Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cool Cats & keeping an 'eye' on Annie

We are all doing our best to stay cool today.

Yes, even Audrey.
Although Audrey marches to her own drummer.

I'm sure you noticed that Annie has Iris Melanosis.
When she arrived with her three kittens in tow five years ago I noticed it immediately and had to look up what the dark spots in her eye was caused from.
She has been under vet care for this eye issue ever since and we are keeping a close eye on it ourselves with examinations and photos. 
It's worrisome as it could turn into malignant melanomas
which is a very serious eye condition.
We pray that won't happen to our Annie.
I'll link you to an article if you are interested in learning more.

Day one with Annie.
It took two months to get Annie in better shape as she arrived mal-nourished, full of bacteria & worms and exhausted.
And she had 3 one day old kittens by her side.
Yes, that's Audrey. :)
Annie was a very unhealthy cat trying her best to be a good mom.

You can see the dark spot has changed a bit in five years.
She has another check-up this fall and I'll keep you posted on the results.

Thought I'd throw this one up, too.
This was Annie one day after she was spayed.
Audrey  (at two months) never left her side.

hug your kitty,


  1. Such sweet girls! I've decided my next furever kitty will be a girl!

  2. HI Deb! You're just a wonderful mommy to these little kitties! I don't know a lot about cats, my hubby is allergic, but with dogs I really enjoy girl dogs better as they seem to have a better temperament. Thanks for popping in to see me and we'll see how I do on Instagram!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Prayers for Annie's continuing good health! Purrs and hugs from California (where we have been hot too).

  4. Sweet photos. Annie's sweet soul shines through her face. Praying for her continued well being ♥

  5. Deb, I just added Annie to my prayer list! I adore (long- distance) your kitties like they were my own since we are now kittyless. Looks like Audrey has been putting some serious lovin' on that blanket! With love from HOT Nebraska ><>

  6. Hi Deb, I have been keeping an eye on Annie, too. One of our kitties had the same condition. Even though it grew bigger over her lifetime, in 16 years it never gave her any problem. I have been praying the same for Sweet Little Annie. She is a special little girl.

  7. Ah! Bless!x Hope Annie!x will be o.k.
    Not a nice thing to have, she still looks
    lovely, lovely, very pretty! :).

    And...As for the bottom photo...Well that
    says it ALL. I love seeing kittie~kitties
    in two's or three's cuddled up...How can
    one 'not' love the most wonderful creature
    on the planet! Ah!

    And! Audrey!x Audrey!x
    Oh! never mind! :))))

  8. Your kitties are darling and you can tell they are well loved. :)

  9. Aw...such cute pictures. Hope that eye never gives her any trouble!

  10. That photo of Annie and baby Audrey is SO beautiful - how sweet you were to save them and give them a perfect loving home. I pray dear Annie's eye problem does not cause future trouble for her Deb. Meanwhile, I always love it when cats of a family can stay together - sadly that doesn't often seem to happen unless the owners live on farms or have a large country acreage.

    Keep cool - hugs, Mary

  11. Precious and darling photos. Oh I worry too. I am so thankful you have given your beloved kitties a safe and loving home Deb! Have a great rest of your week..big Texas hugs!

  12. Dear Deb, sweet little Annie,
    so many nice words have already been said here, so I can only repeat: all my best wishes for your health, sweetheart-Annie.
    I didn't know that Annie was so unhealthy when joining you and your houshold. What a great cat lover you are, Deb. Thanks.
    Greetings from the very wet part of our earth

  13. Funny, I never noticed anything in Annie's eye before! Hope it continues to be just a freckle, and nothing more serious than that. Baby Audrey just makes me swoon!

  14. I read about Annie's eye problem. I hope it never progresses to anything worse. My Tungsten had what was, in my experience, anyway, a unique problem in that a bit of black matter extended from a broken pupil to the inside of the cornea. But it never changed and never caused her trouble. It's good that Annie has you looking after her.

    And what a change from when she first came to you! She was thin, everything going to her children. And no wonder you couldn't separate her and Audrey. Happy endings...

  15. Wow! Lovely kitties ♥

  16. Awww, sweet little Annie and Audrey - I'm so glad you rescued them - they are so blessed to live in your loving home, Deb!

  17. That pic of the two of them together is just so precious.

    Any temptation to tickle Audrey's paws when they're sticking out from under the blankets like that?

  18. Cute pics, Deb. I especially like the last one of Annie and Audrey.

  19. Hope her check up goes well . Pretty kitties indeed ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  20. I feel like crying, to think of Annie with the three kittens. I'm so glad they came to live with you. Annie is beautiful now. She look so healthy and happy. Hope her eye never gets any worse. That Audrey! She was different from day one, wasn't she. That last picture is adorable! She is so funny sleeping in that blanket. Looks just like you folded her up in it. You have such a kind heart Deb.

  21. such a sad start but what a blessing they all ended up with you!
    Audrey protecting & supporting her mum, such an adorable photo, hope Annie's eye doesn't get any worse, hadn't really noticed it til you pointed it out.
    thanx for the link too, it was something i didn't know anything about, love it when i get an education!
    thanx for sharing

  22. So cute! I 'll pray for you, all!

  23. I remember when you brought Annie home. What a horrible life she'd had. And the sadness in her eyes! To see such a young cat with a broken spirit made me cry. She deserves a long, wonderful, pampered and healthy life. She'll be in my prayers for sure.
    ( 0ne of my cats, Holly, lost her eye to glaucoma. She never seemed to miss it) I've loved Annie since the moment you introduced her to us. She's an old soul, I think.