Thursday, August 25, 2016

Squabbles at the mouse-house

The mornings here at the mouse-house have a new feel to them. It's mostly cool with a light breeze and the air feels fresh. It's certainly not near as hot as most of August was but there is still high humidity to contend with.  The birds are very active in the sumacs; especially the chickadees. Sometimes they fly so close it's as if they might land on your shoulder. And the finch are everywhere along with the little brown sparrows. Yesterday I watched as a young downy travelled up and down the maple tree banging away at the bark. The chipmunks are running in pairs; fat but always wanting more seed. I watch as they take it back to their den under the wood-pile to store for the coming winter. And the bird-baths are very much appreciated in the heat.

I can't get enough of this adorable bird.

It's fun to watch the antics of these birds. Here you can see where, no matter how much seed is around, there are always some squabbles over the tastiest ones.

There's a lot going on here.
Boy, did she stand her ground.

"And don't come back."

                                                      Cocky little sparrow.

Hope you all had a peaceful, enjoyable day.
Audrey says "Hi".

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the pics of the Chickadee and the Sparrow...
    You are a good bird lady Deb...oh yeah...and Chipmunk lady too! Hahaha! Oh...and Cat lady...phew!
    Have a great weekend..
    Linda :o)

  2. Hi! Audrey!x Audrey!x Hi!
    Oh! Never mind..! :).
    Still, she's certainly got a 'tail' to tell!
    Bless! :0).

  3. Audrey sure loves her snuggles under the blankies. Love the birds having a feast - you are so good for feeding them.

  4. beautiful photos!
    ohhh Audrey! she is such fun ... love how she hides away from the world under her blankie, too adorable
    thanx for sharing

  5. Oh what fun to sit at the Mouse House to watch the antics of all the residences & visitors ... I am enjoying the cooler nights with windows open & if I get up in the night, one of the fur girls is sitting in the window, with tail twitching, I think raccoons.

  6. You have the best kind of action at the mouse-house! So much to see. Hi to Audrey!

  7. Your weather sounds lovely. Perfect for enjoying the last of summer.
    Your photo of the little bird fluttering its wings is just amazing. I can't stop looking at it.

  8. That's an amazing fluttering wings shot. Hi to Audrey!

  9. These are just amazing photos Deb! Prize worthy! I enjoyed this immensely!

  10. Back at you Audrey! Glad you are behaving.

    Fresh air! Oh goodness - I know I have that as my blog name but I certainly haven't felt any since Ireland in May! 100F here this afternoon. We worked in the garden early morning for a short time, cutting back, sweeping up, blowing and washing down - then came in, showered off the bug spray, and collapsed!!! Who loves summer? Not me!

    Love the chipmunks, and in pairs is a good sign. Our birds seem to be returning after a quiet period once the figs were over. Thrashers and towhees all scuffling about in the leaves, then taking baths. A couple of chickadees and wrens, a nuthatch, Mr. handsome Woody, the lonesome dove, and just one squirrel for a change.

    Off to bake wholewheat carrot raisin muffins now - trying to get the frig food cleaned out before leaving for Kenya!

    Have a fabulous country weekend Deb.
    Hugs - Mary

  11. Your pictures are amazing. It must be fun to watch all the little animals around your place. Of course, Audrey always makes me laugh. I enjoyed your last post too, mostly about Audrey.

  12. Beautiful nature captures! Love that birds attitude!!

  13. haha...oh, that sparrow! Too funny!
    And those are the fattest chipmunks I've ever seen~ too cute!