Friday, October 2, 2015

The Autumn Winds are Blowin'

This is my attire before heading out for my one hour walk this morning. It was very cool out there; downright cold. Gloves were a must. I kid you not. Only one week ago I wore layers knowing full well that I would be stripping off the sweater before halfway through my walk.
Not today.
Do you see Kane on the floor? He's been out, had breakfast and is gone back to bed and it's not 9 am yet. We start early around here.

October in Ontario can be a funny month. It can be warm with sun-shine right to the end or we could have piles of snow by Halloween. You just never know.

As I walked along the beautiful country road, taking note of the change of colours in the trees, I stumbled upon these goof-balls. It's the same family that wanders over to the mouse-house often but today I counted only eleven. The original family was thirteen. :(

I recognized big daddy from all the dirty looks he would give me on our property.
Believe me, I stayed clear of him.
Whenever you went near the head would go up and he would stare you down.
I think he was telling me..."Don't think you're getting any of our feathers, lady."

I did find a few gifts again today.

Isn't that a pretty one with the blue? I guess it is from a Blue-jay.
A little soap and water and it will be gorgeous again.

Back home, Sierra was waiting to have a look-see at what I found.
                                                                      (not impressed)

They probably figure that with time there will be enough feathers for them to build their own bird. ha!

Enjoy your day.
Hugs, Deb


  1. I always like to see your little treasures, too! Although I wouldn't be sniffing the feathers. haha... We're grey and cold here, too. I wonder if we'll have an Indian Summer to tease us before the cold sets in for good. Mother Nature does have a sense of humor, so I wouldn't doubt it!

  2. I love the Autumn... here is begining the Spring!!!!

  3. Early mornings! Sounds like our household. You live in such a pretty place. My sister was leaving Ontario (Green Mountain) this morning, driving back to North Carolina. I would love to visit Canada. I love the pretty leaves and feathers you find on your walks.

    1. You're welcome to visit anytime, Henny. We are only 20 minutes from the capital city, Ottawa.

  4. Build their own bird BAHHAHA ! I went for our walk with a coat and my little gloves on to this morning it was chilly , the winds have been gusting here today but the sun has been shining so that's ok by me lol ! Yup our weather sure can change on a dime . lovely photos. Thanks for sharing , Have a good day .

  5. Sierra certainly doesn't look impressed!

  6. We're wet here, but Fall has definitely arrived. Stay warm, XOXO

  7. I like the new sidebar photo of smiling Sierra.

  8. I love October. This is such a gorgeous post and Sierra is adorable :)

  9. I love autumn and it is definitely feeling like it here, too. (Midwestern Ontario). Do you find that the leaves are a little behind schedule this year? I think it is due to the warm weather we had for much longer. Do you let your cats play with the feathers? -Jenn