Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Welcoming more and more chickadees

You can imagine that I'm in my glory.

 More and more chickadees have returned and new ones have found our woodlot. It's lovely to sit under the sumacs and listen to them introduce themselves as they arrive to the feeders. I just love this bird.

My pretty glass feeder was scrubbed and dried ready for another week of feeding. It is important to keep all feeders clean so that there is no bacteria build-up. And, they shine so nice in the sun-light after a good scrubbing in soap and water. Rinse well. :))

This morning I was surprised to see that the 'knocking noise' behind me in the sumacs was being made by a chickadee. You can see that his head was banging away at a broken branch.
I expected to see a downy woodpecker and stood in awe of this little tiny bird causing such a racket. 
I later read on-line that chickadees can excavate their own nesting cavities, removing wood chips and dumping them away from the site to avoid predators. So, although it's past their nesting time, I guess it was not unusual to see one pecking away at a branch. learn something new everyday.

                                                               Head just a bangin'.
Fascinating little beauties.

Time to fill the feeder.

The weather has cooled somewhat and more rain is on the way.
I'm cooking with veggies from the garden

while Annie watches The Olympics.

hugs, Deb


  1. Is that a Pasta in Forno l see before me!
    I did one last Sunday week at my annual
    Buffet and Barby! Soon as l put it down,
    turn round, it's gone! :).

    Annie watching the Olympics...HeHe! Best
    way to watch them...lying's on
    morning, noon and night over here! Repeat
    after repeat! All l'm really watching is
    the football..not heading the shot or catching
    the javelin...! :).

    Have to say once this Blog, love
    seeing birds and animals we don't have over here.
    Though there are zoos, though l don't like zoos,
    been to one once as a kid, never again since!

    HeHe! Head banging chickadees...Lovely!
    Reminded me of an old joke....
    "What do you call a woodpecker with no beak"?
    "A Headbanger". oooops! With that...l'll creep
    away quietly! :0).

  2. A few little birds have found my feeder and it makes me so happy! I'll have to read up and see if I can identify them!

  3. I did not know that about Chickadees. The little Chickadee was my mother-in-law's favorite bird. It was funny because she always reminded me of a chickadee. She was very tiny and petite and busy.

  4. I wish I could put out wee trays and dishes for the birds but unfortunately the squirrels would gobble it all up. Guess I will stick to my feeders. Lots of chickerdees, bluejays, nuthatches, and goldfinches here at the Corner. And our cardinal family has shown up :)

  5. What a face! Annie is absolutely exquisite.

  6. They are my favorite too Deb...
    Great photos...
    Linda :o)

  7. What lovely little birds, they must feel right at home when visiting your bird feeders.
    That casserole looks delicious, your garden has produced so well this year...
    Sweet Annie she's a beautiful girl.

  8. I have been hearing the chickadees again over the last week. My favs! Love your pics.