Friday, August 5, 2016

A morning ritual and a hot, dry summer.

The Morning Ritual
Waiting on the birds to arrive.

The feeders are filled and the party begins.
One feeder is strictly for the cats' viewing pleasure.

Annie calls back to the crows.

She figures they belong between two sesame seed buns.


Sparrows and finches are more fun to watch

on this hot, sultry morning.

The garden needs watering morning and night.
The Japanese Beetles are driving us mad.
The sun beats down so hot that leaves are burning.
Our grass is completely brown but the strips between the veggie rows.
It takes stamina to keep this garden alive.
It's the driest summer I can remember.
And tonight we had five minutes of rain.
But we carry on because this garden feeds us fresh, organic, delicious food.
And we love that.

Tomorrow's another day.
Bring on the rain.

hugs, Deb




  1. Yes! Bring on the rain ... here, too! Peach is so pretty...
    Enjoy the veggies....

  2. Rain last night and overcast today, but it sure has been a hot summer!

  3. It's been hot here and Mr Toes has enjoyed his window view of the bird feeder...but no crows!

  4. Love the profile pics of Annie!

  5. There was brief rain in the evening- no doubt the same system you were getting a few kilometres away- but not enough to really do anything.

    The cats must think of the birds as flying lunches.

  6. We had such a dry spell for a long time, but this week we got rain, rain, rain - I am so grateful! I still haven't gone back to feeding the birds, because the bears are still around...I miss my little feathered friends!

  7. Wonderful pix. Sultry, humid in southern California, too. ACK! Drink lots of iced tea!

  8. We have had rain on and off here but not enough either for the gardens . This humidity is getting to much me thinks . Hope we all get a soaking of rain soon . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Oh Deb, we've had the Japanese beetles too and I hate them almost as much as I hate the squash bugs. Sure wish you would get more rain. It has not been too dry here this summer, but we have sure had some dry ones before. Annie's sweet little face does remind me of a peach.

  10. Dreaming of fresh, restorative rain right along with you. I hope it comes soon for us all. Blessings. Have a good weekend and take care of yourselves.

  11. Annie surely loves watching those birds at the feeders :)
    We have had rainfall most everyday it helps with the chore of watering. For the first time in years we have seen Japanese Beetles this year, they can eat a plant overnight.
    Your garden has almost made it through the summer, I'll send rain your way !

  12. We need some rain! We had so much the last few months and it was wonderful. Now our grass is brown and we are watering the garden every day! Sigh!

    Annie is so sweet. I have a few cats that chatter back to the fun to hear.