Sunday, July 11, 2010

Breakfast BEAUTY& Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=A Summer Read

"Mornin' Riley. Glad you could join us for breakfast."

ZZZZZZZ  (Riley dreams of  playing with kitty whiskers)

"OK, Riley, while you sleep I will entertain a few lovelies that I know. Cat treats, anyone?"

Simba & Albert
Cat-tip-for-the-day =^..^=The Cat Rules (everything, including the dog)
If you are looking for a fun-read and you like men with cats, this is the book for you. The author, William J. Thomas is a nationally syndicated humour columnist, the author of several books and a twice-nominated Gemini Award writer of television films. He lives on Sunset Bay in Wainflett, Ontario.
I have enjoyed all his books. They will make you laugh & cry. This guy is hilarious and is as soft as a kitten for cats. Do find one of his books for easy, summer reading.

"Did you eat your blueberries today?"

I did, while listening to this guy.

UPDATE ON BELLE THE WHITE CAT AT OUR SHELTER - As I posted recently, little Belle has been at our local shelter for over 8 months and I placed her on my blog to see if anyone could help by offering her a permanent, loving home. I just checked tonight to see the status on her and she is now in a foster home. That is fabulous because she is not only getting a break from the shelter but she will be monitored by a foster person so a potential adopter will have a better report on her personality. "GOOD FOR YOU , LITTLE BELLE. Your new home is right around the corner." 


  1. Oh Deb! What a cutie! Aren't grandchldren just the most fun? My SIL...the one with 6 dogs...has tought my 4 month old grandson to shake! lol What else? Sit and stay? Happy Sunday!...hugs...Debbie

  2. I love Rileys lips and cute! I have never tried to teach my cats tricks...they have me trained though! :D

  3. Good afternoon Deb
    Cute post today..Yes I did eat my blueberries today! Enjoy your week ahead..


  4. That Riley is so sweet!!! Glad Belle is in foster home right now. Cute kitties do rule the home.

  5. Riley is such a little beauty!...Simba and Albert are adorable babies too!...So glad Belle is in a loving home; hopefully it will lead to something permanent for her soon...Happy week, Deb.