Sunday, August 14, 2016

Grandittle time

Well, I think it's a good evening to be horizontal and watch a mindless movie. We are pooped from having grandittle one and two (Riley & Brad) at the mouse-house for a sleep-over. We had a grand time, even though it poured rain and cancelled a few outings, but we managed lunch out and a walk around the pretty town of Merrickville. We are now spent. No doubt, raising those little ones is for the young. :) :)

Here are a few pics from our fun weekend with these two munchkins. They are so funny and have wonderful, creative imaginations. Just like it should be.

Heading down their favorite little trail...
They found some quarters on the trail hidden under the ceramic turtles.
Looking for little treasures in the woodlot.

Simon was really intrigued with the little ones.
He spotted Riley and Riley spotted him.

They were a little shocked when I told them what this little building was used for many, many years ago. 

Mommy was having a birthday today so it was time to get that beautiful card made.
A movie and a story read by nana (in a tent, no less) before
 'lights out'.

Audrey will need a day or two to recover.
 She has finally surfaced from her hidey-hole but slinking around like a suspicious snake waiting for the unexpected. One loud noise and we'll see the tail-end of her disappear under her trusted blankie. I best get out her grooming comb and calm the poor audacious one down. She needs her 'other' mama and a few annoying cuddles.

                     "Must I remind you this is a 'no kid' zone."

"Sorry need to work on your coping skills."
 hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, this is the CUTEST post ever!! I was actually getting a little bit nervous because some of your photos had disappeared......kept checking every so often and here you are again with this fun post! Such darling little ones and silly Audrey. I love that cat from afar! Nebraska ><>

  2. Ah! Bless!x
    I've been off line for a week...I have to
    confess, this is one Blog l missed...! :).
    The Grandlittles must love the area, all
    those trees, and lovely birds and animals!
    And, talking of animals...That Simon is a
    real star..Bless him! :).

    And as for Audrey!x, missed you Audrey!x
    Blanket and all....!x

  3. hahaha Audrey! think a brush is just what the doctor ordered! love her.
    glad you had lots of fun with the grandittles!
    Simon is such a 'weirdo' & hilariously amusing :))
    thanx for sharing

  4. Oh, Audrey can suffer now and then; little children are good for a house, even a mouse-house. Next time the children come to visit, tell them the washroom is out of order, and they'll have to use the out-house...

  5. Oh Audrey! Hiding under a blankie doesn't make the kidlets go away...why not come out and play?

  6. Sounds like you had fun!

    Well, except for Audrey, who's got that patented death glare thing going on.

  7. Love that pic of Riley and Simon! And our Ghost is like your Audrey - she's definitely not around when the grandkids are in the house.

  8. Oh, I bet the kids had a grand time! Cute pics! Cute Simon!
    Happy Birthday to your daughter, too!

  9. Lovely photos . Looks like all had a great time , well except for grumpy Audrey lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Some wonderful pictures, nice time spent with children. Have a nice week!

  11. The grandchildren have such a pretty place to play. I love the little trail! I do remember how tiring it was to have the grandchildren come stay for a few days. I would be worn out!

  12. What a great time!! Love the nose holding pics hahahaha
    Yes my two lil old ladies disappear when Miss D visits too of course.
    Yippee for the rain... some things are recovering a bit. Time for tea and a ginger cookie I think.