Monday, August 8, 2016

hydrangeas and a little treasure.

The beautiful Hydrangea in a favorite pottery vase.
I'm hoping to enjoy them inside before I dry them for the winter.

These ones were just on the verge of turning so I scooped them up just in time.

The retired-guy dug this piece of porcelain 
up near where the old farm house burned down 
in the '70's.
My grandmother had many pieces of blue and white in her floor to ceiling cupboard in the old summer kitchen.
This, I'm sure, came from there.
Holding it in my hand was bitter-sweet as the memories came rushing back of our happy times as kids and young adults sharing tea and home-made cookies in granny's kitchen.
I expect there will be a lot of these little treasures surfacing in the future.
A blue and white platter.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love finding buried treasure, whether it is literally buried or buried in an attic or in a book. And it doesn't have to be treasure to anyone but me.

  2. Hydrangeas are SO beautiful! Love all the different colors you have.
    It would be so pretty to put all the treasures you find while digging your basement (or footings) into a bowl or something and display them in your bigger-than-the-mouse-house new home. Love from Nebraska ><> P.S. Hope you get some rain soon!

  3. Love hydrangeas and your pottery, lovely. What a treasure to find and to know where it comes from is so special. Enjoyed your post……….

  4. Your hydrangeas are such lovely colors Deb. Mine are all blue because I amend the PH of the soil - and blue looks better with our yellow house color and other plants. They were purchased many years ago as blue so I've never tried to turn them pink!

    Love the pottery vase and all your blue and white transferware in the cupboard. That little shard will always be precious if it was Grandmother's, it's definitely very old - hope you discover more when you go about your next dig!

    Hugs - Mary

  5. Love that little bit of pottery...what a treasure! Can't wait to see what you do with it. :)

  6. The hydrangeas are just beautiful. I've had one in the yard for about three years now that has never bloomed and I don't know why. Isn't it funny how a little piece of broken pottery like that can bring back so many memories. Little Gwynn is so sweet and so your last post.

  7. Treasure! and Hydrangeas ... lucky you!

  8. Oh, I love the piece of porcelain that was dug up. So pretty. It reminds me of the dishes in your cupboard. And the hydrangeas -- flawless. So very, very beautiful.

  9. Do you have any memory of the pattern on this small piece of china?
    It's very heartwarming to find tangibles from those who have gone before. I hope there are many more to be found and cherished.
    Hydrangeas! Such old fashioned charm. Lucky you.

  10. Pretty Hydrangeas . Lovely photos , Oh my what great memories you must have from that little piece of blue pottery . Humid as heck here and going to get worse hoping for some rain to . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  11. that little peice of blue/white china......isn't it amazing how the memories can flow from such small simple things such as this? It happens to me all the time too.

  12. If you find enough pieces, perhaps you could a small mosaic piece somewhere...
    You certainly chose the right place to live Deb...full of memories...
    What could be more special...
    Enjoy the hottest day....Geesh!
    Linda :o)

  13. Nice idea! To have a mosaic somewhere in the attic! Love Hydrangeas!