Saturday, October 10, 2015

a favorite photo, trees & turkeys.

One of my favorite photos from the many years of providing a cat-sitting service for stay-at-home kitties is this one.

This is Lucky.

(our first meeting)
Lucky was a feral cat that was taken inside by a good friend of mine many years ago. Because of her feral roots, she is always leery of strangers and my first visit with her to provide cat-care was quite upsetting to her. Who was this stranger handling HER food cans in HER kitchen?

It took many visits but with time, a calm voice and slow movements, she became less scared and more curious and would sit in the kitchen and watch while her dinner was being prepared. She would sometimes sit in her favorite window and listen while I chatted away to her.
It was a great break-through for us. :)

I miss this gal since we have now moved. But, I know she's doing fine. =^..^=

What a glorious day it was today.

My walk this morning was very quiet. The trees are brilliant with colour now and there is a cool crisp bite in the air. The rain is behind us for awhile with the forecast of sunny, warmer days ahead.

These trees are on my morning route.

I was not alone as I walked along. There, only feet ahead of me, was the family of turkeys that I, and you, have come to know.
I didn't count them but I do hope there is at least eleven still travelling together. That is the most I have counted for a month now. They started out thirteen, two parents and eleven little ones, but that was in the spring.

There they go, like a small army, off to the next feeder.

hugs, Deb


  1. That first picture is soo cute!

    Your color is a little ahead of, is it gorgeous! Can't wait to get out with my camera in another week or favorite time of year!

  2. I too love that photo of Lucky! What a pretty walk you have each day!

  3. Lucky's such a cutie!

    The colours are very pretty!

  4. Wonderful photos . Looks like a nice are you walk in . It is a lovely weekend lots of sun shine fresh air family and food to boot ! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your crew .

  5. That picture of Lucky peeking over the table looks a lot like an expression that I would see on our Dorothy ... curious and leery, with big, wide eyes like a Lemur.

  6. I love that pic of my Lucky too. I know she misses seeing you ----- she has told me that --- really she has. Unfortunately Addy is still Addy and well you know hahahaha.....
    Oh and I'm not sure I ever told you but that lil chip out of her ear ... its a souvenir from our boy Guiness in one of his "drag you off and do what I will to you" moments.

  7. Why'd the turkeys cross the road?

    It's interesting to see them still together as a family.