Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tea from the perfect tea-pot.

Finding that perfect tea-pot that holds enough tea and does not drip when poured is getting harder all the time. I had one once; a beautiful pottery pot, that bit the dust when I dropped the lid on the pot. It was the best tea-pot ever and gifted to me by my daughter and I thought I may never find one as good again. But...never say never.

My friend, Donna from The Visual Palette,, visited the mouse-house in the early summer and brought me a gorgeous gift; a drip-free tea-pot. And to make it the best tea-pot ever, it has a little bird on the lid. So pretty.
And to go nicely with this tea-pot, I purchased four of these purr-fect cups. Pretty cute, huh!

Just imagine how good the tea tastes in one of these.
It's been too, too hot to bake these days so a favorite Peak Freen cookie will have to do.

 As soon as I saw these cups I thought the cat looked like someone I know because that's just how big Annie's eyes get when she sees a bird.

And speaking of snacks, there is no guessing anymore as to what comes calling at night to dine on the apple in the apple holder.
 I would have guessed a raccoon or a skunk and now we know.
At least it's not a bear.
Now that would have been a shocker.
I wonder if he swings in the tree-chair while he eats it.

hugs, Deb


  1. There's nothing like a relaxing cup of tea from a pot, and a biscuit or two, on a summer's afternoon.

  2. I've been out of pocket for the last few weeks, and have REALLY missed you and the antics of your furry/feathery friends!! I am so glad to be back to visit!! 'Coons are so funny. We have running water in our back lot so that every visitor can get a drink....a big fat 'coon comes through there and gets a snack at the feeders and then washes the dried corn in the water pan. I guess he thinks it will soften up some.... The birds eat what he leaves in the pan, so I guess it all works out :^)
    Blessings to you,

  3. Dear Deb,
    you must help me: what sort of animal (it is an animal?) do you think it is????
    The tea-pot looks very nice and without dripping it is really perfect. The cups I love so much that I will make one for me (I sometimes do porcelain painting).
    Hope you find the time to answer my question.

    1. It is a raccoon. I was right this time. :)

  4. Very pretty, and those cups are precious.

    At least the raccoon's happy!

  5. The cups are so cute and I love the teapot also.

  6. Lovely gift and very cute mugs!
    Stay cool...
    Linda :o)

  7. What a cute pairing the teapot and mugs make! I do love tea in a mug - so easy to carry around with you :) Glad your mystery guest is just a raccoon! x K

  8. Adorable mugs! They have a Lizzie look.

    For the spout of my teapot I bought this little drip protector. It looks like a slice of lemon and is made of some kind of absorbent material and you slip the spot through the center. It's been very effective (and can go in the dishwasher if it starts to look too tea-ish.) You might find one in a kitchen store or one that specializes in tea.

  9. What a cute teapot and the cups suit you to a T-ea! Your Audrey looks a lot like my son's Merlin. Is she a Russian Blue? My son isn't sure whether his Merlin is or not because he was adopted from the Animal Shelter. {Merlin, not my son, ;-)} I've been away on a blog break so thought I would stop by and say Hello. Hope you're enjoying your summer.


  10. LOL...hi Sandi: Yes, they do suit me, for sure. Audrey is Annie's off-spring and came from our local shelter. Not having any info on the dad it is hard to know if there is Russian Blue in her but she is certainly as beautiful as one. I get asked that often. I'll pop by to visit. :)

  11. The pretty teapot and the cute cups, well, just suit you. It is way too hot to do any baking here too. We were out mowing all morning and I don't think I've ever been so hot and miserable. It looks like the raccoon has the apple in his mouth. That is so funny.

  12. One would never imagine how hard it is to find a great tea pot. Soon as I saw the spout, though, I knew you had a winner. And it's so adorable too. The little bird makes it perfect.
    Love the kitty mugs. Now we must find you some mouse shaped biscuits.

  13. I'm glad that's not a bear, whew!!!! I love your new tea set, how gorgeous! And now I'm upset we can't get Peak Freens around here - they stopped selling them a while back - wahhhh!

  14. Absolutely right! A bad teapot can ruin a perfect tea time! Yours looks wonderful!

  15. That teapot is just perfect for are the mugs! Tea time just got more fun! haha.

  16. Your new drip-free teapot is fabulous! The cat mugs also made me smile.