Thursday, November 14, 2013

kitten photo

So far all is well.
I have been told there is not a runt in the bunch.
They are all similar size and looking good.
I have been asked to keep the photos coming so I will, for sure. This is the only other photo we have for now and I hope to get one with Molly soon. Thanks again for all your support for this little family.

hugs, Deb


  1. Ah, what a sweet family. Molly must be exhausted.
    Jane x

  2. Hi there Deb...
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog♥
    You have a lovely family...and those kittens are adorable!
    We always had cats...growing up... and married...our 2 lived to 22 and 17, and when they left us, we did not want any more pets...
    My 2 daughters each hae 3 cats...and my son has 1...enough said!! hahaha!

    Enjoy your weekend♥
    Linda :o)

  3. Darling kittens. I'm glad a way has been found to give them all nourishment and keep the teenage mamma cat healthy as well.

  4. So wonderful.... so sweet. They just put a huge smile on my face. Too bad I live so far away and already have three cats... I will just have to be satisfied with photos. Thank you so much for sharing and keeping us updated.

  5. Thank you for the updates and the photos! I am so glad they are doing okay!
    Bless them and their Mom and all those who are helping them in these early days.
    Lily, WA, USA

  6. Squeeeee! Look at those babies. Molly has her work cut out for her, but she seems to be a very determined little individual. Love the updates!

  7. They are adorable. Hang in there Molly!

  8. Oh dear!!! 9 kittens!!!!! 9 of them!!!! 9 that is!!!!! I hope they all find good happy homes!

  9. What a great pile of cuties. I hope they all find loving homes as soon as they are able.

  10. Praying for this precious family. Praying extra hard for Molly so she can be strong and healthy enough to care for her kits. She deserves to have to best home of all!