Monday, August 1, 2016

Welcoming August

"Is it August already?"

"Yep, we're in the 'hot' month now."

"Brace yourself."

We really have had the hottest summer I remember and August is usually a scorcher.
Lots of company show up when you sit under the sumacs for that much-needed shade these days.
The bird baths are filled twice a day with cool water
which attracts all the birds.
The chipmunks are becoming quite amusing, daring and entertaining
 to watch.
I swear they know the camera is on them.
The blue jays are getting bolder
and eat with the others now.

And the garden is feeding us well.
Dinner was all from the garden with the exception of what came off the barbecue.
It was fresh and delicious.
And the Ontario peaches...oh man, are they good right now.
I betcha can't eat just one.
I think a peach/blueberry crisp is on the 'to do' list this week if there's any peaches left over.
I just found the best recipe at Karen's blog.
Pop over and visit this beautiful blog for another summer treat.
just add ice-cream.

I think I need another peach.

hugs, Deb


  1. I just had a look at that recipe too! Yum! Got my peaches today. You must have a wonderful camera. All my wild friends end up looking like pin dots. But you have the touch and can get so much closer. We have started up goldfinch feeders and they are already used to me and my habits and sounds. It's such a joy. I am also all in envy of your beautiful garden! You are really getting the most out of summer. August always makes me melancholy. SO nice that you popped over. I can always rely on my fellow dish lovers! Thanks for letting me know you came by.

  2. Your photos are so cute......and that recipe sounds wonderful. It is very hot here as well.

  3. We lovingly (not!) call August, UGHust. I eagerly await October! Ha! The peaches here have been really good. Unfortunately the peach season is over -- at least for the peach vendor at the farmers market. I tried buy a couple of peaches from the grocery -- forget it! Cardboard. Stay cool!

  4. Ontario peaches are so sweet & the juice running down your chin, says summer. Like you I try to keep fresh water in the bird baths plus I keep a large dish low for all my chippies. Happy week ahead Deb.

  5. Happy August! Yes, the hot month! haha. We're serving tons from our garden, fun and the grocery list is shorter!

  6. Hi Deb...
    yes...August is upon us...and it will be a scorcher to start off!
    I already follow Karen's blog...lovely isn't it?
    enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  7. I wonder what chippies and blue jays think of each other.

  8. Simply LOVE the cat and birdie Welcome sign!

  9. Our summer so far has been the wettest I can recall here. Until this week, there was rain every night. I'll take that over the heater - as long as it doesn't rain so much it floods.

    Great pictures, as always. I like the one of the blue jay and the chipmunk together.

  10. Cant believe how fast this summer is going , Yes August usually is our hottest month just hope not to hot I am already tired of the humidity . Our chipmunks have seemed to of gone maybe they are under cover from the heat either that or they have been nabbed by all the feral cats hope not . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  11. Chippies and blue jays dining together wow! They may become friends before you know it!

    Lovely photos of your busy garden - love the WELCOME sign Deb.

  12. Deb, you make the world a kinder place. First when you care so well for the loves of your life, including all the wildlife. Second when we get experience your life through the photos and words of your blog. It lifts us all. Thank you.

  13. Great recipe! Love your photos! I love how the sweet squirrel stays at the photo session.

  14. I love your sign - and, as always, your photographs are wonderful! The summer seemed to zoom by - but I will be happy for cooler temperatures.