Thursday, July 29, 2010

I LOVE LUCY & Baker Bob's Cookies

I was Almonte bound this morning to visit Lucy. "I Love Lucy" who is an 18 year old Siamese. I found her snoozing in 'her room' on her bed in the sunlight. She lives in an older home that has many unexpected rooms and this little room is just perfect for an aging cat.  She opened her eyes and politely stood up to give me this look. Ain't she a peach? I was asked by Lucy's family to place food on the back deck for 2 cats that are feral and living under the deck since Spring. They are not sure what to do with them but plan to make a decision once they are back from holidays. They may try to tame them and keep them. Fingers crossed.
There is that 'feral look' I am so used to. "Hi sweetie, I am your best friend for 3 weeks so you'd better get used to me"
After talking to it you could see the fear lessen and the hope for a meal take over.
"There ya go." Kitten chow is given since this cat is still quite young. Beautiful markings on this one. I didn't see the other cat but I was told one is more frightened than the other so she probably came out once I left.
After kitty-sitting I headed over to the town of Almonte.

Why is it I can never pass by this place?

Here's one reason. Bob sells our biscuits so I check to see if they are low. Looks like some kids got ahold of them and messed up the bows. I fixed them......then bought cookies for humans. :)

Lucy's owner told me to help myself to tomatoes from her garden so back home I had a first-rate lunch. Spinach & tomato sandwich and Baker Bob's oatmeal cookie. Just one, I'm dieting *wink *wink

"Hey, I could use a cookie too instead of this dirt"

After an early lunch headed over to see Bud & Chase.

They were hugged a hundred times....last visit.

Off to see Bailey next.

Please remember to send out good thoughts for Gwen from Country Cat Rescue and if you are able she would so appreciate a donation to help feed the many homeless cats that have arrived at her sanctuary over the years. Gwen has never refused a cat and NOT ONCE has she euthanized a cat because NO ONE WANTED IT.  They are given as long as it takes to find a loving home. If no-one wants them, Gwen will love them for the rest of their life. Right now, times are tough and she needs help. Thank you.


  1. Lucy and the ferals are just lovely, beautiful kitties...Bud and Chase are sweethearts too and I'm sure they will miss seeing you!...Kane is a gorgeous boy, hope he is staying cool!...Gwen is doing a wonderful, kind hearted job with the rescues; I will stop by her site and donate...Happy day, Deb, kisses to all your gorgeous babies!

  2. Cats really are "such scardy-cats!" The feral ones, it makes it a miracle to be able to tame one...all they really need is some tenderness and love..and food! I have found that horses, as big as they are such scardy-cats too...they want to be treated with kindness, ans as soon as they know they can trust can trust them. I think us and animals are a lot alike! :D

  3. May I have your job, Please?

    LOL! MomKat Trish