Friday, October 30, 2015

Entertainment galore.

What's Audrey looking at?

She's watching me feed the birds at the feeders just across from the mouse-house.
Little does she know she's in for a surprise today.
I have placed a heated bird-bath outside the garage side door in perfect view of the dining-corner window
so I will be able to fill it easier once the cold weather arrives. And... moved a feeder to attract her favorite snack..I mean bird; the Black Crow.
Oh, how she would love to have one with mustard, relish, ketchup on a sesame seed bun.
Mmmmm  Mmm.

Annie has already found the exciting new view.
Through the mouse-house window.
The early bird and squirrels arrive.

She is making the recognizable call that cats make when they spot prey.

I'm going to enjoy watching our feathered friends, along with the cats, while I sit here with my breakfast.

Annie is in heaven today.
We have added some carpeting to the mouse-house to keep it cozy warm this winter.
She's now a 'kitchen cat' on her warm, comfy mat.
She approves.

hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey! Audrey! The shooting season has started
    over here..1st Oct. So there's pheasants all over the
    place....HeHe! Came downstairs yesterday, at six,
    out on the patio there were six brace of pheasants.
    Left by a farmer friend, some for him, and some for me!
    So...Had a quick lemon tea, rolled me sleeves up, and
    got on with it....! Hour later...ALL done!
    HeHe! Now l was think'in, if you don't have any luck with
    the Black Crow...Give me a shout...I'll sent you some
    pheasant...Now! You'll love pheasant, Flossy does, when
    she comes to visit! mmmmM!

    Oh! Happy Halloween...Do you have it over there!!
    If soooooo! Boooo!

  2. Beautiful Audrey. You just like to "look" don't you? Tipsy, my friend Rina's cat began to catch birds until we changed his dry pellet food. Now he's too replete to hunt! I love Annie's kitchen mat. Have a great weekend. Jo

  3. Audrey is so fun to watch and I'm in love with Annie and her sweetness. Not leaving Sierra out either! I've enjoyed seeing you add all the bird feeders and houses this year.

  4. The Mouse House is really groovin' now: inside for humans, kitties and dog, and outside for birdies, squirrels, etc!

  5. Audrey looks quite formidable from that angle, and Annie looks quite happy!

  6. Lizzie is on their wavelength. She's very into her birds -- and the season is really just beginning!

  7. haha...oh, Annie is loving that carpet!

  8. Our Harley does the same thing when she sees the birdies and swaps her tail and meows weird almost like a cry . Oh you have your heated bird bath very nice I bet they will love that . Lovely photos , thanks for sharing have a good weekend !

  9. too gorgeous! love the kitchen mat lol! cats! can't live without them! great companions!
    love your window view too
    thanx for sharing

  10. As always, your kitties look content and loved. THey must be loving all the bird action!