some joy out of it too LOL

  2. Deb so glad you enjoyed your little gift. I understand about the tissue paper as Charlie thinks all that comes here is for him!! So glad Joe enjoyed it. Really hot today so hoping for a bit of better weather tomorrow.

  3. Hi, Deb, thanks for visiting my blog and joining in on the giveaway. And happy birthday! Looks like you have had a lot of celebrations in the last week! And a new grand baby to top it off! What a lucky lady, you are! Beautiful family!

  4. Isn't Linda the best? She and I were constant companions when "The Bachelor" was on. She and I weren't able to meet when I was in GA. She was gone to her mom's I think. Maybe next time. She really LOVES to thrift, that's for sure.
    I know you'll have that album full in no time Deb.
    Isn't it been so hot out? holy cow. Our a/c hasn't stopped in days. Randy and I were actually able to sit out under the tree this afternoon. I groomed a couple of the dogs, did their nails then put them in the outdoor shower. Only 4 to go : )
    Take care
    Love Claudie

  5. Lovely gifts from your friend...Glad the temperature cooled down for you guys a little, enjoy your open windows!

  6. Hi Deb and a belated Happy Birthday! Oh, what a sweetie that Linda is! Lovely gifts I know you'll enjoy too! Now I scrolled down and saw your precious new grand baby! Congratulations! Just a darling little family!
    thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. How nice to get such a lovely birthday gift in the mail. And you got to keep the tissue! Purrrfect toy, will last awhile if you are careful. Wishing you a late birthday, hope you had a fun day!
    Oh, thanks for stopping by last week to help celebrate my daddie's over the hill birthday with me.

  8. Daisy is a lover of all things paper or yarn!

    They are pretty! how nice to receive a nice package by mail!
    Dana and Daisy

  9. Packages are so much fun...for all parties! I've been outta the loop for a few days. Your granddaughter is an absolute doll.

    Just found out I'm getting a grandson in October! The kids kept it a secret until they got off the plane when they visited...what a thrill.

  10. What sweet gifts! It's alway so wonderful to get nice stuff in the mail rather then bills! And tissue paper for the kitties to play with ~ double bonus! :)

    Hope it cooled down for you last night!

    Have a Happy weekend Deb!
    xo Catherine

  11. Wonderful cards! It's very sweet of Linda. (we loves you guys too.)
    Hope it cools down.